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Eisberg Review

27 Feb

So, there has been a lot to celebrate of late, what with the birth of my beautiful Nephew on the 22nd of this month, it seemed the ideal time to crack open a bottle!

Though I’m not talking Champers, I’m not actually referring to alcohol at all! You see, I’ve been on yet another diet (yes, again) and I’ve decided that for now, anyway, I’ll not indulge in any alcohol whatsoever! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big drinker and have been known to go a whole year without a sip, it just seems that of late, whenever I’m at a blogging event or meeting a friend, I’m partial to a glass of white or rose and this isn’t great on the ballooning hips!

Instead, we opened a bottle of Eisberg which is basically wine minus the alcohol (if that makes sense)! So, instead of a chilled glass of chardonnay, you switch it for a Eisberg non alcoholic vision which is only a third of the calories (only 34 calories per 125ml glass)!

Eisberg, is said to be made in the same way as your alcoholic wine, only the alcohol gets carefully removed using one of the worlds most advanced processes, leaving all the flavours of wine, just no alcohol, well it comes in at 0.05% volume (which believe me isn’t going to get a hedgehog merry)!

I was sent a bottle of Eisberg juicy succulent Rose to review, and it was this that we toasted the bubba too!

The bottle resembles everything your favourite wine would. Eisberg, wouldn’t look out-of-place at the dinner table, and I’m guessing that without taking a closer look, on appearance alone, this is easily mistaken for your average bottle of alcohol and calorie laden Rose.

The Rose was quite sweet and definitely resembled a glass of rose when poured, though the aroma is somewhat different minus the alcohol. Now I’ll be honest, I think you could tell there was no alcohol, though is this because I knew before hand? I’m not sure! However on a high note, it would definitely make a good replacement for those trying to cut back on the alcohol or maybe those unable to drink for medical reasons or pregnancy, this is because it does still have them strong elements of a good wine and its a pretty refreshing hit on the palate.I think the Rose would make the perfect addition to a summers lunch, sat out in the garden.

Regardless if you’re a drinker or not, Eisberg is great to have hidden away in the cupboard! How impressed would your tea total dinner guests be, if you poured them a glass or two of Eisberg? Maybe your best mate suddenly gets a bun in the oven, she’ll be pleased to celebrate with a glass to toast her news I’m sure!

My overall verdict is, Ok, those that drink for a living may tell it apart, those that actually love wine for its beautiful fruity intricate flavours, will still love a glass of Eisberg, just as I did.

Eisberg is available in four varieties, aromatic Riesling, creamy crisp Chardonnay, juicy succulent Rose and a fruity red Cabernet Sauvignon.

Eisberg can be brought from Morrison’s, with selected wines being sold at Tesco, Co-Op booths and Bargain Booze and is RRP at £3-20-£3.60 a bottle

So, how about you give it ago? If you do or already have? I would love to know if you loved it or loathed it!

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