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2 Apr


It’s time to pull out all the stops and raise awareness for autism. Yes today is world autism day and this is the day to make sure you get your voice heard, however you choose to do it, do it well!

My son isn’t the only child in his school that has ASD, yet I have found that the school have chosen not to be involved in anyway. GOD HOW SAD. Here in the UK school’s seem to do little in the way of raising awareness for this cause so close to my heart. We have jeans 4 jeans day ( the kids each pay £I to dress up head to toe in jean) We also raise money for comic relief so why not world Autism day ? With numbers like I IN EVERY 150 CHILDREN BEING DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM you would think something would be happening today of all bloody days. So I’m taking it apron ones self to be heard. I’m emailing my son’s school right after I have posted this post. I will ask that the kids have the choice to pay £1 and in return they are able to wear fancy dress. All the money that they raise can then be given to a UK autism charity. Even through this wont happen in til the return of the Easter break, at least it would of happened:)



18 Mar

OK so your through the whole diagnosis part what next ?

If like myself you had to fight for your diagnosis you may fell pretty lost. Don’t give up!  Most of the services for ASD can only be used by those with a full diagnosis, which can take sometime! Once you have this you may fell that at long last others have been able to see what you see. There’s a reason behind the way your child acts and now he can begin to receive the help within the areas he has problems in. It’s so not that easy! I fell that I’m always frighting for my child’s right, I think that maybe this will be something I will always have to do. His school is a never ending battle, coming up against the education system is a battle I’m guessing may be one of the hardest you will ever face. Reason’s being are that everyone within this system seems to stick together, looking after each other. Maybe their are a few decent members behide the education system that do that little bit more then there “JOB” and really do the best thing possible for the child in question. I’m yet to see this.

I think the best support I have ever found for me and little man is right here on the net! There are some wonderful support groups on the Internet today. As well as support groups you will find some fantastic blogs related to autism spectrum disorders. I know that I have gained a great deal of information from other parents of children on the spectrum. It’s truly wonderful how these parents of children with ASD have come together in the fright for autism. I really didn’t know many people that were in my situation apart from a few so talking to others about G was hard. Friends tried there best to understand but it’s hard for them so it’s pointless really. But online I have made many friends that are parents of children with ASD, we have shared some fantastic conversations and had fun offering one another tips on different aspects of the condition. Twitter is one of the best ways to connect and share. I love it:)

All I’m saying is don’t think it’s all Rosie from here. Support don’t fall in your lap! You have to look for it and then ask for it! IF YOU ARE REFUSED IT!! FIGHT FOR IT!!!

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