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School Uniform From Trutex (Review)

12 Nov

Take a look at how grown up my daughters looking.


She’s in primary school but is still required to wear a uniform. The policy is rather strict and we have to abide by it.

Alice wears a grey, white and claret uniform. We usually find it easy to buy her uniform but often find we have problems obtaining the claret red cardigan or jumpers.

We decided to give trutex a try. They offered to send us some uniform for Alice to try which included a really thick claret button up cardie with warm fleece lining. Alice loves it, especially given the mornings are so cold now.

The grey pinafore dress is of really good quality too. Alice does prefer to wear a dress with a polo shirt underneath (which Trutex) also supplied. Wearing a skirt means everything needs tucking in. This way she is much more comfortable.

The dress is actually really cute with its small cherry design which keeps it girly and adds a little fun.

All three items that we were sent were of excellent quality. On washing the garments they have remained bright and in good shape (even the white polo shirt which I find will often go off-white very quickly). The fleece lining inside the cardigan didn’t shard any fluff which is great as I often find this to be a problem with other brands.


Trutex isn’t the cheapest in school uniform providers but it isn’t the most expensive neither. Sometimes it worth paying that little bit more as you actually save more money long term as the garments last longer.

To find a store close to you click Here

Tonight is the night

30 Sep

Can you believe it, today is the day of the Mad blog awards Ceremony where the winners will be revealed.

I will be done up to the nines in my new dress and overly high shoes. Lots of makeup is needed (a paper bag even) as I’m sure I will have great big bags hanging from under my eyes, the kind bigger enough to carry a weeks shopping in!

Of course I haven’t had a wink of sleep, not even a tiny bit. We currently don’t have any melatonin for Little Man, (not that it does much good anyway) so these last few nights have been pretty trying.

My Sponsor OptiBac Probiotics have provided me with a beautiful hotel for tonight, so I’m not only looking forward to the awards but also a good bloody nights sleep!

Tomorrow is another big day in our household! It’s the Little man’s 11th Birthday.

This year I found we’ve had less strange gift request, such as padlocks, batteries and Dr pepper. This has been replaced with the request for money!

Sadly Little man seems to think the stuff falls out of the sky and I nearly killed myself laughing when he calmly yet politely requested the grand old sum of £400 (No my finger didn’t slip and accidently add an extra 0)!

Having Aspergers means little man normally has no shame in requesting the things he wants. Most children don’t, when the request is being made at their parents, yet little man will make such request to anyone who will listen!

His been requesting different sums of cash from a host of family members these past few weeks, so much so, that it’s driving me a tad loopy.

Another thing my son has a tendency to do, has done for as long as I can remember, is,

“ Ask friends and relatives bearing gifts, how much did it cost”

It’s times like these I feel to cover his mouth so he cannot speak. Someone gives him a present and I hold my breath in till I almost pass-out in the hope he doesn’t ask!

Of course I’ve explained that it is indeed rude, my child’s rigid thinking disallows him to see my point, he can’t get my way of thinking so therefore continues on his mission to find out the cost of his birthday presents and won’t rest in till he has.

This year he is off for a day out in London with his friend My younger sister will be doing the honours in accompanying them. Me, I’m not invited! He actually went about making his birthday plans without me! Charming I know! So I’ve decided to treat him to a nice Chinese meal in the evening.

So, that’s my Little update from my little world.

I cannot continue for I am simply zombied out, so apologise if this post is a load of meaningless rubbish!

If you fancy finding out how myself and the other finalist get on at the Mad awards tonight (that’s if I manage to stay awake through it) then you can follow the live blog where there will be live commentary and pictures posted throughout! This kicks off at 6pm this evening (Friday 30th September) just click HERE.

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