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Be Stylish, Be-Scene

14 Mar

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned on here before, how we live in an accident hotspot! Seriously, we live on a main road and on this main road there has been a very large number of road traffic accidents whether car on car collisions or accidents involving pedestrians being hit when crossing.

Sadly many of these accidents have involved children and even worse have been fatal! I’ve seen a number of lives lost right outside my door.

Yes, we have traffic lights, unfortunately these are not always used and not so long ago a school child lost their life at a green light.

Of course this scares me, I’m a mother, its my job to worry! Thankfully my eldest gets transport to school and my daughter has no reason to use the main road as the route to school doesn’t require her to use it. Nonetheless, she still crosses two small roads on route to school!

 Kids One Stop Shop (which I’ll explain a little more about in a bit) introduced me to an awesome brand with an amazing idea. The brand called, “B-Scene” is a unique company that has designed a range of children’s wear with a difference! This is a company that puts safety into fashion.

B-Scene is a revolutionary new clothing brand to the childrens-wear market which has been developed with a built-in safety aspect to help prevent horrific road accidents and potentially save children’s lives.

 We were sent an B-Scene duffel coat for my daughter that has this built-in safety feature! Basically the coats pink and brown check design has a hidden feature that can only be seen in the dark when a light is shone in its direction… i.e., car head lights.

The coat has reflective stripes woven into it, that reflect the light, kind of like the jackets and vest you find the police, dustman, lollypop man or workmen wearing. This is a great feature especially during the winter months when the days are shorter and children are at higher risk when walking or commuting home from school.

What’s great about the duffle coat that the “Kids One Stop Shop” Sent my daughter to try out, is the fact it’s really stylish and you can’t see the reflective stripes in the daylight (well, not unless you look super hard). It’s a lovely pink and brown check, it’s quilted throughout making it extremely warm (so, I’ve been told) plus it has a super soft fluffy fur hood. The Coat fits Alice-Sara really well and will last another winter for sure. It also has an inside pocket for her MP3 player. Note, my daughter understands that she shouldn’t be listening to her MP3 player when crossing the road!

I was super impressed with the quality of this beautiful coat, as-well as the clever innovative idea behind it! Would I buy this type of thing? Yes, without a doubt! These garments are high visibility to drivers but children can still be trendy and not stand out from the crowd, I honestly think it’s a genius idea

Here’s what the company behind the idea have to say about their B-Scene collection.

B-Scene views the increasing problem of road traffic accidents across the UK involving children so seriously that we are working in close conjunction with Brake charity, the government road safety organisation and local councils to help raise awareness and look at methods of prevention for the future.

Now, here’s some need to know information!

The B-Scene Girl’s duffle Coat is available in sizes 3-4 through to sizes 9-10 its priced at £44.99 and a version for boys is also available (see picture above)! 

However if you buy this same coat via The Kids One Stop Shop you can obtain a code that gets you the lovely B-Scene duffle coat at a remarkable £22.50 Thats a massive 50% discount!

If you’re a parent it’s totally worth checking out Kids One Stop Shop! Founded by Wendy Mother to 3 year old daughter Lilly, she has created a place that suits all parents, whether you want to sell or buy pre loved items from kidswear, ladies wear, DVDs, toys, baby equipment and more, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye! Plus you can check out the many brands using the site, and therefore find some top discounts on items like that of the B-Scene duffle coat. If that’s not great in itself, there’s also event listings for your area, plus a news section and somewhere to gain parental advice. It really is a fantastic website, catering for all them parenting needs. If it wasn’t for Kids One Stop Shop I probably wouldn’t have discovered B-Scene and their great range of kids safety wear!

Don’t just take my word for it! Check out “Kids One Stop Shop” HERE and you can visit the B-Scene website by clicking HERE  To obtain the reduction code for the coat In particular (which is also available for boys) just click HERE!


10 Feb

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