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Review of the New Baby Annabell

29 Oct

We’ve had an awesome time putting together our first Christmas wish list as part of the Santa’s Little helpers feature. We have been extremely fortunate at how well its taken off, giving us great opportunities to work with some fantastic brands & retailers. 

Now, I’m dead chuffed to announce, that Argos has become one of them fantastic retailers!

 I was flattered when Argos complemented my blog and wanted to work with me. This is a retailer I have always used and remember my own mother doing so when I was a child. 

 It’s really fabulous working with such a big brand, who started by introducing me to their “Fab fifteen” (top 15 toys this christmas) which you have to admit, is a pretty amazing list.

The Argos Fab Fifteen Toys for Christmas 2011 

Pre-school toys

Dance Star Mickey (age 2 +) £69.99

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet (age 4 +) £79.99

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo (18 months +) £69.99

Octonauts Octopod Playset (age 3 +) £34.99

VTech Kiddizoom Twist Camera – available in pink and blue (age 3 +) £49.99

Boy’s toys

Nerf Vortex Proton (age 8 +) £14.99

Dr Who Dalek Ride-In (age 3 +) £199.99 (currently limited stock, full stock available from 10 October)

Bop It! XT (age 8 +) £26.99

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile (age 4 +) £30.99

LEGO Star Wars Sith Nightspeeder (age 7 +) £25.99

Girl’s toys

Fijit (age 6 +) £54.99

Moshi Monsters Mosh’n’Chat (age 6 +) £24.99

Barbie Puppy Water Park (age 4 +) £29.99

Chad Valley Designa Friend (age 3 +) £19.99

Baby Annabell (age 3 +) £44.99

 Next, the children got to test some of their toys.

One being the brand new ‘Baby Annabell’ much to my daughters delight. ‘Baby Annabell’ is featured in the ‘fab fifteen’ as one of the top 5 girls toys this Christmas. 

 Baby Annabell is made by ‘Zapf Creations’ and is a delightful interactive baby doll that comes complete with bottle and fluffy plush sheep. 

 This doll has so much more going for her than just looking cute. Her interactive features set her apart from your standard baby doll! Talk to baby Annabell and hear her realistic babble, make her happy and listen to her laugh and giggle. Give baby Annabell her bottle and hear her realistically sucking as she drinks. Once she’s had enough remove her bottle to hear her burp just like a real baby. When its time for Baby Annabell’s nap, gentle rock her back and forth giving her bottom a little tap, this will see her drift of to sleep! If your quite you’ll even hear her breathing.

Baby Annabell will wake in her own time, clam her down by gently talking to her as you cuddle.

If all of the above isn’t exciting enough, Baby Annabell also has realistic movements in both her head and arms. 

Alice’s thoughts

  Alice loves baby dolls and over the years she has collected many dolls. I explained to Alice how lucky she was to be sent a baby Annabell and when I gave her the new doll she agreed to give some of her others to St Christopher’s hospice, which made me very proud as my daughter hates to part with anything! This isn’t her being selfish, she couldn’t if she tried, she just finds it hard to part with things, even those that have only ever been played with a small handful of times. 

Nonetheless, Alice has now filled a black sack full of baby dolls and the odd soft toy, and in exchange, is now happily enjoying her new Baby Annabell. 

 I’m sure I don’t need to explain further in regards to how much she loved it! I think the images included in this post pretty much do the talking for me, wouldn’t you agree?

5 stars *****

 Parental perspective

 From a parents perspective, ‘Annabell’ may seem a tad over priced at £44.99, but I can honestly say I’ve paid double the amount for a doll that isn’t half as nice or has a lot fewer features. 

Even if you don’t agree that’s fine as Argos currently have the New Baby Annabell on sale for £22.49 for a limited time only

 I want my little girl to stay a little girl for as long a possible, that’s why I love seeing her play and interact with her baby dolls. 

 Baby Annabell is a very well made doll, from her outfit all the way down to her plush sheep. She’s interactive and moves her head and arms. She has a lot to offer any little girl who likes playing with a baby doll.

 It’s a 4 **** from me, for the simple fact she’s well played with bring a huge smile to my daughters face, which is priceless. 

 Baby Annabell

£44.99 (Currently on SALE for £22.49)  from all Argos stores nationwide, as well as online. 

 Click HERE for more details 

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