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Cillit Bang All in 1 Dish & Surface – Review and competition

3 Mar

I’ve always openly stated that I’m no domestic goddess, if anything I hate housework, unless I’m over come with the desire to spring clean, which is rear! Most of the time I feel it’s boring and quite honestly drains away valuable hours of my day, often leaving me a little peed off! Still that’s the life of an adult and what has to be done must be done, regardless of if I enjoy it or not… as I tell my children, “Life is full of stuff we don’t like, but sometimes we just have to get on with it best we can” That’s exactly how I feel about “Washing up”!

Doing the dishes is my idea of hell! I have sensitive skin and get eczema on my hands… of course I blame doing the dishes! If the other half isn’t offering to get on the job, then I want to get it down as quick as humanly possibly… leaving things to soak, uselessly results in my non return (well, till the following morning at least, and who wants to wake to a sink full of soaking dishes).

So, of course I’m going to say… Bring it on, when I’m asked to review and run a competition on a new product designed to make my life easier!

Before, I give you the chance to win a prize, let me tell you about the product at hand.

When I think of Cillit Bang, I hear the words “Bang and the dirt is gone, replaying in my mind” Despite how long the brand has now been going, I still usually only link to the first product in its range! However, Cillit Bang actually has quite a tidy product line, with Cillit Bang All in 1 Dish and Surface, being the latest!

The All in 1, designed for both dishes and surfaces, comes in a handy automatic pump dispenser which senses your sponge and dispenses a plump of liquid, meaning you only get what’s required, therefore making the product last longer and pennies stretch further!

I found it to be a real gem on the dishes, even removing brunt on food residues from baking trays (which often occurs when I’m cooking) much faster and easier than other leading brands of washing-up liquid.

The fact that I am able to use the product on both the dishes and that of the kitchen surfaces means both convenience, space-saving (storage of cleaning products) and good value for money! What’s more, the liquid goes a long way when cleaning the kitchen sides, I only required the one pump which is activated by a motion sensor triggering its release. This built up a good lather on the sponge, leaving sides sparking clean and smelling super fresh.

The Cillit Bang Starter Kit, comes complete with dispenser and one refill, so, you’re only required to buy further refills thereafter.
Currently there are just a few varieties of Lemon Burst & Lime Blossom and Mint, to choose from, though I’m sure the brand will be introducing more beautiful scents, as time progresses.

I personally found the Lemon Burst very pleasant smelling, it’s not to over powering as some cleaning products tend to be. I am however, yet to give the lime a whirl, though I’m sure it will delight, what with it normally being my preference if given a choice out the two (I love the tangy scent of Limes)!

Overall, I was impressed with the results of Cillit Bang All in one Dish and Surface! The dishes needed little soaking if any, meaning I haven’t waken up to a sink full of smelly last nights dishes! When using on surfaces, Cillit Bang left them gleaming and reasonable shiny! I hate it when sugar gets residues get stuck on the work-tops (for some reason, men leave it there to get stuck) and then its hard to remove, this really wasn’t the case when using the all in one.

The automatic dispenser is said to dispense an average of 160 dispenses and for me this makes the current online exclusive price of £7.99 for a pack of three refills, excellent value for money!

Other online exclusives are the Super Sava Bundle Packs at a whooping reduction £14.99 reduced from £32.99, plus you can buy a starter kit containing your automatic dispenser and one refill back for £9.99 instead of the normal £19.99!

Now for the good bit! Those people who brought us that famous slogan “BANG AND THE DIRT IS GONE” are actually, very nice people! Why? Because they have given me 5 start packs of Cillit Bang All in one, to give away here on A boy with Aspergers!

So, want one of the five starter packs? Here’s how to go about winning yourself one

Simply complete the compulsory action which is…

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Good Luck, Competition will close on the 31st March 2012

Disclaimer, we were provider with a starter pack from Cillit Bang free of charge for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given for this or the hosting of a competition.

UK Only Please! Competition will close on the 31st of March 2012 at Midnight! Please follow the rules carefully as each entry will be verified and those who haven’t maybe withdrawn! Prize will be dispatched directly from the prize provider, names, emails and postal addresses will therefore be required and should be sent via email to the address located in the blogs sidebar under contact information within 72 hours. All winners to leave an email or twitter handle per entry!

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Winners: @olivia280177 @tracyknixion @maisletoo @baggiesbabe69 @Dorothee77

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