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Less tired and ready to go.

2 Jun

So here I am again, hoping that now I can carry on and enjoy my blog. 

God I just haven’t been able to put as much work into it as before. I’m hoping that now my energy levels are a little better things will improve. I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and felling a little more me ( LESS TIRED ) I really don’t remember felling soooo run down when pregnant with little man or Alice. Then again I guess stuff was easier back now, For a start I had no children or just the one young child to contend with. The children haven’t been bad ( Only sometimes ) it’s just hard sometimes. We are still trying to deal with a lot of little mans issue’s like school and some of his sensory problems, Which I must add seem to be improving. As you may of read on my last post little man has just got over the chicken pox and returned to school on Monday after the half term. We were really lucky, so much so that he only got eight spots 🙂 He was finding the whole thing pretty horrid and I think any more spots really would of caused him a great upset. When your child is on the spectrum and has sensory problems, chicken pox can be a grate challenge. However there is some great news! Alice never got the pox 🙂 Maybe like her big brother she has already had them but only suffered a minor outbreak leading to her only getting a few spots, or maybe she was lucky. Who knows? 

The house still needs a lot off work doing to it before the baby comes and that really helps to stress me out. The housing fixed the ceilings but it’s still a war zone. Not good for a pregnant mum and two children one in which has Aspergers. Even though I went to the local paper I was still very tired as was in the very early stages of pregnancy. Now I’m felling much better the housing wont be left alone! I need repairs done and I need them done already so beware housing!

Alice went on a school trip today and little man will be having his tomorrow. I’m hoping all goes well and nothing upsets him along the way. When picking him up from school today I heard he wasn’t on his best behaviour. He had been rude to teaching stuff and walked out the class. I felt sorry for him in a way as he had a teacher he didn’t know, She wanted him to do RE but little man wanted to learn handwriting. This is what upset him. To make stuff even worse he came home in a stinking mood 😦 and is still pretty much the same way a few hours on. It’s very warm and the heat never seems to help. Lets hope after the weather cools down tomorrow so does little man.

School get it wrong again.

28 Mar


Do you remember a few weeks back I wrote a post under the name  SCHOOL  FAIL OUR CHILDREN OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It was a rant at my son’s school where my nephew Alfie who is Autistic also attends. He is six years old and was exclude from school for the second time this year. Why? Nothing other then a cop out. The school are unable to handle his autistic ways. Well here’s the latest! Alfie has yet again been excluded from school for the third time. How disgusting I find this. He has been excluded for yet again silliness that really could be dealt with in better ways. Not only for Alfie but for the school. Is this it? Is there not a better way to deal with this? It seems not. The best way forward for this school is not to look at the problem and find a way to better deal with it. It is easier for them to brush the on going problem under the carpet and hope it will go away. This makes me fell not only angry but I fell a great deal of sadness that this school, the one I chose for my children to attend can act in such a low and selfish manner. I’m ashamed to say my children attend this school and yet again it has made me look at my given options all over again. Come on! Why is this happening? Yes his not the easiest of children to deal with but his not the hardest by far. STOP EXCLUDING AUTISTIC CHILDREN AND LEARN HOW TO BETTER EDUCATE THEM.

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