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Just Mustard Please

4 Oct

I like things a little different, they suit our family just fine! That’s why this year when Mustard sent the kids a few of their products we discovered just how much we loved them.

Alice has always been sent to school with the “traditional” girly pink lunch box. Whether its covered in flowers or a picture of Barbie its always the same.

Do you know how many children have accidentally took my child’s lunch box home as a mistake or vis-visa? Well not anymore as now she’s got something no one else in her class has. She’s got this…


Yep, Marmite, you either love it or hate it and we love it. The Marmite lunch bag is a groovy black and yellow in colour and acts as a cool bag for your lunch. Alice-Sara told me that it got much attention at school, especially from the teachers.


In terms of size it isn’t overly big but is surprisingly bigger then it looks from the outside. It has a really strong zip fasten is waterproof and looks super funky and retro.

Another product we were sent is one we have recently been running a competition for… Its the 1-Up cupcake moulds.These are really brightly coloured silicone and each resembles the face of the famous mushroom from the fablous Super Mario.

What with national baking week on the way these are perfect.

I’m not much of a baker in our house but the children seem to love it. I recently had fun making cupcakes with the toddler, and my eldest ‘Little man’ aka ‘A boy with Aspergers’ seems to have acquired a certain talent when it comes to baking. He loves the brightly coloured moulds but doesn’t quite understand why they are called cupcake moulds as these are so deep that they are actually more inline with muffin moulds. My non baking self would have to very much agree.

I love how versatile the moulds are. As mentioned they are really deep which also kind of makes them perfect for jelly moulds too. I’ve made jelly in these and the kids have enjoyed eating the jelly right from the mould itself.


If your my age (no jokes please I am only 30) you may find yourself a little over excited at the sight of these Retro style moulds. Super Mario was a massive part of my childhood and the 1-Up cupcake moulds remind me so.

Grab these in time for National Baking Week


And finally the winner of our competition to win a set of 4 One-Up cupcake moulds is Claire Griffiths (congrats and please DM on twitter with your details).

Disclaimer: This is a review post! I wasn’t paid to write this but did receive samples in-order to share my honest thoughts and opinions.

Chocolate Cake = Independence

16 May

Little man came home from school today carrying a smile on his face and this very yummy craftsmanship of his.


Now little man is 11 years old and attends a day special school for children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, it’s this school who have converted my son into a budding master chef who’s destining for the championships of any cook off.

Now it’s not just the cake his brought home. Over the last school year his brought home an array of taste bud tickling delights.

His gone from baking scones to quiche, curry and more. This whole double chocolate cake has to be one of my favourites… Its dangerously yummy and really does taste as good as it looks


Seriously, I’m no cake baker, I will shamefully admit with head hung low, that my baking skills are not great! Little mans are however far greater and I’m bursting with pride as a result!

But this isn’t just about cooking and baking! No, for children like my Little man it’s much more than this! It’s independence something his special school are teaching very early on to enable the children they teach, a good chance of succeeding in the quest to become a fully fringed independent young adult.

As well as cooking up a storm the children also take weekly trips to the supermarket in order to purchase the essential ingredients for their culinary delights.

As a mother of a child with Asperger’s syndrome I believe that learning the skills to become fully independent is just as important as learning the skills of literacy and mathematics. Most will take it for granted that their children will be fine in the big wide world, this is something I never do.

For this I am extremely grateful to my son’s school for teaching him such a needed skill!

I’m also immensely grateful for them teaching him how to bake such a deliciously, chocolatey, yummy scrummy cake…. Amen!!!


Silent Sunday

15 Jan

The night before Christmas

24 Dec



Well, it’s Christmas Eve, the kids are super excited, though little man’s brain seems to have become somewhat over stimulated by the whole thing.

No children are yet in bed and if I hear the word Nerf or Monsters high again, I think I may go for a long, long…. walk to ‘No Man’s Land’.

Harley is now 2 and he understands that bit more, I love that he is excited and keeps saying “HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas” in a little deep tone, it’s just super cute.

I’m still baking Christmas cake and will be for the next two hours (bear in mind this mum is no domestic goddess, so here’s hoping it turns out Ok, well, edible at least)!

Have I even wrapped a single present out of the hundreds of gifts bursting to escape their designated hiding places (the wardrobe, airing cupboard and under the stairs) to name but a few!

Hell, no of course I haven’t!

I think it’s a little crazy, I’m the mother of a child on the autism spectrum, yet organisation and planning is like an unknown second language to me! Seriously, I think I spend so much time making sure all them little things that tip my little guy over the edge, are just right in-order to avoid the mighty meltdown! The end result means that all the bigger stuff is left for me to tackle at some crazy hour! Will I sleep tonight? I can see me and Santa having a glass of something stiff and a mince-pie together tonight, So… that says it all really!

There is one Christmas Tradition I don’t want to miss (but sadly I may have to).

Midnight Mass is an event that I like to see in Christmas with, I’m not overly religious but somehow I find myself sat in the church whenever I am down or I just need some place quite to reflect. I used to live in a beautiful area that had a huge heath with a church sat right in the middle, that’s where I used to go to attend Mass and it was totally magic.

The Children’s father has offered to be with the children so I can go, I just can’t see me having the time nor energy!

Our very purple Christmas tree replacing last years snowy white tree.

Regardless of the big Christmas rush I am really looking forward to watching the children rip open their gift, even if I know Little man will want to know what shop each was brought and the amount they cost (and there just the ones he didn’t google and point me too). Yes… I’ve kept all the receipts, not only in case of problems such as, toy failures or the need for returns, it’s also to give to the Little man to save me reeling of all the prices and shops from memory (Oh the joys of parenting a child with Aspergers)

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope you all have a truly amazing day.

Love all at A boy with Asperger’s

Mummy burnt the cakes again!

2 Nov

Guess what me and the kiddies have been up too?

This non domestic goddess has been in the kitchen again and guess what? I didn’t burn it down 🙂 I long to be able to bake amazing home-made puddings, ones that don’t come already part prepared… You know boxed sponge mix, the type you just add an egg to! Not very exciting I know. I want to be able to get mega creative and make my children beautifully iced birthday cakes instead of paying a small fortune for them! I’ve discovered that actually what I want to do most is unleash my creativeness and decorate cakes perhaps that bit more than I actually want to prepare and bake them. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m always that bit to keen to get to the whole decorating part of things done, resulting in me wrecking the cake.

As mentioned in a post at the beginning of October, Little man has been doing cookery in school every Tuesday and honestly, his baking skills are way better than mine, his made some great progress within certain areas of his education since attending his independent special school, It’s lovely to see, though I am a bit jealous at the sons sudden skills in the kitchen, something he undoubtedly acquires from his father and the Italian within him. It’s not that I can’t cook, I really can, I’m just no dab-hand when it comes to knocking together a cake, tart or anything sweet for that matter! Would you be shocked if I told you that I even had issues getting a pack of ‘Postmen pat’ cakes to rise, which of course I blamed that “Useless oven of mine” 

So when the lovely lot at Renshaw said they would send me and the kids some products, we couldn’t wait.

WOW, I was mega impressed with the items we were sent

 1 x Cool coloured sugardough

2x Funky flavoured sugardough

1x Topical magic melting icing 

1x Raspberry magic melting icing

3x icing spreading knife things (yes baking virgin hasn’t got a clue what these gadgets are called)

 This sugardough was the business, I’m telling you now, if you have children who are sensory seekers this is the perfect thing for them.

I’ve mentioned the benefits of clay and play-dough for children with autism and sensory processing disorder more than onces on this blog! Now you can go ahead and add sugardough to the list it’s fantastic! 

 Extremely tactile, mould it, play with it, eat it! 

This stuff can be rolled flat to ice a cake, used to create birthday or even cupcake decorations, the possibilities are endless…

Sugardough comes in some really funky bright colours, providing loads of visual stimulation, the sensory seeker wont want to put it down and maybe disappointed if you actually ate it! 

That’s not all, its yummy too, the funky flavoured dough comes in a range of colours and is the perfect icing for those who have difficulty using piping bags and all that other stuff! Yes, anyone remember my attempt at icing cupcakes? The bag exploded and I ended up with a bright yellow face (so, wasn’t my best look)

Little man is tactile defensive, but loved the texture of the Sugardough! All three children, including my 23 month old toddler had hours of fun making Halloween cake topper’s (well, the toddler just bashed at it for a bit before demolishing it) I was busy making chocolate sponge cake and all seemed to be going pretty good, well… it was! You see I got a tad distracted, I confess, I got a tad carried away helping create some savaged fingers to add to the spooky chocolate cake, only there was no chocolate cake because I burnt it! I actually cremated the hell out of it! However, please take note… I didn’t start a fire which is a slight improvement from the last time I made cakes, which I would rather actually not go into thanks 🙂

 So, here is our spooky toppers, minus the cakes for them to top

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Magic melting icing

Lucky for the whole family daddy made cakes with the melting icing. It was magical but everything is when he gets in the kitchen and don’t he know it. The icing has to be heated slightly in the microwave (be careful not to over heat it or worse if your anything like me, be careful not to set fire to it). It can then be spread over cupcakes, cookies and anything else you fancy… Roast Chicken, bacon sandwiches (I’m kidding)! But if your good with a piping bag you can use it to create some pretty decorations like hearts or stars. 

Well, these were so lovely there was no time for taking pictures, if the truth be told, my diet went out the window again (get some willpower woman)! Yes, I ate them, well with the help of the kids of course. 

Ranshaw baking products can be brought from all major supermarkets. I actually brought some more of this stuff today which was on a 3 for 2 deal over at Tescos!

I highly recommend both products, however the Sugardough is fab, and I highly recommend for children with or without autism. It provides hours of fun, encourages creativity, gets your children in the kitchen helping mum and has a ton of sensory benefits. 

You can check out the “Renshaw My Bakes” website, where you will find the products above mentioned and a host more. Plus there are some amazing recipes to provide lots of inspiration as well as tips and advice which I know I need!

So… Fancy joining me? Then just Click HERE.

Get your monsters looking spooky fabulous this Halloween

25 Oct

 So, this year it’s going to be a spook-taculer Halloween in our household.

 Its all kicking off this Friday when the children will be going to a Halloween come Birthday party. Of course it’s gonna be fancy dress and the children are well and truly kitted out. 

 The lovely guys over at ‘Fancy Dress Outfitters ’ have sent my little monsters some awesome costumes to get dressed up in.

 We have Alice in her long and puffy black and deep purple dress accessorised with funky headgear. Alice-Sara is normally known as my little princess but for Halloween only, I will refer to her as my Little vampiress.

 Then there is Harley who quite honestly looks more adorable than frightening in his black hooded spider top that has an all most 3D effect to it.

 While Little man is doing his thing in a less than scary number. Yep, Little man don’t do scary so he is a Ninja and is calling himself the “Ginger Ninja”.

It’s hard to find an outfit when it comes to little man, what with his sensitivity to certain materials we have to aim to get it just right. Unfortunately when choosing to get his outfit online we don’t have that benefit of seeing the chosen product, so it’s therefore a case of wait and see! For many families with children on the spectrum online shopping is the only way to do it! The prospect of shopping with the child on the spectrum can sometimes be too much to bear what with the chances of a meltdown, which are sadly quite common, especially when it comes to shopping! Fortunately for us the Ninja costume was perfect in terms of the way it felt for him, in a tactile sense. Its not the type of material I would normally get him, however the fact it had little seams and it clang to his skin almost like a wet-suit actually suited him to a tee! The Ninja all-in-one cuts of above the ankle which was even better as he would have only rolled up the legs otherwise! The fact that the delivery of all the items we chose were here pretty much within a 24hr period meant that given the outfit wasn’t suitable, we could have return it and grabbed and tried something else in its place. 

 Normally we can’t really find a Halloween costume that ticks all the boxes for Little man and most years he ends up taking pieces of bit by bit. The mask that came with his outfit is just like a bandanna and his find with that. If he had a rubber, plastic or even woolly mask, things would have been different, there is absolutely no way he would have even contemplated wearing such a thing. 

 Alice’s outfit gives off that old-time Victorian look. She wanted a Cat at first then a devil but finally went for this one. I love the detailing around the seams and on the lower skirt, glittery bats give it that dead spooky edge.

 The tiniest toot out the bunch, ‘Harley’ loved his spider dress-up so much he wouldn’t take the thing off. I will admit that when I first chose it, I assumed it was an all-in-one rather than just a top! Well, I can only blame myself, for not reading the description and doing what I tell the children not to do, Just making assumptions based on the images displayed! So, yep that’s pretty much my own fault! Though It doesn’t matter as he still looks very cute and we just put some black bottoms on with it.


 So now my kids are all blinged out, I really can’t wait till the party. Little man doesn’t really get invited to parties and when he got invited to his first one last year we were both made up! This time it’s the party of a family friend, therefore all should be OK and given the fact I’m going to I’m guessing we will have no problems (though I’m pretty sure he will mingle amongst the grownups as
opposed to the children). 

 Other spooky stuff we have plan this weekend is a trip to LEGOLAND Windsor. We were given the tickets by Merlins in the summer but haven’t yet had the chance to go! Merlin’s Magical wand give tickets to families of children with disabilities once a year (you can apply by clicking here) I’m hoping there will be some Halloween activities on for the children. I plan to take my Newish Cannon camera (yes, I’m getting fond of photography lately and it’s my official choice of hobby at the moment). So Look out for a spooky Silent Sunday this week.

As for Monday, will we be trick or treating?

I don’t mind it, as long as we visit only friends, neighbours and family, what’s the harm? There are houses the children visit every year and this makes the process go by quite quickly. However it’s not what it used to be! We’re located in Southeast London and it’s no Emmadale farm here. Little man suffers from anxiety and was extremely frighten one year when some of the older children basically hammered on the door like the SAS were on the other side of it! When we failed to give them the requested £1 each (Yes, £1 x 6 cheeky buggers) they decided to throw eggs at the window (all I could think was thank heavens it wasn’t a brick)! Little guy therefore prefers to be out among the eggers instead of in doors feeling afraid.

We are also, all set to do some Halloween baking so please look out for this post coming up over the weekend. Remember I’ve got a Little Jamie Oliver in the making on my hands. 

So, as an extra Little special treat, in order to spread some Halloween Love the fantastic ‘Fancy Dress Outfitters’ have agreed to a competition of one of their awesome costumes (another fab competition to add to the list) I was able to go on and chose something and my god it was hard as they have so many awesome costumes. 

I decided to pick two, One boys and One girls costume, however the winner must choose out of the two. I just wanted to make sure I had covered both angles here, as knowing my like if I had chosen a boys costume some mother of all girls would have won! 

The costumes you get to choose from are as followed. 

Bat man for the Boys in sizes 4-6 up to 10-12 or…

 This adorable Minnie mouse costume in sizes 3-4 up to 7-8 for all the little ladies

How to win

 There are a number of ways you can win, however you must do the compulsory actions before engaging in any additional entries. 


Like the Fancy dress outfitters on facebook and tell them “A boy with Aspergers sent you” stating what costume you want to win! “Batman” “Minnie” then comment to let me know you have done it.

 Additional entries 

Submit this blog on Digg or Stumble it, then comment to let me know you have done so!

 Follow me on twitter, comment telling me you have done so

 Follow the fancy dress outfitters on twitter then comment to let me know you have done so.

 Subscribe to my blog via email then comment to let me know you have done so

 Share on facebook via the share button in this post (tagging A boy with Asperger’s facebook page). Comment to let me know you have done it.

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Competition open to UK residents only and will close on the 15th November 2011. Winner will be drawn at random and then notified asap. Winner has 48hrs to respond otherwise the winner maybe redrawn. 

Little man quite possibly the next Jamie Oliver?

19 Oct

What an interesting year this is turning out to be! Not only am I now an award winner for doing something I adore, I also have a son attending a school that he doesn’t shudder at the thought of going each morning but one that has also converted him into something of a little ‘Jamie Oliver’.

Little man is really getting to grips and enjoying the cooking lessons his being given in food tech.

So far, the Little Man has brought home, yummy cookies, fairy cakes, pizza and last week it was Rock cakes.

I now sit eagerly awaiting my son’s return from school in the hope he brings with him some yummy threats… “So not good for the waistline let me tell yer!”

The Rock cakes he made, free from all traces of dried fruit (his not a lover of the raisin you know) were amazingly good and seriously lead me to suspect that his taking after his father when it comes to being in the kitchen.

I love that his expressing his interest in a more positive light while expanding on the things his good at why discovering new interests and abilities along the way. This is something we all deserve to experience through both our child and adulthood.

I always knew Little man was keen to get his little size threes in the kitchen door, lets not forget I found him trying to cook bacon in the early hours of the morning as a four-year old tot! I even found him last week heating the oven in preparation for his tea (anyone would thing I didn’t feed him).

I like to encourage all my children to pursue their interest! So… when the little guy offered to make us a pizza I thought,

“Why not, what’s the worse that can happen?”

Spending a fortune at our local supermarket that’s what can & certainly did happened!

I swear it was triple the price of your standard boxed pizza!


This would be his taste for the finer things in life!

Chinese chicken, (two types, not one) organic tomatoes, Italian Milano salami and a generous amount of parmesan cheese was what he requested for his masterpiece in waiting.

Once home with a bag of ingredients and a somewhat lighter purse, there was no stopping him getting started. The results, Yes… They were pleasant but the mess, well I guess you can’t be good at everything, especially tidying up after yourself.

Cooking isn’t the only skill the little man has acquired, his learnt other valuable lessons since attending his new school, some extremely important ones too!

In the past, little man would hit out in school and do so on a regular basis. He didn’t think about the other children stood in his way when he trashed a classroom in an angry rage. He often reacted to any upset by either absconding or hitting out at everyone, no matter how big or small the opponent. Little Man would often find himself excluded from school and any associated activities, he was a child with little if not any confidence.

Now, there have been one or two incidents in the school that Once upon a time, would have caused Little man to display the same challenges as those mentioned above. For instance, one child was angry and trashed the class, accidentally destroying little mans work in the process. Little man was terribly upset by the incident, but with lots of support and encouragement he reframed from engaging in a way that would have only see him land himself in trouble.

Little Man often finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was the case on Monday when his limits were truly put to the test when he was hit on the nose resulting in some bleeding. No, I don’t blame the child he was merely doing what my own child has done all to many times when upset, angry or stressed. Little man set chase and was ready to do something about it but again he was discouraged and instead allowed to come to the office and give me a call to talk through how he was feeling.

You see, I don’t want him to be a target for bullies, yet, I don’t believe these kids are! These are children like little man who have difficulty with self regulating their emotions in a controlled and socially excepted manner. I think to some extent Little man understood this too. As when we talked about the incident this evening, he explained how he wasn’t in an argument with the child he was just too close when the child got angry. What was actually quite surprising, was how he seemed to understand the situation so well! Later on that evening (much later) I was sat on my bed at gone 3 am when it finally hit me, “Why wouldn’t he understand? After all, he of all people can relate to that feeling of un-containable explosiveness that I’m sure his class peer had felt at that very moment Little man got hurt.

On the upside, I am overwhelmed by the changes being made and just how quickly such changes have progressed. I was speechless when the teacher phone me and told me what happen. As soon as I heard the words, “We thought you should know” & “Your child was involved in an incident” I felt that all to familiar churning in the pit of my stomach, the type I felt so many times before but thankfully haven’t for sometime!

I instantly thought that my child had hurt someone, and although I waited for them words expecting them to come, they never did!

Of course I did feel a certain amount of upset, purely for the fact my child had been hurt but almost instantly I felt at ease as I was reassured he was fine by both himself and the teacher who called me.

Now, yes… of course I was a proud mother when discovering my child was now learning methods to control his anger and when putting such methods into practice, he was succeeding. Little Man, was also a very happy Little man on discovery my plans to get him his much sought after Lego that he has overly requested I get him since he spotted it at our local supermarket a month or so ago.

Sat at home I felt somewhat troubled like something nasty was waiting to come along and wreak it all. It’s hard not to think in this way when it’s all you know and everything your used to! especially.

I need to discover a way to get that same reaction at home. His sister only has to look at him the wrong way and his throwing punches in hers or even my direction. This isn’t delightful for my daughter of course, and every-time he hurts her in some form her reaction is more intense then the last. I’m left feeling like I’ve failed them both, especially when my daughter loses her temper to such an extent she shouts things she is later left to sit and regret, beating herself up about it. I also release that something needs to be done more now, than ever before. Little man has said “I want to control my anger” through a stream of tears after many blow ups at home. I try to be consistent in dishing out a punishment (maybe a cut in pocket-money, or the removal of his computer) it just doesn’t work

Well, if any of you lot have some advice, I’m pretty open to suggestions, so please go ahead and leave a comment.

Still, regardless of anything else I’ve decided that this post should and will end on the high, it started on!

Other things that happened last week!

Here’s a positive, Last Tuesday I was again featured in the local paper (The South London Press) regarding the award I won (Mad blog awards most inspiring) I was also in the Newshopper on the Thursday of last week. Both articles were pretty good and apart from my horrid picture in the South London press I felt honoured to have gained the interest of both papers who also wrote about me a good few months before in relation to being a finalist.

Another bonus that added to last weeks positives, was the arrival of an email that brought with it great news on a project I’m hoping to pull together with the help of some great parents and their children. Although I’m more than a little excited about the whole thing, its best I don’t officially announce this exciting venture till a little more organisation and planing has commenced.

Here’s what I will state (well, more like request)

I’m looking for parents that have children on the autism spectrum either boys or girls between the ages of 2-17 who live in or around London who will be able to commit to a number of trips over to the South London area.

We are in the planing stages, but the whole thing is on track and set to be a hit.

Note: the project is likely to generate a little press interest so you must be happy with this aspect of the programme.

Lastly we are also happy for the child’s siblings to be put forward and therefore possibly become involved in the project.

Please if you have a daughter on the spectrum then please don’t hesitate to contact us so that you can be sent some further info (It’s all boys who have been put forward at present).

Full press release will be available on the blog for download in next few days.

So, there you have it! Everything is steadily coming together in our little house of madness. We hope your having an awesome week two.

Domestic Goddess

29 Sep

Well, people don’t let the title fool you. Sadly this mum isn’t a domestic goddess, especially when it comes to baking! Actually, to put it mildly

“I’m Crap”

No sugar-coating can be found here (Sorry)! 

 Have I ever baked a cake? Of course! Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean to say it was edible!

 Seriously, I follow the step by step instructions, have all the right ingredients, I’m convinced all is going according to plan, that is in till I get the thing out the oven and it looks like road kill and taste like something the dog brought in from the back garden! 

 Yes, this is highly disappointing, you see I like to think I’m quite a creative person (just not in the baking department, obviously)! Lately I’ve had a bit of a thing for cupcakes, not just an interest in eating them, but lots of admiration for whoever the clever so and so was who decorated them. This would be everything from the light unburned sponge to the fantastically iced rose that sits perfectly on top.

 So with my love of cupcakes, yet lack of baking skills some may wonder why I’m reviewing a lemon cupcake mix curtsey of the, ‘Real cup cake company’ 

 Listen, it’s these guys doing the hard stuff!

Yep, they make the batter and beautiful lemon icing and then send it out to me! Though this isn’t your shop brought powdered rubbish, oh no! This is freshly made batter requiring immediate refrigeration on delivery. 

As I’m not the best baker, I considered it wise to take my kit around to my mothers where I roped my younger sister into helping me (you’re honestly going to die laughing when I tell you the few simple steps required in creating this cupcakes). 


Bag of batter mix 

Piping bag full of real lemon of icing 

spare piping bag

2x nozzles for your piping bags

12 cupcake cases

small bag of sweets for decorating

small instruction booklet

Step by step of we did!

 I preheated the oven to 180

 Spooned the batter into a large mixing bowl and added to medium to large eggs.

 I whisked in-till smooth. I used an electric whisk which took around 3 minutes 5-6 if doing it manually.  

Place the 12 cup cake cases on a baking tray then spoon in the mixture equally. This was my sisters job (evil laugh)!

Next we placed them in the middle of the pre heated oven and cooked for 15 minutes, making sure not to open the oven in the first 10 minutes, as instructed. 

 Once ready we left them to cool for around 20 minutes.

Once cooled we started the fun stuff, Icing :p

We sniped the piping bag and added the nozzle we required. Following the instructions we iced the cupcakes (we also iced the contents of my mother’s kitchen when the icing bag split and without realising I continued to ice).

We all had a turn, all being, myself, sister and her boyfriend. 

 Some done better than other!

We left the icing to set a little, then my daughter Alice-Sara had the fun job of decorating the cupcakes. We had the sweets provided with the kit, plus some other cake decorating bits that we found in the cupboard.

Don’t these look pretty

Good Job Alice-Sara

The Taste Test!

Yummy! We all liked them, even the toddlers Harley and Amy. My daughter however found the lemon a tad over powering as did little man.

All ingredients are natural, no artificial colours, favours or preservatives are used. The cup cakes are also dairy free.

The lemon kit is priced at £9.99 (great value) other kits can be brought such as strawberry, orange and even Champaign. 

To get yours visit the real cupcake company online at


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