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Rock on PC Bolton

28 Oct

My great mate Donna Jordan has wrote this fantastic guest post that contains some wonderful news.


PC Cliff Bolton (a Bexley policeman who’s part of the Blendon + Penhill Safer Neighbourhoods team) had a lucky escape today . . . . . . .because if I’d seen him today I’d have grabbed him,squeezed him hard + planted a big wet kiss on his mush !! Now I’m not in the habit of assaulting,sexually or otherwise, police officers (ok, I did once do a Jackie Chan slap,kick,punch on a female officer but she had just taken my lovely chocolate gateau off me because it was “evidence” . . . .but thats another story + since it all took place in a dream I once had it doesn’t count) but sometimes actions speak louder than words and “well done matey!” just wouldn’t cut it.
The reason for this over display of gratitude + affection ? Well I’ve never felt genuine admiration for any officer in the Met before ( apart from the police dogs + horses but are they officers? Thats another question for another day) + its never entered my abyss ( thats what I affectionately call my mind) to put pen to paper + sing the praises of a POLICE OFFICER but in the case of PC Cliff Bolton I just had to spread that warm, fuzzy feeling I got in my tummy after hearing about his pioneering work in the Met. You see PC Bolton is that exception that proves the rule – he is a police officer that thinks out of the box. PC Bolton was alert enough to notice that a significant number of the youths arrested for anti-social behaviour had Autisim Spectrum Disorders + he also knew the majority of his fellow officers had little, if any, awareness of ASD . . . .was there a link? Using his initiative he set about educating his colleagues on/about ASD in the hope that this new awareness would help reduce incidents + assaults on officers.
Today PC Bolton runs autisim awareness sessions for Met officers + is responsible for Autisim awareness becoming part of the Met Police Training (he also has an online special group on Aware). He well deserves the award he recieved in recognition of being the pioneer of autisim awareness in the Met. . . . . . . . .all I have to say is WELL DONE MATEY MWAH !!!!!!!


Guest post by.. Donna Jordan


24 Apr

First guest post by my good friend Donna who attended Court with me on the 30th March 2010 regarding attendance. Here is what she had to say....

What was the point?

After attending Court with my best mate Claire I walked away with a head full of questions a heart full of conflicting emotions. And a sore chin ( due to my gobsmacked response to the guilty verdict. )

obviously I was happy that the more serious charge of “intention” ie.. that Claire intended to keep the children away from school wasn’t upheld-anyone with two brain cells who knew anything about Aspergers would agree with the verdict. However I’m left wondering how many brain cells the person/people have who decided to raise the question of “intention”

In reference to the “guilty” verdict-did it take the cost of bringing this case to court, the time of the professionals involved and the stress & worry claire had to endure to state the obvious? Yes she was aware the childrens attendance record was “only” 76% ( Or there abouts )  A score that would be given an A or B grade if achieved in an A’ level exam. We’re talking about a 9 & 7-year-old not kindergartener’s Theres no way the kids could ‘wag’ ( as we use to call it ) off school without Claire knowing although I wouldn’t put it past Little Man giving it a ago 🙂

This was a “criminal” case that in my opinion was criminal only in the fact that it was brought to court at all!

What was achieved? Apart from Claire having to pay a fine ‘Which in practical terms can only have an effect on the kids welfare! Money spent paying the fine is money that would have been spent on them? Well lets think…..erm…….Oh yes that’s right A BIG FAT NOTHING. So it was confirmed Claire knew the children had been absent on numerous days-So what? Does that do anything to resolve the matter or at least improve it? Again a BIG FAT ZERO! The reason for the children being absent is rooted in the diagnosis of Aspergers. A court case isn’t going to do change this fact! & since Claire is already doing all she can to educate herself on all areas of Aspergers, Plus asking for help from numerous professionals, Society’s, Groups etc I can’t see how she can do more!

contributor: Donna Jordan.

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