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A new year a new decade

2 Jan

I remember writing my first post for this blog. Wow so much has changed  since then and  I must say  mostly for the better. Little man is growing to be a very smart and level-headed young man who really knows what he wants. I’m so very proud at the progress my son has and still is making. It really proves that life with Aspergers doesn’t have to be a bad thing! I have always stated that I would never change my son, Yes many things would be easier if Aspergers wasn’t in the frame but it is and always will be so it’s best to embrace it rather than hide it or try to run from it. I love my son and he amazes me  his intelligence is a great gift, His diffuseness is also in more ways than not a great thing. I feel that with each day that passes I learn a little more and understand a bit more about the way his mind works. Don’t get me wrong life is far from easy, Little man still has problems at school just different ones from before. At the start of last year it was hard to even get him to go to school and when he did he was nearly always late:( This was becoming a huge problem as it was also affecting his sisters schooling and I even had to attend court ( I’m still dealing with this today ) Now his going better his having more problems once there. It seems He is missing a lot of playtimes as he is not following instructions from playground stuff and at times can be rude when his angry about something. I even got a letter informing me he had kicked a door of its hings. We also still have the huge problem with him not eating his packed lunch no matter what I give him. With all this stuff and more the craziness is little man seems much better at home. His sleeping has improved with the help of his melatonin and with this his more relaxed. However his swearing is on the rise and I’m really not happy about that.

Little mans relationship with his sister is pretty much the same as before sadly his still having problems with hitting and I feel very sorry for her. He tries playing with her but his still very bossy and completely takes over the game. It’s all on his terms she becomes upset and this is when the fighting begins. His relationship with his new baby brother is somewhat different. Yes his a newborn so he can’t play with him but little man has shown him a very loving side in which he rarely  shares. He is very good with his brother and enjoys helping. He is showing so much love for him and expressing feelings that he sometimes finds hard to express. He said when holding Harley ( His brother ) That this was the best day of his life:) I had just given birth and hearing this I had tears in my eyes. It was magic.

Giovanni has also managed to form a strong friendship with another child that lives a few doors up. He shares many of little mans special interests like trains and buses.They also attend the same school so walk together in the morning. It’s just on the next street from our home so were fine with this. Little man seems much more happier to get up dressed and ready for school now 🙂

2009 has had both it’s ups and downs. I’m Looking forward to seeing what both 2010 and the next decade will bring . With a new member of the family and little mans greater understanding of the world i’m sure it’s gonna be a good one.

Back to school battles

17 Apr

So it’s Friday, just a few days left then back to school 🙂 

This has been close to the longest two weeks in my life! No I’m execrating it’s not been that bad. The second week was a walk in the park compared to the first. Yes there was my shopping trip from hell 😦 It’s not like I don’t enjoy spending time with my two little monsters, I will just be thankful for the break, wont we all ?

Then again I have the school always on my back. I’m hoping after the meeting with the SENCO concerning little man and his condition things may be better. Then again Pigs might fly. Hay please don’t get me wrong but when it comes down to little man and school sod all goes right. However the school have agreed on little man bringing in his own reading books. He hates the school books, they seem to hold the interest for him whats so ever. With little man having ASD his interest are much more limited! In my eyes as long as his reading that’s all that counts, If that means reading something he enjoys then so be it. I’m pleased the school agree and its one less school problem we have to deal with out the hundreds we face each and everyday.

Another is lunch time. One of the newest problems added to the list. We recently discovered why little man wasn’t bringing home his lunch box. He was worried I would discover he was eating nothing or given the whole thing away to a greedy bully that told him he eats like a pig. I’m really counting on the school changing the way they deal with stuff concerning little man. His my boy that not only needs a full education but a happy one!


26 Mar

After little man getting hit by that bully, I have spent my days worried sick that it will happen again. I can’t watch him everyday, I can’t watch him when his at school. I fell there is little point expressing concern to his school! They never seem to help anyway, If anything they seem to make things so much worse for him. Since I wrote the post Aspergers and Bullying  I have had a lot of messages of kind words from other parents wanting to share there advice and support on the subject. Thank you to all of you for this. It always helps knowing your not alone and others understand what you are going through. I will have to stop worrying myself in to craziness for my sake and little mans. I think I’m driving him a little mad with the 101 questions when I pick him up from school. It’s just hard knowing that your child has had to face the fear of a bully. As a parent I think this one will take a little time to get over if I ever can that  is.

My newest Autism related video’s

7 Mar

Time for a change! 

If you check my vodpod widget in my sidebar, you will find that the old five video’s have now been replaced with five new ones. All videos are autism/aspergers related. I change videos every  month or so depending on if they are being viewed a lot and the feedback I receive on them. Last months videos seemed to catch a lot of attention and there was some really great feedback on all five of the selected films that I chose to share:) Here’s hoping that my new selection does just as well. One of the videos is a British campaign video aiming to raise more awareness for children with autism and aspergers. It shows a group of kids at school with there attempt at bullying a boy in the playground. The video is very clever in showing how this situation could turn out if the attempt of bullying is aimed at a none autistic child and one off a autistic child. Very cleverly done you get to see the film in both situations. This is a film that some may find upsetting as bullying in itself can be a horrible thing to see.

I really do hope you enjoy the videos that have been selected and they bring both information and awareness 

Would be fantastic to her others opinions so please keep them coming:)

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