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Review – Relax Pack From The Cocoon Collection

3 Jun

As a busy mum of three sometimes it’s nice to have a little time for me.

I may be a mum but I’m a woman too, one that like others, loves a little self indulgence.

The wonderful people over at cocoon collection understand this (or so their Relax Pack would indicate)!

Last week I was delivered a very exciting parcel, one packed with treats for me… Yes me!

I was presented with the Relax Pack (Massage and Pamper Pack) a white box tied in a beautiful hot pink ribbon.


If the outside was anything to go by then I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

Well, I wasn’t disappointed! Inside I found a beautiful selection of pampering treats. Just lifting the lid I knew I was in for a treat, the beautiful sweet aroma from the bath bomb could be smelt instantly.


Here’s what was included…

The Gold Relaxer… a fantastic 4 point massager which soothes away achy muscles with its four clever points and is said to be a hand held dream!

Hand Lotion Set With Ceramic Dish. The set includes both hand wash and hand & nail cream and have a gorgeous fresh white linen and jasmine fragrance which I adore. Both wash and cream are contained within pump action dispenser bottles and presented in a beautiful ceramic dish… Perfect for the bathroom sink.

Crazy After Dark Bath Blaster – this is what I smelt as I lifted the lid of the box, this bomb smells absolutely gorgeous and what’s more its packed full of fab essential oils. I seriously couldn’t wait to relax with this fizzy away in the tub.

Flower Power Face Mask – This is a little face mask without the gunk! Instead of slapping some messy slop on my chops I was instead presented with a cloth which has been impregnated with sweet smelling mulberry to place on my face. The mask has been designed to refresh, revive and illuminate.

Eye Gel Pads – cooling and soothing, to awaken sleepy eyes and hopefully help improve my tired bagged eyes, giving them back some sparkle.


Mini Emery Boards – A pack of 10 handbag sized little emery boards. These are held in a little box that displays a super cute but quirky design of a somewhat funky kitty.

Breakfast at Sniffany’s – designed to match the above emery boards, this sweet packet of tissues display the same quirky but somehow very cute Hollywood glam kitty design!

Now can you see why I was eager to put this kit to the test. This was definitely something I couldn’t wait to use but decided there was little point in doing so until I had some ‘Me time’

Finally that ‘Me Time’ came around when all the children were sleeping I grabbed my box and headed to the bathroom.

I unwrapped the bath bomb and added it to the bath as the hot water ran. In a sad sort of sense I was a little gutted to see it dissolving as it was so very pretty! However the smell that filled the air around me was lush and I couldn’t wait to soak my tired self within its essence.

Seriously I was in that bath till my toes wrinkled.

I also used the face mask and could feel myself drifting of to sleep as I relaxed in silence.

What a rare treat, little man is known to be up till 4am on most nights so the fact he was in his bed sleeping at a little past 1am was most pleasing.

Of course I’ve tried both the hand wash and lotion which left my hands smelling delightful. I’ve now moved them both into the kitchen as I hate the way my hands are left feeling following a session washing the dishes. I wash my hands and apply the lotion right afterwards and this instantly corrects the problem.

The emery boards are in my makeup bag ready for my next nail painting session and the tissues are in my handbag! Yes, I don’t want these to run out… Maybe I’ll just have to refill the funky packaging with some more tissues once used.

The eye mask is tucked away for my next bit of “Me time” which I’m hoping is someday soon.

As for the massager, this is yet to be tested… It’s just not the same trying to use it on yourself. Maybe I’ll get the kids on the job… *giggle*

I really do love the online Cocoon collection. Yes, I’ve tried out many of these online stores specialising in gift ideas but the range over at cocoon is so extensive it’s hard not to be impressed.

There really is something for everyone! You can find a specially designed section for all them major milestones whether it’s a gift for someone’s eightieth or someone’s big 50!

You will also find a great children’s selection which boast something for every occasion from the celebration of a birth or a get well gift. I love the “Being Brave” gift set that would make a really special gift for a child in hospital.

There are gifts for him, her, couples and more. You will find a great fathers day selection which again contains some impressive gift sets like the “Dads Dancing” kit or that of a “Big bag of beer”

With so much to chose from its hard to make a decision! I was drawn to many sets including the above “Relax pack” as well as the “Little pick me up” the “Sweet Fizz” the “Rush hour” specially for commuters and the lovely teacher gift of a personalised best teacher certificate. They even do beautiful jewellery gift sets so your sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion.


I’m so glad I got to test and review a gift from the Cocoon Collection because I have now found a site I’d most definitely use in the future! I’ve already spotted a number of gift sets that I’d like to purchase for family and friends for those special occasions, ones which I know they will love.

The Relax Pack is great and I’d highly recommend this as the perfect gift for a reasonable price!


For more information or just for a browse check out the Cocoon Collection online

Disclaimer: This is a review post. I was not paid to write this review but was offered a sample of the product in question as to provide readers with my honest thoughts and opinions.

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