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Casa di Mama

1 Mar
Dr. Oetker

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My Little man is a real fussy eater! He likes his wet and dry foods separated (with the exception of a roast with gravy, soup, pasta and of course one of Nannies classic strews), He is also very particular about the brand of food his eating.

One of his favourite foods is Pizza (It’s his Italian roots) his father makes a mind-blowing, taste tingling sensational pizza, and as you can imagine, its pretty hard to buy a frozen pizza that measures up to a home-made one (Little man will always compare the two)!

When it comes to toppings, its salami every time for the Little man, sister Alice-Sara isn’t much of a pizza lover, however she’s partial to the odd slice of cheese and tomato every now and then. When it comes to Harley, my 2-year-old, well his game for anything (a fellow muncher is he)! So when Dr. Oetker, Casa di Mama offered us a review of its new stonebaked frozen pizza’s, I thought… Bring them on Dr!

First impressions were good, the real Italian name, did however mean, Little man in particular would be expecting a real Italian tasting pizza (just like his dads)!

Casa di Mama, came just the way we like them, stonebaked with a thin base. They are well packaged and the box is quite appetising.

This is a pizza, made from fresh dough, which is then frozen that way, as opposed to being pre-baked first (which is how most brands do it). As a result, the pizza tastes so much fresher, with a softer texture. plus this pizza doesn’t seem to burn around the edges like most pre-baked types (you know the one’s, that on taking a bite, you almost lose a few teeth)!

Casa di Mama pizza’s come with a heat-proof cardboard base which helps the pizza to cook evening and keep its shape (there is nothing worse than a pizza that sinks in the middle or loses half it’s topping to the baking tray)! The pizza dough can be seen rising in the oven and lets of a beautiful smelling aroma while baking. Cooking time is speedy, ours took a little over 10 minutes in a pre-heated fan assisted oven, cooked on a heated baking tray (which is tipped to give it that crispy but soft finish).

There are currently two flavours to choose from, each with a generous amount of topping!

Quattro Formaggi which is a cheese lovers idea of paradise, what with its fours cheese’s, a blend of mozzarella, Edam, Emmental and blue cheese. Myself and daughter loved this melt in your mouth creation of yumminess, which is great considering my daughters usual, “Take it or leave it” attitude when it comes to pizza.

Then there is ‘Diavola’ a spicy creation consisting of succulent Calabrese salami, mozzarella & Edam cheese with a scattering of tangy red onion and some fiery red chillies. Now with this concoction you may feel its one not suited to the kids. However, it’s really not all that hot at all (my 2-year-old ate it, minus the chillies, which daddy removed & replaced on his own)! Little man said it was tasty and the salami was epic (his words people, not mine) He also noted that it was almost as nice as his dad’s pizza, which great, dad can therefore have some kitchen free time, which I’m sure he will appreciate!

Both Pizza’s get a big thumbs up, with my personal favourite being the Quattro Formaggi (which my daughter also enjoyed)! Diavola however, was a big hit with the boys in my life… I guess they like a little spice in there lives.

Casa di Mama pizzas by Dr. Oetker, can be brought in the frozen food aisle of all good supermarkets and are reasonably priced at under £3.00

Dr. Oetker, are so certain that you will love their mouth-watering Casa di Mama pizzas, that if you don’t they want you to enjoy it for free!

Seriously, if it wasn’t your thing and you really didn’t like it, then simply visit the Casa di Mama official site and fill out a short form telling them why you didn’t like it! You then download print the application and send it with your receipt as proof of purchase to the address provided. Dr. Oetker will then happily send you a full refund.

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