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8 Mar

So why have I called this post the Blue Lagoon?

In my latest post I told you about my shopping trip (lets not go there again) It was at this shopping trip that my son used part of his pocket money to get some bubble bath. Later that evening when at home little man decided it was time to put his new bubble bath to the test. So of he went to run a bath. So here I am sat on the sofa getting my head together, after the shopping trip I’m felling a little flat out! 

“MUM MUM MUM”  His not just shouting this, his screaming this’ and his got his little sisters help! Now im up of my chair and dashing up the steps three steps a time.

“What, What’s the matter?”

“Mum the bath look it’s blue!” Yes that’s right I have flown up the stairs at the speed of lightning because the bath is BLUE!

“It’s blue because of the bubble bath mate ” Alice gets me and is wanting to use some magic bubble bath herself. Little man his not getting it! His really not!

“I know mum. I put the bubble bath in and it’s bad and has something in it that may hurt our skin.”

Alice is trying to explain the magic in the bubbles but he don’t want to know. “Look! It says right her on the bottle that it’s magic and the bubbles turn colour once added to water. So stop being silly and jump in before it’s cold”

” No way mum. The shops are telling lies as there is no such thing as magic and no where on that bottle it says the water will turn blue. I like the bubbles we get from the other shop! I’m never going to get a different one again as something like this may happen. There’s no way I’m getting in there!” There is no way of trying to get him to see what I’m saying. His not silly but he just gets stuck in his way! Sorry to say this guys but his like most men can’t be wrong lol. Anyhow I pulled Alice to one side and told her she could have the magic bubbles but only when G is not around to panic. Her little face broke out into a smile and heading back downstairs I could hear little man telling Alice how he must write a letter to the Saver centre. His blue bubble could of hurt someone. He also said he would ask them why they wrote lies on the label? Magic is not true! 

It’s a good few days later and yes his still telling everyone we meet how he got the blue bubbles and they lied because magic is not real and everybody know’s that. When we visited my mum yesterday he began the story. I just told her to go with it and lucky for G she does. This is likely to stick with him for a good few weeks to come. 

So there you have it! That’s the reason I named this post The Blue Lagoon!

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