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7 Apr

The vodpod has now been updated.

Yes there are some fantastic new autism and Asperger’s related videos added. You have to check out the two Autism 6 videos. These films are clips of  life with the Kirton family the parents of six children all with ASD.  Im very pleased to say that John Kirton himself will be taking part in the Big Interview on this very blog A boy with Aspergers. Check this out on the 24th, April, 2009 This is one not to miss. 

Another video that grabbed me was the video explaining sensory overload. You have gotta see this one. I watched this with a pair of earphones in my ears. It really got me and I have to say that yes it brought tears to my eyes. My god anybody that copes with any type of sensory problem are really brave. This film let me see things that my little man may see on a day to day basis, even though it was for a short time, it gave me a much better understanding.

My newest Autism related video’s

7 Mar

Time for a change! 

If you check my vodpod widget in my sidebar, you will find that the old five video’s have now been replaced with five new ones. All videos are autism/aspergers related. I change videos every  month or so depending on if they are being viewed a lot and the feedback I receive on them. Last months videos seemed to catch a lot of attention and there was some really great feedback on all five of the selected films that I chose to share:) Here’s hoping that my new selection does just as well. One of the videos is a British campaign video aiming to raise more awareness for children with autism and aspergers. It shows a group of kids at school with there attempt at bullying a boy in the playground. The video is very clever in showing how this situation could turn out if the attempt of bullying is aimed at a none autistic child and one off a autistic child. Very cleverly done you get to see the film in both situations. This is a film that some may find upsetting as bullying in itself can be a horrible thing to see.

I really do hope you enjoy the videos that have been selected and they bring both information and awareness 

Would be fantastic to her others opinions so please keep them coming:)


2 Feb

As I sit here looking out of the window I think to myself ” oh my isn’t it pretty”
The main road’ bus stop and car park a cross the road are not the prettest of places but today it looks somewhat different. Its all covered in thick crisp White snow. Its so cold but it looks amazing. Snow has been falling from the sky since 6pm last night it’s now 2pm the next day. So it’s building up pretty fast.
The children are still sick. Alice is no better from when she fell ill last week and G now has the same thing that he got over the weekend. Pretty unfair as they all ready had the bug a few weeks back. So keeping them out the snow and warm inside is a must. Well Alice is somewhat not impressed! Telling me she is better inbetween being sick as she wants to play in the snow. G he loves looking at it through the window but the fault of walking on it is somewhat different. He gave it ago yesterday as we needed some milk. Not much had fallen but he didn’t like it saying the noise and the fell of it made him fell fuzzy. I guessed this would be the case so taking him back inside the house I walked down there alone why G stayed sat by the window with his Dad.

I don’t no just how long the snow will fall? I do know that there will be no snowman sat in our garden. Well not made by our children that’s for sure. G is happy with that but Alice well she don’t like her mummy right now. But I don’t think she will thank me all to much when she is of school missing her friends for another week because she had a hour playing in the snow then suffering for another week:( So indoors she must stay.


1 Feb

  The time has come to get arty. That’s right guys get out them pencils and create some art for the new autism and art page. Been emailed some wonderful pictures that are due to be uploaded. It’s gonna be hot’ be a part of it and get your art on display today.


29 Jan

Just updated my vodpod:) I have added four new videos.

Some really good ones this month that i enjoyed watching. Check out the faces of autism. I was unaware that all these people had been affected by ASD! Was you? Also a great video offering information on the spectrum.

All new videos can be found in my sidebar in the vodpod widget.  Let me know your view by posting a comment. Sit back relax and enjoy:)

New Asperger’s videos added

14 Jan

Great news  people!

At last i have found the time to update and add a few more video’s to my vodpod collection. Two great clips added that you really must watch.

Come guys  take a look and let me know what you think.

Vodpod located in my sidebar.

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