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School Uniform From Trutex (Review)

12 Nov

Take a look at how grown up my daughters looking.


She’s in primary school but is still required to wear a uniform. The policy is rather strict and we have to abide by it.

Alice wears a grey, white and claret uniform. We usually find it easy to buy her uniform but often find we have problems obtaining the claret red cardigan or jumpers.

We decided to give trutex a try. They offered to send us some uniform for Alice to try which included a really thick claret button up cardie with warm fleece lining. Alice loves it, especially given the mornings are so cold now.

The grey pinafore dress is of really good quality too. Alice does prefer to wear a dress with a polo shirt underneath (which Trutex) also supplied. Wearing a skirt means everything needs tucking in. This way she is much more comfortable.

The dress is actually really cute with its small cherry design which keeps it girly and adds a little fun.

All three items that we were sent were of excellent quality. On washing the garments they have remained bright and in good shape (even the white polo shirt which I find will often go off-white very quickly). The fleece lining inside the cardigan didn’t shard any fluff which is great as I often find this to be a problem with other brands.


Trutex isn’t the cheapest in school uniform providers but it isn’t the most expensive neither. Sometimes it worth paying that little bit more as you actually save more money long term as the garments last longer.

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