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Define Normal

13 May

For us, “Normal” is…

late nights, even sleepless nights.

In depth Conversations on transport, LEGO and wrestling!

Visual learning (our home is full of home made schedules)!

Laughter… Tears

Misconceptions and explanations

Battles… We’ve fought many!

Educating those that are willing to learn…

Tolerating those that are not!

Discovering and learning from one another.


Arguments, shouting and a whole load of swearing…

More tears!

Sensory meltdowns….

Sensory integration!


Not understanding…

Trying to understand!

Difficult days…

Fabulous days…

And dam right tiring days!

Planning and preparation.

Achievements and celebrations!


Lots of surprises!


#HAWMC Day 4 – Why I chose to share my story

4 Apr

Why do I write about my sons Aspergers, and has my reasons changed since I first started writing this blog?

I can’t deny it, they have indeed changed and quite a lot I may add. I’m more passionate about raising awareness now than I was 3 years ago when I first started blogging. There was no specific plan, I didn’t suddenly make the decision to share my story then go looking for somewhere to put it! I guess you could say it was as if myself and WordPress just crossed paths one day and as a result here I am some 3 and 1/2 years on. I quickly discovered that WordPress offered me a platform to off load both my worries as well as achievements, ones that others took for granted, such as managing to get your child dressed and into school that morning or something as simple as your child allowing you to cut his finger nails. Honestly, I never imagined people were reading it or would even want to, right then and there It was purely for my own sanity!

But like most things in life stuff changes and my very first blog comment saw to that! This was received from a mother just like myself, one who understood the daily struggles as well as them times we felt the need to celebrate! I soon began to discover a whole new world, one that consists of those who finally understood my situation. Why? Because they too had a child like mine! Many had already fought a host of battles, others were still fighting for a diagnosis in-order for their child to receive the support they terribly needed.

I have some very loyal readers, ones that have been there since day dot! They have witnessed our journey from the very beginning, they have seen myself evolve from a mother plunging into the depths of depression to the person I stand today.

Those watching from the sidelines saw myself try to climb the mountain, continuously falling at many points on the way. There were so many times I felt like giving up, admitting defeat, then with the encouraging words read within a string of comments I’d pull myself up and start climbing again, till I finally reached the top.

It’s actually strange sitting here thinking off all them huge mountains we’ve needed to climb since, and how like the first I’ve continued to fall only to eventually reach the top. As a parent of a child with Aspergers and Special Educational Needs, I’ve found myself stood facing every typical hurdle from diagnosis, discrimination, statementing and of course the big old battle of getting the right educational setting to meet my child’s complex needs. There are plenty of others nested in between and I’m under no illusion that there are plenty more still to come (after all my son is only 11).

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot not only about my child’s Aspergers and various other needs, the system and the ins and outs of education law, but that of myself and the person I had become, my inner passion to help any parent who felt as I once felt, scared, worried and a lone.

I discovered I’d opened a window to our life and that window was not only providing me with an outlet to off load my inner thoughts but provided others with something they could relate to.

As a result the Facebook page was born, with now 12 committed administrators who help me keep it ticking over its become a supportive and informative online haven for some almost 5,000 members.

If you told me some 4 years ago we would be where we’re at today, I’d never have believe you. An exhausted mother with a son refusing to sleep or even go to school, assessments every other week that were sending Little man into a frenzy of meltdowns I felt powerless to control, a top draw loaded with Prozac… Yet still a good few months from diagnosis, and let’s not forget a school attendance order and a pending court case… Like I said I’d never had believe you!

Embarking on such a journey has helped me to eliminate built up anger or the glowing red cheeks as I cringe with embarrassment as my son throws himself around the supermarket. I now embrace his Aspergers and try to remind myself of this when things go sour (though I’m only human)!

But above all else, it’s helped me unleash a passion I didn’t no I had, to raise awareness for what some refer to as the hidden disability! I’m passionate to help anyone who finds them self stood in a crowded room screaming yet no one looks up, or the parent struggling up that mountain!

It wasn’t just a diagnosis we brought home one day but the willingness to fight all that comes our way, get through it and then help others to do the same.

Now that’s why I continue to share my story and It’s my son existences that lights the way!

This post was written as 4/30 in the #HAWMC want to learn more or discover post from various other health activist? Click Here.


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