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Happy Valentines & Autism Sunday

14 Feb

Just want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers new & old a great Valentines Day. Also I want to wish you all a wonderful Autism Sunday.

Hoping you all have a great day however you chose to spend it. Anyone that’s going to the London Service In woodford wells. Enjoy and say your prayers with much love & care:)

Hoping that not only will everyone enjoy spending time with their loved ones but also take a little time out from romance and show a little love for Autism & Asperger’s. I know I will:) Was going to head off by train to undertake the 18 mile journey to All saints Church woodford wells to show my support but sadly it looks unlikely as there is no one available to sit the children. Instead I will do my bit and try raising awareness for autism and aspergers on my blog & groups, I will devote some time reading and commenting on blogs. Visiting forums and popping on-line to say hi to all the friends I have been lucky to make through having a child with asd. I love you all. And last but most important I will say a pray for every single person that like my son lives with autism- aspergers.

Have sent you all a special Valentines card. A card that will bring a smile to a million faces.

A complete Injustice.

8 Feb

Last night I was on Twitter when I came across a tweet  about a young man called Gomey who had been removed from his home and family by force.

Gomey is 19 years old-young man who has high functioning autism. He lives with his family who like me and many others have to deal with the challenges that autism brings. His family have overcome many issues and were settled into a pretty good routine that left Gomey  feeling happy and settled.

Then things changed. A new social worker visited Gomey for less than an hour and took it apron herself to break up a very happy family She got a court order that stated Gomey was a danger to himself and others. It was even said that Gomey was suicidal. Professionals and family or anybody who knew him knew this wasn’t the case. Gomey was then taken from his home by force by 6 police officers and several social workers and placed in a psychiatric hospital .

despite the doctor at the hospital telling his family that Gomey doesn’t self mutilate and is no danger to others or himself he is still there. It has been said that he has to stay in the hospital for at least 21 days.

This is just my comments please read the full story by visiting Action for Autism. Ad please repost the link for the story on your blogs, websites and social networks. They also have support badges and buttons like the one I have in my sidebar for you to use on your blogs.

As a mother of a child with Asperger’s this story really hit me. What if this was my child. What would I do. We owe it to Gomey, His family and every other person in the world on the spectrum to help this family get their son back to the comfort of his own home.

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