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#Win 1 of 3 Horrid Henry DVD ‘It’s All Your Fault’

18 Mar


With over an hours worth of fantastic adventures from CiTV’s most successful animated series.

‘Horrid Henry, It’s All Your Fault’ DVD brings you six super entertaining episodes from the most funny and mischievous boy in town.

Episodes …

Horrid Henry It’s All Your Fault
Horrid Henry’s convinced that it’s not his fault, even when it is!

Horrid Henry In Detention
Horrid Henry lands everyone in detention, but will he manage to get them all out again in time for that all important football match?

Horrid Henry Nothing But The Truth
Perfect Peter’s had enough and he’s ready to spill the beans, big time!

Horrid Henry Horrid Boy?
When Dad offers to do Horrid Henry’s homework for him, Horrid Henry knows there’s something going on, but he can’t quite work out what it is.

Horrid Henry Delivers The Milk
One horrid move too far and Horrid Henry finds he’s got a new job, which means getting up very early indeed!

Horrid Henry And The New Best Friend
Horrid Henry gets himself a new best friend, but it’s not long before Nice Nicola turns into Nasty Nicola, and things go from bad to worse.

All three of my children love the horrid Henry series and both of the older children, little man 12 and his sister Alice Sara 10, have enjoyed both the CiTV series along with the book collection. Now the toddler, Harley age 3, is fast becoming an avid fan of this Mischievous little character.

This particular DVD has been an instant hit with the kids and I’ve also found myself engaging in a little Horrid Henry when the toddler has demanded that I do so (wink, wink).

Anyone thinking of purchasing the DVD has my recommendation, after all, its not every day your children are quiet for an entire hour, managing to reframe from fighting with one another is it?

The lovely people at Abbey Media have given the readers of my blog the opportunity to win a copy. Yes, I have 3 copies of the DVD to giveaway.

So… If you want to win one, here’s how!

Compulsory action…

Subscribe via feedburner and then comment answering the question below….

We all know our little angels have the tendency to act a little horrid every now and then! Whats the most horrid thing your child has ever done? Subscribe to the blog via the feedburner (top of the sidebar) then comment below with your answer and email subscription address!

Now you can earn extra entries if you wish. Just do any of the following below. A comment for all actions must be left! Each must contain an email or twitter handle to make them valid.

Pin this competition on Pinterest then comment with link or pinterest handle.

Tweet: “I want to win the latest Horrid Henry DVD with @Clairelouise82 & @AbbeyKids”

Comment with twitter handle or link

If we are currently running more comps on the blog then another competition and comment to tell me which one.

Follow @Clairelouise82 on twitter Comment with twitter handle

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For 2 more additional entries Follow my sister blog “Mummy of Mamy Talents” comment telling me the email you subscribed with.

That’s it! The competition will close on the 20th April 2013 at 11:59pm

Horrid Henry ‘Its All your Fault’ is available to buy now.

Winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries submitted. Competition open to all those in the UK only. Winners must leave either an email address or twitter handle with their comments so that I can easily contact them in the event that they win. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the winning notification or another winner will be drawn in their place.

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The Dream Idols

17 Jul


Warning this post is a little out the ordinary… Well for me anyway!

I feel that I work hard at being a mum, sometimes you just have to let go! That’s why I decided to have a night on the tiles last weekend.

A few days prior my email pinged and to be honest, at first I was a tad shocked when opening it.

A request from a PR, an invitation to an event!

The Dream Idols live tour sponsored by Boylebingo. I had to laugh, why these Dream Idols sounded like some strippers group… Oh… Hang on, they are!

Dream Idols would be appearing at Liquid a night club located in Windsor. My VIP invite was for myself + one and after a little consideration, myself and a friend decided to check it out… After all this mum had started to forget what the inside of a night club looked like.

The show wasn’t planed to kick off till 11 pm, so, at around 9 pm myself and friend set off for the hours drive from London to Windsor. Once there we were shown straight through and given a cocktail. Before we knew it we were in the ladies room, surrounded by pink balloons and several screaming women.

Up on the stage were five guys doing their thing. Now before you go on about exploitation, let me tell you, these guys seemed to be loving every second of the attention they were lapping up from their many fans.


Boylebingo are the official sponsor of the Dream Idols live tour. This meant that we even got to play at bit of bingo too! The prize, well use your imagination.

Apart from the quick game of bingo the majority of the show was made up off cheeky dance routines and even a little bit of singing from one of the lads.

There was uniforms and audience participation. Us ladies were encouraged to engage with the boys on twitter and Facebook and there was even one or two competitions to take part in.

The show lasts for a decent amount of time, maybe just under an hour or so, then following their performance the Dream Idols pose with audience members for photos (note, there is a fee of a fiver for your printed picture).

If you fancy organising a bit of a ladies night and want to check out the Dream Idols in action, it’s worth doing so now as who knows how soon the boys next live tour will be. From what I’ve heard, the Dream Idols are set to be very busy what with them having been chosen over all other UK troops to perform at a special screening of the new motion picture “Magic Mike.” Plus the lads have also been asked to do the rounds with Channing Tatum when he does his press tour in the UK. Busy boys!



The nice surprise is that the show cost peanuts to see… Just a fiver when booking online.The fact you can stay and do some dancing in the club till closing time makes this an added bonus (check prices for each individual show online as I’m unsure if these vary from venue to venue).



In my opinion the show was reasonably priced and would make an awesome but cheap girls night out, especially if planing a hen night.

The provisional tour dates are as follows (there will be lots more added):
OCEANA. Cardiff
LAVA & IGNITE, Preston
LIQUID. Windsor
FRIDAY 20th JULY 2012
LIQUID, Oldham
KOCO, Liverpool
Ballare, Cambridge

Check out the video I made of the night… Go on you know you want to!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write this review. All words are honest and that of my own.

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