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School get it wrong again.

28 Mar


Do you remember a few weeks back I wrote a post under the name  SCHOOL  FAIL OUR CHILDREN OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It was a rant at my son’s school where my nephew Alfie who is Autistic also attends. He is six years old and was exclude from school for the second time this year. Why? Nothing other then a cop out. The school are unable to handle his autistic ways. Well here’s the latest! Alfie has yet again been excluded from school for the third time. How disgusting I find this. He has been excluded for yet again silliness that really could be dealt with in better ways. Not only for Alfie but for the school. Is this it? Is there not a better way to deal with this? It seems not. The best way forward for this school is not to look at the problem and find a way to better deal with it. It is easier for them to brush the on going problem under the carpet and hope it will go away. This makes me fell not only angry but I fell a great deal of sadness that this school, the one I chose for my children to attend can act in such a low and selfish manner. I’m ashamed to say my children attend this school and yet again it has made me look at my given options all over again. Come on! Why is this happening? Yes his not the easiest of children to deal with but his not the hardest by far. STOP EXCLUDING AUTISTIC CHILDREN AND LEARN HOW TO BETTER EDUCATE THEM.


3 Mar

Oh my what a week’ and it’s only Tuesday. Yes you heard me right! Tuesday! I am indeed posting my Monday finds post a day to late. Please forgive me people for this time I did not forget ( which im pleased to say ) it was more to do with the fact that not only did there not seem to be anoth hours in the day yesterday, it was also that when I returned home yesterday I sat on my bed and that was in deed the very last thing I remember. Sadly it was not the case for big G! little G was sick and kept him up alnight.

Ok so as I have always said better late then never. So here are this weeks Monday find.

Autism London

Providing support for those affected by autism and Aspergers syndrome. They offer a great service with a forum and lots of advice. Check out there site where you will be able to check out some of there activities and events that they hold. You can also check out there fundraising and volunteer page. All this and much more at

http://www.autismlondon.org.uk  Helpline 0845 603 7954

Aspergers support

Aspie community which you can join for free and if you wish you can remain anonymous. Benefits to join are groups, stories, confessions, answers and much, much more.



A great find that offers free books, test, games for children on the spectrum, videos and much more.


The national autistic society

Have a look at some of the society’s special events in aid of Nas fundraising events. Your chance to really do your bit and get involved.


The sound of learning

Open house 18th March 2009. Practical solutions to learning difficulties

Sense ability 5th March 2009.

Sensory difficuities associated with autistic spectrum disorder. Dates to be announced.

The sound Learning centre Asperger’s syndrome event. For information on these and upcoming events please visit

http://thesoundlearningcentre.co.uk  Phone +44 (0)208-882-1060

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