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16 Feb

Oh yes i have been a lazy lady!!

It was so about time i started adding some more links and site reviews to my links page! It wasn’t like i didn’t have the resources’ more so the time:(

Never mind as i have kicked my own butt which i admit was much needed’ and added some newbie reviews:)

Wanna check out what I’ve been checking out? Want to see what sites and blogs i felt the need to write about? Check out the review page listed at the top of my screen and have a look for yourself!


Giovanni’s page.

4 Feb

My little man will soon be adding his own page:)
He plans to fill it with info and pictures on his top interest buses and trains.
This is his front cover his very proud of.
Keep your eye out as his page will be added soon.


1 Feb

  The time has come to get arty. That’s right guys get out them pencils and create some art for the new autism and art page. Been emailed some wonderful pictures that are due to be uploaded. It’s gonna be hot’ be a part of it and get your art on display today.

Great new features

25 Jan

Had some super ideas for this blog  floating around in my head. There is so much I’m going to add.some will be added with some help from my blogging friends. The Autism and art page (kids art) is one of the first on the list to be launched. This page is due completion on the 01-02-09. Kids art is a collection of drawings and painting from aspie, autistic children and adolescents.

Giovanni’s page… Giovanni is my 8yr old son that this whole blog is based around. So when he asked if he could have his own page i only fault it would be fair to say yes. Im guessing that Giovanni’s page will be based around his favorite topic Trains and Buses. This page is coming soon.

Sibling Support….. A page that is aimed at sibling of  children with autism and Aspergers. Aiming to provide lots of sources of information and advice. Will be weekly features for siblings to participate in. No date as yet for this page to be added but aimed for completion within the next 8-1o weeks.

New weekly and monthly features for A boy with Aspergers.

Monday finds.. Started last monday’ week two tomorrow. Every Monday i am to bring you my top ASD finds of the week. For more information read post Monday finds.

The big interview.. Will be interviewing someone new every month. Authors, Teachers, Parents, Aspies kids, Aspie adults and more. You be able to join the big build up to the interview day as the name of the person on interview list will be reveled one week before the event. The Big interview will be up and running by the end of next month. Dates will be displayed on blog nearer the time:)

If anybody wants more information on features please leave a comment which i aim to reply to within 24 hrs. However if you are interested in taking part in Kids art or The big interview please email me asap.

Looking forward to creating something great with a little help frm my friends:):):)all-my-phone-pics-151

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