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Asperger’s and bullying.

22 Mar

Today was a very tough and stressful day for myself and family. My mother in-law lives on the next rd to me. Little man wanted to go and visit Mitchell who is Little mans cousin. Mitchell lives with my mother-in-law ( Little mans Nan and my partners mother ) I will stand at the top of the road and watch him walk down. We have been doing this for a few months as most of the children from his school/class are allowed to play outside but I’m only happy for Little man to do this outside his nans once Mitchell who is almost 12 years old is with him. They live in a corner house and as My little man approached the corner I waved and headed back inside.

I was only home a few seconds when I heard banging on the front door. My little boy was home. He had run back home as fast as his legs could carry him, I was puzzled as to why this maybe as I knew Mitchell  and his dad were at home. He was crying and finding it so hard to speak. By this time im very worried and In a panic. I try not to become to upset. Then he sobbed mum he beat me up outside nanny’s house. WHAT! Now im mad and holding back tears. WHO? HOW? WHY?  I asked all at the same time as I grabbed hold of my coat and made a dashed for the door taking  little man with me.

As he had turned the corner a few boys started calling him names. One of them who we have had problems with before. His also 8 years old, and once tried to nick his bike from outside his nans house. His mother seems to have a lack of control  over him. She also seems to have no concern over his wear bouts. Well the other boy was a little older he had pushed little man and the 8-year-old tear away then punched him. I know they are only kids and I don’t really believe in hitting  your child or any child but I must admit seeing the mark on his face, the tears and fear in his eyes I felt like finding them and getting little man to do the same back. Off course this is not the right way to do things and of course this is not what I did.  I dropped little man at his nanny’s and went to the local park at the end of the road in search for them. Yes I found them (well the younger bully ) I was so angry I was really giving him a good talking to regarding bullying I asked about the older boy but he lied saying he was alone. MY SON DON’T LIE! I told the boy I wanted to see his mother. We walked to his house and she was not home. Instead I was greeted by a young guy in his 20s the claimed to be a cousin. Yes he told him off and No I don’t think it helped.

It makes me mad how someone can make someone else feel so scared.  I was sick to the pit of my stomach, angry and sad. My poor little man. It kills me to see him this way.

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