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A BabyBlooms Bouquet Review

23 Feb

The 22nd February was a day full of celebrations, when my sister gave birth to a beautiful 7lbs 7oz baby boy, one week before her due date of the 29th February 2012.

I had been contemplating for a while on what to get her, I wanted it to be a special gift, something for both her and the baby, a gift she would always remember.

A few weeks before the birth I discovered BabyBlooms a great UK brand who offered a selection of beautiful bouquets with a difference.

These are not just any beautiful put together bouquet, made up of flowers that despite their beauty, will eventually wilt and die, Babyblooms, can be treasured forever!

Each one of BabyBlooms Bouquets have been made up of both stunning silk flowers and a selection of baby garments that have been placed in the bouquet as to resemble delicate roses. These really do look fantastic and on visiting the website for the first time, I actually didn’t notice that some of the flowers within the Bouquets were in fact baby garments carefully rolled into rose buds.

I was lucky enough to be asked to review the “Small Blue Bouquet” and couldn’t wait for its arrival so that I could surprise my sister in the hope of cheering her up a little (no mother to be likes them drawn out, last few days, waiting around for a baby to make its appearance)!

I, however didn’t have to wait long at all! BabyBlooms provided a swift delivery of a very well presented bouquet.

Unable to wait them last few weeks for this little bubba to make his appearance, I presented my sister with her surprise that same afternoon. The small blue bouquet was beautifully concealed in a pretty presentation box with personalised card and the lovely addition of a big blue ribbon.

To say she loved it would be an understatement, in fact everybody loved it, including me! The bouquet itself had been so beautifully put together with silk foliage, velvet leaves, freesias and stunning delicate silk roses, all held together with pretty organza and a silk cream ribbon. It was so pretty my sister and myself felt a little wrong in removing the clothing garments that were so well presented to resemble roses. On unravelling the items we were presented with a cute baby reversible hat and matching mittens, plus five pairs of tiny blue socks.

This is a truly a lovely gift to give to someone special to celebrate the birth of a new baby. The bouquet was all it had promised to be, yet so much more! The images on the Babybloom’s website really do look great, however, these are so much more stunning in real life. I’d defiantly use them again as I’d have the comfort of knowing I was giving someone I care about a really beautiful gift.

The small blue bouquet can be brought for £26 but prices do vary depending on the size and contents of the bouquet (these can even be made up of babygrows) designs also come in a selection of colours for both boy and girl (natural colours are also availably in case those expecting the baby have not discovered the babies sex)!

Another gift I have planed, is one with a very personal touch, a hand decorated and filled, ‘Mother & Baby’ basket, finished in beautiful satin blue check ribbon. I’m hoping to have it finished later on today, and I’ll be sure to pin a picture on Pinterest of my creation (given it comes out as expected that is)!

Lastly, how can I not finish with a picture of my beautiful nephew ‘Riley’ at not even a full day old! Just looking at him made me want to suggest babies to the other half, though thinking back to my last pregnancy, a totally horrid one, plus remembering how quick they grow up, I quickly snap out of it and return to a non broody state of well-being. (Below my daughter giving new bubba a longed for hug)!

WOW, isn’t he just adorable! Congratulations to my beautiful baby sister ‘Charlotte’ and her partner ‘Aaron’… you did good!

Check out the BabyBlooms website Here or visit them over on Facebook Here

Alice Kicks some butt!

6 Oct

Blog-Match the brilliant peeps that match bloggers with brands have paired us with the fantastic Tactic games.

 Tactic sent us two board games to review, Faqir and Dotto (which will follow in another post)

 So, what’s it normally like playing board games with two very competitive children, one who is rule band and throws an almighty strop when he loses?

A nightmare that’s what it is!

 Five minutes in and all hell broke loose. 

 Now, I should state If it was just me and the little man then his fine, he just can’t play alongside his sister unless his in control and things are going his way! Not easy to put this into practice when playing a board game.

 Later that evening Little man went out with his father and I took Alice and the youngest around my mothers house and decided to bring the game and ask my younger sister and her boyfriend to play the game with Alice. There was no point me even trying with my toddler about.

 Lucky my sisters boyfriend said he would give it a go and with much excitement Alice sat down to face her opponent.

 Inside the box

 On opening Faqir we found a board with lots of hole, 28 brightly coloured plastic cones, 24 faqir cards, 4 Faqir dressing rooms and a handy pouch to store cards and cones. 

 What each player requires

 Each player has a certain number of cards depending on how many are playing.

Each player has a dressing table in which they place one of their cards behind.


Each player is given a set of cones, there are 4 different colours to choose from.

 Aim of the game!

 Players must place their first card behind they’re dressing table, leaving it only partially visible to their opponent.  Each card has a number of holes (like what you get if you hole punch paper) the holes make up a pattern. The players will take it in turns with the youngest going first (Yep it’s in the rules) each must make the same pattern on their card on the board. This is done by placing the supplied cones (aka nails, into the holes on the board) Once the pattern is complete and the players card can be placed on top of the nails avoiding injury and a nasty anti-tetanus jab 🙂 they move on to another card. Once all your cards have gone you have a winner.  

Piece of cake right!

No, not exactly it isn’t! You see, as mentioned above each players card is partially exposed to its opponent(s) resulting in part of the pattern being revealed. This may only be one or two holes but still it gives players a clue to their opponents movements allowing them to try and block you. 

 The contest

On the left we have Aaron, sister’s boyfriend aged 18 years

On the right we have Alice-Sara ten years his senior at just 8yrs

How is this even fair?

 Does Aaron have the ability to easily beat his younger opponent with his ability to think outside the box?

 No way, this is my daughter we are talking about!

Competitive should be her middle name.

 Jammy dodger pulled it off.

Whoop Whoop

That’s my girl

Alice scores it top marks ***** 5 star

Where Aaron gave it a lower ***  3 star… um I wonder why?

I later played this with little man and I think its brilliant for an older child with Aspergers as It improves non verbal reasoning skills and helps the child look beyond what he thinks he see. 

Well, Little man done well and I just bet him right at the end but it was close, very, very close!

Faqir by Tactic Games

Age 7+

2-4 players per game

Around 30 minute game time per round.

 Amazon currently stock this and I’ve checked and the good news is they have six in stock for £18.99 


Visit the Tactic website for more information



15 Feb

So Yesterday was the day for love.
I had a lovely Valentine’s day. Ok I didn’t go out for no candle light dinner for two but being with the kids and Hubby was anoth for me. I got some lovely gifts and even G and Alice made me a wonderful card full of glitter and hearts. G is only 8years old but he has always said that he thinks Jess My sisters friend is really pretty. How cute! she’s 13 so a bit old LOL.
He always talks to her about his trains and buses. Luckly for him she is happy to sit and listen. He asked us yesterday if we think jess would be his valentine. Sweet! We told him we were sure she wouldn’t but she maybe busy today.

He was ok with that he told everyone that jess was his Valentine.

On the whole Valentines day was a pretty good day:) The house was full of love as always and thats just the way I like it.

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