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Ajo Bebe changing bag candy

29 Oct

This week we see the Little helpers go from three to four, when the lovely Nikki from, ‘A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee’ sent me a beautiful Ajo Bebe travel wipes case to review.

A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee is an online store specialising in high end children’s and baby products.

Nikki the owner stocks some beautiful items that are available no place else in the UK, she even hosts a number of celebrity favourites. 

The Ajo Bebe travel wipes case is a lush addition to any changing bag and will have mothers asking you,

“Excuse me, but where did you get that from”

Oh… Yes, this pretty little case happens to be a great tool for a conversation starter, believe me, it’s happened to me twice so far! There was last week when I was asked in the doctors reception waiting area (yes, during that week from hell when all three children were ill) then there was the time a fellow mummy asked me where I got my Ajo Bebe travel wipes case while at the the under five’s play park. You can’t blame these mummy’s for asking as it is lovely! 

“Ok, Ok, I hear you, it is just a wipes case!”

 But surly us mummy’s deserve a pretty one, after all wet wipes are our ultimate travelling companion. With a 22m old I can’t afford to leave these essentials at home! Yes, its pretty sad that I’ve enjoyed whipping out my cute little travel case every time Harley gets sticky fingers, a runny noise or chocolate covered chops, but so what… it’s nice to have something nice, isn’t it? It beats pulling out a pain old pack of Huggies that’s for sure!

 The green and aqua blue, almost art deco design finished with white lace trimming is the perfect design for a girlie girl who likes something other than “Pink” !

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Priced at £19.99 it’s a pretty cool addition to any mummy’s Christmas wish list. You could even consider buying it for that “special mum to be” as a baby shower gift (trust me, it beats your standard baby-grow).

There are plenty of beautiful children’s & baby items to be found over at ‘A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee’ from cool bumblebee backpacks to gorgeous baby blankets. This is a site worth visiting, even if you will want everything you set your eyes on, I did!

Nikki owner of ‘A cat a mouse, and a bumblebee’ is currently looks for party planners to join her team! Check out the site then contact Nikki for more information via the contact page. 

Ajo Bebe Travel wipes case from A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee

Cost £19.99

Click HERE to buy or have a browses at some truly lush pieces .

Yippydada the coolest changing bag around

9 Oct

Oh my goodness check this baby out!

What you see before you is no ordinary bag, Oh… No!

Would you believe it if I told you that this stunner of a bag, is actually a Yippydada Lynx baby changing bag?

 Well, it is!

 I saw this changing bag on a fellow blog and fell head over heels in love with it and this was before I knew its intended use.

Now you may ask why I need one now Harley is 22 months (two short months off his 2nd Birthday) but in actual fact I have discovered I need one more than ever.

 Harley is wearing pull ups, at times he wears his tiny little underpants so we require a change of clothes when out and about in case of accidents. His also still using a bottle as he always has a bottle of cows milk at lunchtime whether we are at home or not as well as one at bedtime and when he wakes. We also keep his trainer cup to hand with his fruit juice in (that or a couple of cartons of innocents) Then there’s all them other bits and pieces like wipes , etc.

 Now I’ll be honest here, if you put your hand In my handbag there’s no promising you’re ever see it again, Its like the lost world in there! Seriously I carry so much stuff I’m surprised I don’t capsize.

 It’s a total pain having to carry the changing bag as well as my own handbag, the changing bag we have isn’t a beautiful sight, more an eye sore. I’ve looked for one that can possibly manage all mine and Harley’s things so I don’t have to lob two bags around when we go out but haven’t had any lucky whatsoever.

 Well, in till now of course.

 This bag is so nice it doesn’t even resemble a changing bag, more like a bang on trend  handbag.

 Delivery of my Lynx changing bag from Yippydada was next day I was shocked how quickly it arrived via Royal mail.

 This bag was even nicer than it was in the images on their website. The animal print material that makes up most of the bag had a velvety texture to it and it’s really soft. 

 The edging, straps and sides of the bag are faux brown leather but real good quality.

The style is bang on trend and is guaranteed to turn heads and create a little bag envy. However despite its ultra sleekness it’s totally practical and of course being a changing bag it meets all the sort after requirements mums expect from a changing bag but with some added WOW.

You have two small pockets at the front of the bag (ideal place for them little bits you need to get at fast such a dummies etc). There is a zip pocket on the outer back of the bag which is nice and roomy. I’ve actually used this compartment to store my small purse as it feels relatively secure when the bag is over my shoulder and under my arm as the pocket is against my body making it harder to access by those with sticky fingers. 

On opening the bag there was a few more pleasant surprises. First I discovered the matching leopard print potable changing mat that when unfolded is a great size to lay over the top of any public baby changing facilities (my pet hate, especially the dirty ones)! 

I also uncovered a lovely matching bottle holder that will keep bottles at a desired temperature. I couldn’t leave home without one of these when all three of my children were newborns, they are a god send for busy mums on the go! However I’m also finding use for this, as mentioned Harley still likes an afternoon bottle of warm milk and will not give up till he gets one!

Next I found a waterproof zip pouch which I found great for storing anything wet, example… Harley wet underpants (yes, it’s early days). This would be great for storing sterile teats, dummies , etc., for the baby a little younger.

Lastly you get a long extendable strap that can be clipped onto the bag and then hung over the handles of your child’s pram/pushchair.

These guys have thought of everything!

The inside of the bag is a pink water proof material with lots of pockets to keep yours and your little ones, “Can’t leave home without essentials”. It’s extremely roomy and has an inside zip pocket that is reasonably deep, a great place to put your purse, mobile or even both. I would normally worry about placing my mobile in Harley’s changing bag just incase it gets wet somehow (maybe through contact with wet wipes or a leaky bottle even). You haven’t got that worry with this bag as its inside lining is totally water proof and the zip pocket keeps this from happening.

Visiting my mother yesterday my younger sister who is almost 18 flew at me demanding to know where I had got my beautiful bag! Her jaw needed scrapping off the floor when I announced it was a changing bag. She then stated she didn’t care who would know?

I then got asked by a fellow mum or two down at my daughters school, where I got my bag from. Again shock showed in their stunned faces when I told them the bags intended use.

This shock was short lived and replaced soon after with excitement and me handing over the website address.

It seems like Yippydada have really hit the nail on the head with this one!

If you think my Yippydada bag is lush check out the others on their site. There really is something for everyone.

The Lynx Yippydada Lynx changing bag is priced at £55. OK, this isn’t the cheapest changing bag on the market but it sure is the prettiest I’ve seen in like FOREVER! 

Think about it! There are plenty of changing bags that are not half as nice as this one which cost the same and sometimes even more!

 Anyhow like I said there is really no need to use a handbag alongside this changing bag. How much is a handbag these days?

Anyway, don’t panic because Yippydada have been kind enough to pass on an exclusive offer to my readers.

25% off any of the Yippydada range for a limited time only. 

Just use this code Yippy25% when placing your order over at the Yippydada website.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go on take a peek or check these guys out on twitter & facebook

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