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SIGG – The only way to drink water!

1 Mar

Little man (aka A boy with Aspergers) is a real fuss pot when it comes to eating & drinking, mainly as a result of his impaired senses. One thing little man particularly cannot tolerate, is that of warm water/juice that lacks freshness or leaves an after taste. This does pose problems as he therefore doesn’t drink as much throughout the day particularly during school hours. It’s bad enough that 99% of the time he arrives home with an untouched lunch bag, but when his drink remains untouched you begin to worry about dehydration.

Thankfully, I recently discovered SIGG and have started working with them here on the blog. I was keen to discover if this renowned company with a long and unique history of success could possibly help me solve the problem.

SIGG, who was founded in Switzerland, specialise in reusable aluminium water bottles. What’s more, SIGG’s brilliantly designed water bottles are 100% recyclable, therefore helping to significantly contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint.

The high-performing SIGG EcoCare liner located within the bottle ensures that water retains maximum freshness. Given that Little man has very sensitive taste buds, the SIGG bottle is perfect as the EcoCare liner ensures water (juice if preferred) tastes clean and refreshing and most importantly, contains no metallic after taste (something that can send Little man into sensory meltdown mode)!

We were sent the ideal SIGG for Little man! The SIGGNATURE BLACK 0.6L bottle which sports a classic black and red design.

The bottle was of an ideal size, fitting in the Little mans backpack with ease. What’s really great is how well these bottles are made, they’re surprisingly light in weight, therefore not weighing down his backpack, and importantly the bottle does not leak whatsoever, removing the worry of wet mushy sandwiches and damp homework. Sadly, Little man left the bottle at school during half term. He attends a special school for children with autism and aspergers, which is some miles away from home. This means he is collected by taxi (LEA funded) each morning, it therefore wasn’t a case of being able to shoot down the school and collect it myself. However, the fact it was out his bag, at least showed he was drinking from it. I did worry that given the bottle had been stood in the class room an entire week it would end up smelling damp! Though I need not had worried, it washed up fine and the fact it was almost empty showed that little man had been using it, as I hoped he would.

He now takes the bottle to school, in his bag, everyday! He has either water or fresh sugar-free juice and now always drinks it. SIGG has now become an essential part of Little mans school bag, he doesn’t leave home without it!

There are loads of fantastic SIGG bottles to choose from, all in various sizes, colours and designs, with new designs launching every few years. There is also a fabulous kids range with character bottles such as  the loveable Hello Kitty and the awesome Hot Wheels, as well as a line of limited edition bottles. What’s more two of the designs now form a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City… How cool is that!

It’s fair to say that as well as SIGG being a totally productive product, doing exactly what it claims to do in the most impressive way, SIGG are also fast becoming a bit of a fashion accessory too (what with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher owning one, they just have to be)!

So… It’s not just hikers & sports personals that use SIGG, but A List celebrities and Little men (just like my Little man)!

Checkout the SIGG online shop for the full product range and pricing, by clicking Here

The SIGG Facebook page is definitely worth a like, what with a string of awesome competitions being added on a regular basis, plus any need to know updates on some of the coolest new designs to launch, it’s not to be sniffed at!

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