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Silent Sunday

4 Nov


Preparations for Halloween

12 Oct

I love Halloween I’m a big kid at heart. It’s more than the actual night of Halloween that excites me. Its the fun leading up to it.

We do lots of crafting, where we make spooky decorations and funky treats. At the moment we are actually making spooky bookmarks, a creepy wreath and some freaky masks. These I plan to show on my sister blog Mummy of many talents over the next couple of days or so.

Little man can be a bit funny when it comes to Halloween. He doesn’t mind it if we go out of the house, he even enjoys a spot of trick or treating around some Pre selected neighbours houses. However staying in is what seems to make him anxious.

One year, a couple of kids dashed some eggs at the front door. We returned home just as they were in the process of egging the living room widows and this really upset little man. What made it worse was the children were of course wearing mask so we couldn’t see them. When at school a couple of kids were laughing about the incident and poking fun at little man. It really upset him as he was puzzled how they knew… He failed to relate the two and draw the conclusion that it was in fact these very children who had done the egging.

He also watches to much news on the TV (as much as I try to discourage) so, when he heard about a local gang who were robbing people in their homes by posing as trick or treaters he begged we didn’t open the door the entire night.

This year my plan involves being out from the moment the sun goes down and the vampires and witches start parading the streets. We will do our usual visit to the neighbours then head to my mums for a glass of wine (soft drinks for the kids) and go home only once the candy hungry children have started to dispel.

Usually we have costume dilemmas when it comes to little man. His tactile defensive so really can’t tolerate anything for long. He usually removes any mask before we’ve even left the house. Not so long ago he reviewed an awesome Freddy costume but again the mask proved too much so this got passed on to little sister who now looks forward to wearing it.

Thankfully, his decided on a costume he wants to wear and although it requires him to wear a mask, its fitted with foam padding around the bridge of the nose making it much more comfortable for him to wear. It’s from Very who do some excellent Halloween Costumes

Its called the Evil Eye Skull and The mask has this awesome feature where its eyes flash red and fade in and out. It comes with robe and over drape and despite it being designed for a child aged 8-10 it still fits the little man perfectly. He has loads of room in it to more about and can wear it over his own clothes comfortably.


Harley is likely to have his face painted or maybe I’ll have to get extra creative and find him something halloween themed but not to scary… After all he is only almost 3.

As for me, I’ve decided to go as myself! After all I’ve lost count of the amount of times my children have branded me a wicked witch… *evil laugh*

So… What’s everyone else up to? Anyone got any creative Halloween ideas to share?

1-2 Freddy’s coming for you!

22 Aug

Last month I did a review of a beautiful Plum Pixie costume for ‘Jokers Masquerade‘ over on my other blog ‘Mummy of Many Talents‘ It was there I mention how Jokers Masquerade stocked a super range of Halloween costumes and as a result I’ve been asked to feature a costume from the range right here on the blog!

OK, OK, Halloween Isn’t tomorrow or next week for that matter, it’s still a couple of months down the calendar. Nonetheless it’s worth being prepared especially those of you who have parties planed! After all it’s like any other occasion we still want to look nothing less than our best and if that means sporting a spectacular costume of something a little freaky than so be it!

As I searched through the extensive range of Halloween costumes on the Jokers Masquerade online store I was lost for choice so it took ages to actually make a final decision.

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) was my choice. It reminded me of my youth when I watched this as a teenage rebel while staying out all night drinking cheap wine at a friends.

The character is famous for his veiny appearance, stripy jumper and knife like fingers that somehow reminds me of those belonging to “Edward Scissor Hands”.

Now I don’t promote horror movies to the children, Little man wouldn’t entertain them even if I did! But recently he did discover my secret package that shamefully wasn’t hid in the most imaginative of hiding places. He therefore took it upon himself to get dressed up, hide behind the living room door before finally jumping out on me almost causing me a heart attack. Needless to say he found it extremely comical


The costume consists of two separate products and three items.

The main part of this Krueger costume consists of a Freddy silicone mask and a large stripy pull over jumper. It’s only available in a range of adult sizes and costs £23.99

The second part of the costume consists of a plastic glove with those knife type fingers. This is sold separately from that of the main costume and can be brought for £8.99

I liked it! It’s of good quality and would last many a Halloween to come (given your not over indulging on to much cake that is)!

The price isn’t the cheapest I’ve ever seen, though it isn’t the most expensive either! The two parts that make up the main costume do look fabulous and if anything you can proudly state your dressed in vintage clobber given its been some years since the film was first aired (somehow my love of vintage always take over).

So, the verdict… A fabulous costume that is ideal for both men and women alike. It’s bound to be a conversation starter at any Halloween party and can even be passed off as a must have vintage piece of clobber.

This is one of a number of great themed Halloween Costumes over at ‘Jokers Masquerade’ Others include that of Chucky ( that demon little red haired doll) Scream, Jason and many others.

Jokers Masquerade offer a vast selection of fancy dress costumes & its not just those for Halloween on offer. Check them out online by visiting their online store by clicking Here!


This is a review post that consists of my own honest opinions and wording. I was not paid to write this review but did receive a sample product for the purpose of this review.

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