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My newest Autism related video’s

7 Mar

Time for a change! 

If you check my vodpod widget in my sidebar, you will find that the old five video’s have now been replaced with five new ones. All videos are autism/aspergers related. I change videos every  month or so depending on if they are being viewed a lot and the feedback I receive on them. Last months videos seemed to catch a lot of attention and there was some really great feedback on all five of the selected films that I chose to share:) Here’s hoping that my new selection does just as well. One of the videos is a British campaign video aiming to raise more awareness for children with autism and aspergers. It shows a group of kids at school with there attempt at bullying a boy in the playground. The video is very clever in showing how this situation could turn out if the attempt of bullying is aimed at a none autistic child and one off a autistic child. Very cleverly done you get to see the film in both situations. This is a film that some may find upsetting as bullying in itself can be a horrible thing to see.

I really do hope you enjoy the videos that have been selected and they bring both information and awareness 

Would be fantastic to her others opinions so please keep them coming:)

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