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Frankie & Benny’s – A Review

10 Apr

When I was asked if I’d like to review the new Frankie and Benny’s menu I jumped at the opportunity especially since the new Greenwich restaurant which overlooks the river and the cutty sark had just opened. 

I was set to take all three children but right at the last-minute Little man went to stay at his cousins, given this is something he doesn’t do often I decided to take my mum along instead.

Frankie and Benny’s is an Italian restaurant with a 1950 New York American dinning experience. 

This is a restaurant that offers everything from breakfast to dinner and the deserts are rumoured to be out of this world.

We arrived at the New Frankie and Benny’s Greenwich, a little after 8.30 pm, we were shown to a table straight away and the children were handed some activities packs which kept them entertained. 

The service was excellent and the menu packed with all sorts of treats from New Yorker burgers to an array of pasta dishes.

The children get their own menu which is amazingly priced a just £3.99 (this includes the main, dessert and a soft drink) I was shocked at how well sized the children’s potions were for the price.

The chefs prepare the food right there in front of you, the smells that were oozing out of the kitchen area were delightful. 

As for drinks… WOW! Myself and Mother were unable to resist the temptation of the cocktail menu with Pina Colada being our drink of choice. At almost a fiver these were no more expensive than anywhere else. 

For such a lovely dinning experience I was surprised at how well priced Frankie and Benny’s is. There is a special’s menu available which consists of some of its finest mains and desserts. The menu is priced at £10.95 and your able to add an additional course for a tiny 2.25.

Mum choose something from the special, the New Yorker Burger with Salad instead of Chips, she loved the salad stating she could eat it all day.

I however didn’t choose anything from the special’s but opted for Spaghetti & Meatballs which was huge but tasted amazing.

Mum also ordered some warm dough sticks with garlic butter which the toddler went crazy for.

My daughter opted for  sausage and mash where’s the toddler had Spaghetti Bolognese.

No complaints with the desserts, these were incredible. The children both had ice cream sundaes which came with a packet of Cadbury’s buttons to decorate. Of course this went down a treat.

Myself and mother both opted for Mamma’s crumble with a scope of ice-cream… seriously yummy.

As the restaurant is fairly new it wasn’t overly busy at the time we visited which was nice, through I can just imagine what a hit this will be in the summer.

All came to around £45.00 which in my opinion was fantastic value for what we ordered.

The staff were lovely and really fantastic with the children! At one point the toddler decided to dash his remaining Apple juice across the table, we were moved to a clean area to eat why staff set about cleaning up, which was awesome. 

Check out our review video below… trust me the food does taste as good as it looks.


24 Sep

As a little girl, I daydreamed about being a princess, as I grew up that daydream continued.

 Well, who would have thought that writing a blog (That when first started up, mainly consisted with lots of rants) would transform me into just that, a princess? 

 Yes, seriously for one day and night Cinders will be transformed and then sent of to the ball! The ball of course being the Mad blog awards, and the transformation… well, that started to take shape a few days back!

Yes, I was just one of a handful of lovely ladies, who happen to be finalist, like me, who were whisked off to TK Maxx High street Kensington, London for some serious dress shopping. (Well, “whisked” would be a bit of an exaggeration given I was 45 minutes late and arrived by train). 

Once in the TK Maxx store, I was bombarded with a mass of stunning dresses (not, that I was complaining of course). I then had the difficult task of choosing one, an important task considering it’s for my first ever awards ceremony! How grateful I was to have the lovely Polly (TK Maxx PR) and the awesome Sally (the founder and organiser of the Mads) plus a few of my lovely fellow finalist, at hand to help me make this important decision!

 Then I had the most fantastic time trying on shoes! OMG, I’m shoe crazy! This really was princess heaven handed on a platter.

 Shoes in every colour and style I could find, touched my feet. Decisions, decisions… lots of decisions! I even got to top it all of by adding a pretty little clutch bag and a shrug to complete my outfit… Lush!

 TK Maxx and Sally had created the perfect treat. There was no looking at the children’s section, no choosing baby or toddler items, it was all about us and making us feel special. TK Maxx were kindly supplying us with the dresses and accessories curtsy of the store, which was just mind blowing! Not only did this take the whole stress and of course expense, out of shopping for the perfect dress, it also gave me an opportunity to meet a few of the other bloggers, meaning that on the big night I wouldn’t be stood like a plum in a dress. 


  This was made so much easier as the lovely people of TK Maxx took us all for a lovely meal with deserts to die for (I know, I know, I have a dress to fit into) but who could resist? (In actual fact… None of us could!)

 There was lots of chatting and getting to know each other, I spoke in length to the fabulous Lisa aka @mummywhisperer, who really does inspire you to sparkle. Her adorable daughter and nanny joined us for lunch too. I also got to meet Kylie @Kykaree (Not even a bag of sugar) and her beautiful little boy who was born at 27 weeks gestation but is really thriving! (Kylie is, like me, a finalist in the “Most inspiring” category.) Maria aka @verybusymama, was great fun, loving her super fast no carbs diet tips which she unfortunately shared after the pudding 🙂 Ruth aka @geekmummy was lovely so friendly as was Monika aka @mumontheblink! Then of course, I finally got to meet Sally aka @swhittle founder/organiser of the Mads and Polly (TK Maxx PR) both were really nice and very encouraging when trying on dresses, keeping us all smiling (leaving no time for any girlie body hang ups.)

  I loved the fact everyone had read each others blogs. This meant good conversation as we had plenty of topics to discuss. Autism, mummy coaching and premature birth being a few. I learnt lots about blog camp Brighton, which I’m now really excited about and have been pre warned not to tweet and ask what your all wearing for the event (Yes that’s right It’s informal ladies and gents) So, I wont be turning up in my stunning new dress then (which will be revealed next Friday) !

 So, in till then, I will exercise like a nut job on pro-plus, watch my easily expanding waistline as to avoid bursting out the seams of my figure hugging dress, get myself a hair cut, get my nails done and then just go with the flow.

 Message for all the lovely bloggers who were part of the TK Maxx shopping experience… you all looked gorgeous and I can’t wait to walk in my new heels beside you all. 

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