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23 Feb

Well if any of you read last weeks finds you will remember that i was late in posting them! Didn’t get them on to the early hours of  Tuesday morning! Reason being i forgot the day:)

That’s the life of a mum. Pretty crazy i know but ha it happens all the time. Well I’m on form this week! I’m cheating a little’ well not really! It’s Saturday night and I’m posting early. I’m gonna write it and save it to my drafts with it set to publish itself on Monday.

So here are this weeks Monday finds enjoy!

PICTURE STEPS…. Teach kids the way they learn best! Through pictures. This site offers tools designed as picture cards that are customizable for each child and they needs. Picture steps helps with daily routines in challenging circumstances. You like the sound of it visit

THE BLUE ROOM…..Great Autism and Aspergers forum. Calling all fathers of autism/aspergers syndrom. The national autistic society have authors seeking contributions from fathers that have children on the spectrum. For research for they up coming books. Want to get involved?

JAMIE’S WATCH….. A site to introduce you to the author of Jamie’s watch. A fantastic story that takes a deeper look at autism and with it brings a deeper understanding! The author is a father of a autistic son named Kevin. The story Jamie’s watch reflects his deep personal conviction that Kevin and others like him will be made whole. So worth a look!

SOFT TOUCH…. This site provides you with software and now hardware for your autistic or special needs child. Note it’s not free! Far from it in fact! The designed software for autistic children has a large price tag. Looks good but only if you can afford it:) Interested?

MOMS BAGGAGE…….The only featured blog on this weeks finds!  Nothing less then a wonderful blog about parenting children on the Autistic spectrum.


What a week!

20 Feb

,Busy, Busy, Busy….. That’s been pretty much the way of it at our house this week!

Kids are on half term and the trip away fell through so it’s been a little crazy. My hubby G decided to redecorate the living room. What a crazy decision given the fact the children are not at school. I’m not the one doing it but it is driving me crazy! The house is full of wet paint so me and the children have spent today in our bedrooms which i must add are also turned upside down. We went to ikea yesterday to order the children new beds! As you all may know already ? Ikea supplies all of it’s products flat packed so you have no problems transporting it. Yer right that’s so not the case with my family lol. G has just got a new van so this is why we decided on getting them instead of ordering online. well, THE BEDS DIDN’T FIT IN THE VAN!!!!! It was closing time and we were in a bit of a panic. Some kind passers by were great offering to help us. Looking at it now I can see the funny side. We had to try and lift some stuff on the roof but then there was the fact we had no rope so idea out the window. In the end G had to ask the guy if he could pay a delivery charge in order for them to deliver. The guy was kind to agree great given the fact that it had been closed the last ten minutes. But then again it was a bit high costing so it was worth them taking the job.

We also ordered our new bed today! This was from a pine store that is local to us. This meant we could have it delivered today! WHAT A BONUS. The kids beds are coming in the morning so there sleeping on the blow up air beds tonight. Good job we have them. I fault it was pretty much a waste of money when hubby brought them home a few weeks back. He got them half price but in my eyes it wasn’t a bargain when we had no use for them! Well i take that back! At the time his response was something of this kind would always come in handy. I must admit i kind of see his point. So our bed has just been assembled and I’m longing to jump on in it but not yet i cant! THE PLACE LOOKS A TIP! I really don’t think one room in the house don’t need sorting. I hate it when everything is everywhere due to it having  been  moved because the decorating. You kinda fell like your house has been taken over by paint pots, dust sheets and everything else that’s DIY related.

Little G seems to be getting bored. Big G his daddy ( they have the same name ) got hI’m a new wooden train track as we know today was going to be a busy day. He played with it but still become bored as he likes to play the game where he walks around with a pencil making train noises He needs the whole house to do this and it’s so not a opinion right now with the house the way it is with the wet paint and stuff. I really do wish he had started it Monday when they were back in school. Now his stressed’ I’m stressed and the children are bored.

So there you have it! my week in a in my world! I hope everyone else half term has been a lot less stressful then ours. I have learnt one important lesson on school breaks! ALWAYS BOOK YOUR HOLIDAYS EARLY!


16 Feb

Oh yes i have been a lazy lady!!

It was so about time i started adding some more links and site reviews to my links page! It wasn’t like i didn’t have the resources’ more so the time:(

Never mind as i have kicked my own butt which i admit was much needed’ and added some newbie reviews:)

Wanna check out what I’ve been checking out? Want to see what sites and blogs i felt the need to write about? Check out the review page listed at the top of my screen and have a look for yourself!



13 Feb

This is a update for my post new features.

The big interview… The date for the first big interview is 28/2/09 This is a feature i have been looking forward to. It’s always great to hear peoples stories. I love reading interviews regarding ASD. It’s gonna be fab as i will get to hear everybody’s views and personal experiences relating to the condition and as a parent to a child on the spectrum i think i could learn some stuff as there’s always something new to learn about ASD.

The first Big Interview is with Cale Irwan a young guy of 20 who is on the spectrum. He has the condition Aspergers! Cale tell’s me what life was like growing up with Aspergers. He talks about school life, sensory problems, motor tic’s and more.

This is a interview i advise you not to miss a must read and a great look into one boys life with Asperger’s.

Cale irwin’s interview 28/2/09



13 Feb

My god it’s that time again! It’s half term and us mummy’s and daddy’s will have to get our heads on and start thinking  what to do in the way of keeping them little monsters entertained. Half term comes around so fast’ it only seems like yesterday they were on Christmas break. My two seem to become so bored it’s then that we have problems as they always argue. Little man wants Alice to play seems to be a good thing as this used to never happen he would prefer to play alone. But and yes this is a big but! When they do play together it’s all on Giovanni’s terms. This is annoying for Alice as he tells her what she has to say,do and act in the game. It always seems to head towards Alice having to go on a bus or a train which as you can expect after playing this game 1000 times it becomes some what boring. The refusing in wanting to play seems to be what gets to G most causing him to often hit his sister

So unless i find something that’s going to keep them both on a high  i’m in  trouble. So here’s my plan! Butlins! A three or four day holiday at butlins. Me the children and they dad went a few years back and they seemed to really enjoy it even through at the time they were both sick and vomiting everywhere we went. So after speaking to hubby we have decided to check some prices out on the net and arrange a trip some time in the week:)

So if we can get Butlins for a good price then that’s us sorted for a few days of the half term. Februaryis never a great time for money as everybody knows:( Just having had Christmas and Alice’s birthday doesn’t help. There are some fantastic sites that let you know all the top events that are taking place in your area. I have often searched Google for free events for kids taking place in the half term. There seems to be alot of play groups that offering trips to the zoo, coast and other places. Sadly these never seem to be a option for us as G doesn’t like the idea of attending events and groups like those on offer. Alice seems to follow her brother on this on.

If anybody knows of some great places and ways to entertain the children this half term then why not share them with other parents that are a little stuck this half term.

Will let you all know if we go on our trip. And will post some pictures:)

RE…. Sensory world

10 Jan

If you find you can not load the link in the post sensory world then you can locate the link in my sidebar under links. Sorry all but for some reason this link will not add to the post.

Link hook up

20 Dec

A really cool way to come together and get blog tarffic. click link to sign up.

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Dont judge Aspergers parent’s

20 Dec

I  don’t care anymore what other people think!

I have wasted so much time worrying what other people think of my parenting. It used to bother me so much when i was out with my son Giovanni’ and people would pass comment if he was acting in away in which they didn’t understand.  I would fell the need to explain his condition. Some people were nice and more understanding’ then there were the others that would fell the need to tell me that it’s a load off nonsenses. They were the people that upset me. Most telling me that some good old fashion punishment was what he needed. I wanted to educate the world. My son’s school was no better. I was having trouble with him in the morning’s having only a few hours if not any sleep the night before i was really struggling to get him up and ready. Most days he would refuse to wear the clothing i had provided him with. I now understand why this is but at the time i was in need of some help. I had yet to be referred to Kaledoscope so it was a very tyring time. I found my son’s school no help and two years on this is still a on going problem. Now when ever i hear someone say something about Giovanni i just walk away. It’s took a long time to be able to achieve this but i don’t want to waste any more time. Time that is better spent on Giovanni and his little sister Alice. I know I’m a good mother that loves her children more then anything. And maybe next time you see a parent who is having a little trouble with her child you will THINK  before you pass judgement. It’s hard enough being a parent. But being a parent of a child with ASD is some what harder.

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