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26 Mar

After little man getting hit by that bully, I have spent my days worried sick that it will happen again. I can’t watch him everyday, I can’t watch him when his at school. I fell there is little point expressing concern to his school! They never seem to help anyway, If anything they seem to make things so much worse for him. Since I wrote the post Aspergers and Bullying  I have had a lot of messages of kind words from other parents wanting to share there advice and support on the subject. Thank you to all of you for this. It always helps knowing your not alone and others understand what you are going through. I will have to stop worrying myself in to craziness for my sake and little mans. I think I’m driving him a little mad with the 101 questions when I pick him up from school. It’s just hard knowing that your child has had to face the fear of a bully. As a parent I think this one will take a little time to get over if I ever can that  is.

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