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Just an overdue update

12 Jul

Ok I really am sorry for the lack of  post! It’s all been a little crazy at home.

So here is a update on how things have been with Little man and the rest of the family.

Little man is doing pretty well. School has been good and his due to break up soon for the summer holidays (I have no clue as yet on how I plan on entertaining the children for six whole weeks ) There is a meeting planed with the school Senco before he breaks up. The meeting is aimed at discussing which support is planed for little man for when he returns back to school in September. We all know this maybe hard for him as it will bring around a lot of change ( new teachers and timetables ) It seems so unfair as to me little man has only just began to settle.  But hay that’s how it is and we will have to do our best to make it as easy as possible for him.

We are also all preparing for a lot of change as a family, because as most of you already know I am due my 3rd child on the Ist Dec. I’m now almost 20 weeks and finding pregnancy great but hard at times. Thing is I am still almost always tiered as my HB levels (Iron ) are really low 😦 I am taking medication for it now and just waiting on it kicking in. Both the children love that mummy is going to have another baby 🙂 Little man was the first one to fell baby move  with Alice having her turn soon after. ( daddy is still waiting Lol ) It was amazing and little man’s face was a picture. I had just finished telling him that soon he would be able to fell baby move by placing a hand on my tummy. So that’s what he did and to my delight baby happy responded awww. I have my scan tomorrow and hope to find out the baby’s gender 🙂 Fingers crossed. Little man wants a brother and Alice wants a sister lol ( Always the way ) When I first discovered I was going to be  mummy again it did cross my mind maybe the baby may have ASD or Aspergers. I wont lie! yes I was a little worried but life will be what life will be and I will love my baby whatever happens 🙂

Also this month well yesterday in fact, we took little man and his sister to the cinema to watch ice age 3. Things were going OK. Yes I was a touch worried little man would upset everyone but it was all a little different. Yes he left his seat once or twice and said a few things a little on the loud side but on the whole he wasn’t to bad. In fact it was other peoples noise that upset him. God I should of guessed as when we speak when he is watching a film at home he becomes very upset and this is what happened. He was getting stressed as a couple of teenage girls behind us were giggling and at times chatting 😦 DVD is a much better option next time I think.

Well thats about it for now! Hope all you guys are great and will post again soon.

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