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22 Oct

Once upon a time, in a little town in London there lived a little boy called Harley.


Every night when Harley goes to bed he’d be joined by his best friend Dino the friendliest, spottiest Dinosaur in town.


Harley had once told his mummy that he didn’t want to go to bed as he was scared the monsters were coming.

Mummy went up stairs and searched all over his bedroom. She looked under his bed, in his wardrobe and behind the curtains…. But she couldn’t find a single monster anywhere.

Mummy explained to Harley that there was no monsters and told him that if he ever felt scared then he could give Dino a big hug! Dino would always protect him and keep him safe.


Dino is a big part of the family his the toddlers companion and a much loved one too. They play by day and sleep by night in each others loving arms.

Dino isn’t a scary dinosaur, his actually kind and gentle and if you ask nicely Harley may even let you pat him.

He does have sharp teeth but I assure you he does not bite. He eats lollipops and likes to watch peppa pig while wrapped in Harley’s duvet.

Whether its a trip to the park or supermarket Dino always comes too



Dino is so much more than a monster fighting Dinosaur! His a friend, family member and Incredibly soft and cuddly one too.

Thank you Dino for the smile you put on my little boys face… We love you.


This is my entry to the Warren Evens Who fights the Monster under your bed competition.


12 Nov
Sainsbury's at the Moor Allerton District Cent...

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Last week it was the turn of Argos and now it’s Sainsburys, another fab retailer who has joint us on the Santa’s Little Helpers mission this November.

We have a massive Sainsburys superstore just down the road from us, it’s where we do almost all our shopping. I buy everything from my weekly shop to TU clothing, homeware and even toys and games. Seriously, we have bagged ourselves an array of bargains over the years, especially in the sales. 

 That’s why I’m super excited to have them on board. Sainsburys knows how expensive Christmas can be, hence the reason they have something to suit all budgets. Not only do they sell a huge range of brand toys but also a range of their own. It’s some of this range I’ll showcase on the blog today and better still all can be brought for a tenner 0r less!

 Cosy Dinosaur  

 This is a delightful gift for both child and adult alike. This adorable Dino is extremely cosy, its super soft body is filled with a mix of herbal delights that let of a beautiful aroma (note, this may be overpowering for some). Little man loves this Dinosaur and it’s truly become a real sensory buddy for him. 

 The ‘Cosy Dinosaur’ can be heated in the microwave and then taken of to bed for a cuddle. Both its scent and warmth are designed to help ease your child to sleep, excellent if your child has difficulty sleeping like mine. Another added bonus is the fact the Dino is quite weighted, which suits little man down to a T! Each night he snuggles up to it placing it directly on his chest which provides him with lots of sensory comfort.  

 Though Little man isn’t the only one who loves the Cosy Dinosaur! Alice also went a little loopy for it, so much so we went and brought another one just for her. 

Cosy Dinosaur displays a price tag of just £10 and can be found in the Sainsburys gift guide.

 We were massively impressed and both myself and children gave the Cosy Dinosaur a 5 star *****

Pet Carry Case

 The pet carry case is part of Sainsburys ‘Lets pretend’ range and is aimed at pre-school children aged from 3+. 

You get a small cuddly puppy with a number of grooming accessories, complete with pet carrier. 

 Even though this is recommended for the child over 3 years, Harley who is a month of his second birthday had tons of fun with this one. He is quite advanced in play and already interacts with his toys. I think this has a lot to do with the observations he makes of his older siblings, especially that of his sister. 

Harley had lots of fun taking care of his little puppy! He brushed its fur and even gave it a little blow dry which was very cute to watch. 

 His enjoyed carrying the puppy around the house in its carrier and even took it to Nannies house last weekend.

 There was only one downfall and that was Harley trying to push and trap our 6 month old cat in the tiny toy pet carrier! Poor Bella has been left a bit of a mental wreck. 

 The pet carrier can be brought for under £10 and we gave it a 4 star ****

  Toy remote control Car

 Stocking Filler

 This is a little red sports car that is controlled with the use of a remote control (It should be noted that this isn’t wireless and the remote is attached to the car via a wire). 

 The car itself is plastic but nicely made, it’s quite small in size making it the perfect stocking filler. 

 It does have a few delightful features. There are four buttons located on the control,

Open: Makes the roof come down and your car is now a convertible

Close: closes the roof.

Forward facing arrow: Car moves forward.

Reverse key: Car backs left and right and can spin a 90% circle 

Little man was fascinated by the roof opening and closing feature, though Harley was crazy about the whole thing. However I would supervise the smaller child who plays with this car as like I mentioned before, it was attached to a wire. 

 A great stocking filler for maybe a 5-6 year old as a first remote controlled car, though it’s also great for a younger child under supervision. 

 This little car can be brought from Sainsbury’s for under £10

 We gave it a reasonable 3 stars ***

So, there you have it, three awesome buys for £10 and under!

 With half price toy sales and fantastic offers taking place both in store and online why don’t you check them out this Christmas. Click HERE for the fall Sainsbury toy range.

 Look out for our vlog and review of the wonderful Flitter Fairy sold at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide… Coming soon!

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