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Review and promotional code – morphy richards Comfigrip Diamond Soleplate Iron

6 Jun

As some of you may know already I’ve been extremely lucky in the fact I’ve been selected as on of the Morphy Richards Innovators. This basically means that for the year I will get to try out some of their newest products sharing my honest thoughts and opinions with my readers.

Excitingly I have my first product for review, the morphy richards Comfigrip Steam Shot Spray Iron with Diamond soleplate


This Comfigrip Iron features a diamond soleplate for ultimate glideability and a huge 200g steam shot to tackle the most stubborn creases.

The Morphy richards Comfigrip features unique TriZone Soleplate technology with three dedicated areas for the perfect finish every time.

The iron is also Eco friendly with an Eco Steam Switch that allows up to 23% energy saving plus the specially designed handle and easy fill water features make ironing even easier.

The Comfigrip comes with a multitude of features including auto shut off, anti scale, anti drip and 350ml clear view water tank.


The verdict: This iron couldn’t have came at a better time! I was currently using the most useless iron ever, making tasks such as ironing school uniforms the most horrid and drawn out chore ever.

The shoot of steam that is delivered with the Comfigrip is most impressive, combined with its easy glideability the task of iron is made that much easier. I hate ironing and like to get the job done as quick as possible, the Comfigrip is the best iron I’ve used in a long time.

My old iron was always burning and sticking the plates on the Comfigrip are easy to clean and so far I haven’t really felt the need to do so.

For me one of the best features is auto shut off it may seem such a small feature but I’ve over heated so many irons plus the safety aspect of it is essential with children.

The plates on this iron really do make for an incredible iron experience. The iron isn’t overly heavily so you can manoeuvre it around the garment with ease.

Not only does it do a great job in a shorter space of time, but it also looks fabulous and is easy to use.


The Comfigrip Steam Shot Spray Iron with Diamond soleplate is available to purchase from morphy richards RRP £89.99

And good news the guys over at morphy richards are giving A boy with Asperger’s readers a massive fab 40% of the New Comfigrip Steam Shot Spray Iron with Diamond soleplate. All you have to do is enter the code BLOG6840 when checking out.

Disclaimer: This is a review post, I was not paid for this review but as part of the Innovators team I was provided the product free of charge in-order to review. All words and opinions are my own.

The Yummy Food Competition To Win a £100 Amazon Voucher

21 Jan

Its competition time people and your chance to bag yourself a £100 amazon voucher (equivalent in dollars)

As, many of you know, here on the blog we host a fantastic ‘autism and art’ page, a place where children with autism and their siblings can showcase their creative flair.

We, love creative play in the ‘boy with Aspergers’ household and with three children, you will always find one with a crayon or glue stick in their hand.

This competition is all about creativity and its open to all those with a blog/website.

Appliances online have asked me to host this fabulous competition that is made up of two of life’s greatest pleasures…

…“Food & Art”

Encourage your children to get creative and draw their favourite food!

The child can be as creative as they desire, using just coloured pencils/pens or go all out and use some sparkle! It’s absolutely up to the little artist how they want to do it.

For the younger ones, why not draw the outline of a dinner plate giving them a template to fill with drawings of their favourite yummy foods.

Once done, simply take a picture of their yummy creation or scan the image onto your computer, upload it to your blog or website.

Next, you must state within your post, that you are sharing the picture as an entry into the Appliances online ‘Yummy food competition’ hosted on the “A boy with Aspergers” blog. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you hyper link the word “Appliances online” linking it to the following…

The very last step is to come back here and leave a comment leaving me the link to your published creation. This must be done in order to validate your entry!

The winner will be awarded with a £100 amazon voucher or the equivalent in dollars!
The yummy food competition will run from today (21st January 2012) in-till the 6th February 2012 with the winner being selected soon after.

So hurry…. You have two weeks to draw up a feast!

My Little princess Alice-Sara thinks this is the best competition mummy has ever hosted, only because she gets to draw you a few examples

Terms and conditions: Open to everyone with a blog/site. The only requirement is a link to our site with the child’s drawing, it can be a simple:
“Here’s (name of child) entry into the HYPERLINK “” Appliances Online Cookers Yummy food competition. In order to validate an entry you must leave the link to the post/picture in the comment section of this post and do so by the given date (above). The winner must contact within 72 hours of being announced. Postal/contact details will then be passed onto the PR for Appliances online who will send out the prize which will be to the value of £100 or equivalent in dollars.


29 Dec

As part of the Vax Voice consumer testing team, I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test some of the latest “Must have” Vax products on the market, feeding back my honest opinion to the world (well, anyone that will listen that is)! 

 My first product was the awesome Vax rapide ultra 2, the all new carpet cleaner that rated so highly with us! I’ve now been sent the latest Vax compact cylinder vacuum cleaner that goes by the name of ‘Air Total Home C89-MA-T’.

 When I heard this was the next product to be sent, I was pretty chuffed as this is a vacuum cleaner designed to help reduce pet-related odours & allergens, what with two cats yet to leave the house and explore the outside world, this was ideal. 

 The Air total Home C89-MA-T arrived in no time at all and before I knew it I was lifting my new vacuum cleaner from its box! First impressions were good, the product was lightweight, came with lots of accessories and looked dead sleek (as sleek as a vacuum can look) in its red and grey design.

Attractive design

 I have always used an upright which is fabulous but not ideal for use on the stairs, plus ours is reasonably heavy. I found that when using an upright on the stairs it’s hard work, even with the supplied attachments as it forever falls forward so, I was keen to give this compact device a try. 

 The extra long hose was a dream as it allowed me to reach the top landing without having to manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner whatsoever, so hovering the stairs is a much simpler job that takes a faction of time.

 As for the performance, I cannot fault it! The Air Total does what it promises, and for such a small device it has some almighty suction power! Vax, claim it’s their most powerful compact multi cyclonic cylinder and despite not having tested them all, I could easily believe it to be true! The suction power is the best I’ve yet to come across and even the little man who has Asperger’s syndrome and a little thing for vacuum cleaners gave it a big thumbs up (may sound strange but at least his always happy to help mum with the chores)! 

 This powerful suction power is down to the vacuums filters which don’t become blocked, all dirt collects in the container which is bigger than average and easy to empty, the vacuum therefore never loses suction and you don’t lose your rag!

Just check out that impressive extra long 4.20 meter hose

 I’ve been using the Air total Home C89-MA-T for almost a month now and can safely report that its never performed badly, I’ve never once found myself banging it angrily against the wall trying to dislodge a blockage. 

 As for the pet hairs, I found the Air total Home C89-MA-T removed them without problem! Note, the vacuum comes complete with a number of attachable accessories such as the Turbo tool and the Turbobrush both designed to lift stubborn pet hair with ease, through I found the brush I had already attached to do an already efficient job.

This is a really impressive little vacuum cleaner, that despite its compact size is big on performance and brings with it an impressive 6 year guarantee which allows you to clean in a worry free state. 

 If I had to report any disadvantages, it would be that despite all the great attachments supplied the actual device holds no storage capacity for these attachments! I would also suggest that you remove the extended hose for storage keeping this and the other attachments in a separate box as storing with this hose connected is much harder as despite the vacuum’s small compact appearance it becomes somewhat taller with the hose on what with it extending 4.20 metres in length (hard to explain so added a picture).

The attached hose does add height disconnect for storage (now you can see why this reaches tops of stairs). 

Nonetheless, the Air Total Home C89-MA-T with its overall performance, great suction, compact, lightweight design and antibacterial filters, plus fantastic 6 year guarantee, far outweigh any miner disadvantage of that given above. 

 With this now replacing our usually device, its safe to say that I think this cylinder vacuum-cleaner is the business!

The Vax Air Total Home C89-MA-T has a RRP of £249.99 for further info or reviews Click HERE

Disclaimer: As part of the team of consumer testers for Vax Voice I received the product in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced in any way.

Review of the Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2

6 Nov

Vax Voice

How excited was I when those lovely lot at Vax invited me to be a Vax consumer tester by joining the new ‘Vax Voice’

What a great opportunity to be given, I was made up!

Now I wont lie, I don’t love cleaning, it actually drains my soul & I could think of a million & one other things I’d rather be doing! So, I’m not going to start this post by declaring to the world how much I love to clean!

What I do love is finding a product that will help me get the task at hand done in both the most efficient and speediest way possible. That’s why I’m dead chuffed to become a part of ‘Vax Voice’

I first discovered the beauty of Vax a few years back when I invested my pennies in a “mean machine” the nick-name I have given my first ever Vax upright vacuum-cleaner! Since then I’ve never looked back and continue to use the ‘Mean Machine’ to this day.

Being a mum is a time-consuming job, especially when you’re a mother of three, one with Aspergers syndrome and another fast approaching the age of two. I therefore like to use a product that’s not only going to give me the best results but one that’s going to do it in the fastest time possible. That’s what I get from Vax.

The Product… Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra Carpet Washer 

I couldn’t wait to discover what these guys had in store for me. Well, in true Vax fashion I didn’t have to wait long to find out! Early morning I was greeted by a guy with a massive box stood outside my front door. The guy (aka the delivery man) had just become my father Christmas delivering me my new, ‘Vax W90-RU-P ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ carpet washer. Out came a knife to score open the very large box that held my new appliance sent to get my carpets all fresh and sparkling clean in the quickest of time! My first impressions of my new appliance was, “What a handsome devil you are”

Despite its intended use the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ was surprisingly light and reasonable slim. ( though this is without the added water). Everything had its place, meaning it was extremely compact what with its removable handle allowing easy storage (new home allocated under the stairs).

Accessories included were

Float chamber, handle locking pin, pre treatment wand & holder, cleaning solution.

I’m normally a really naughty girl when It comes down to reading the enclosed instructions/user guide. I fully admit it! I’m the person that everyone hates, the person who never bothers to read the manual, only moaning later when I don’t fully understand how to work something. I somehow come to the conclusion that me and my new product, what ever that may be, will just gel, understanding what one another expect.

So, with a coffee in one hand and the user guide in the other I hit the sofa and engaged myself in some serious reading.

I Waited till both my elder children had returned to school following the half-term before putting the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ to the test! (Little man and gadgets together is far too much to think about.)

Before you get started!

First I needed to assemble my product, first was the handle, this was easily done in a few simple steps.

Next up was the Pre-treatment wand that fitted to the front of the cleaner, again with the easy to follow step by step instructions given in the user guide I done this easily by myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I started with the recommended pre-treatment which is recommended for any hard to shift stains. I was doing the hall carpet that has seen better days. Lots of muddy shoes and bike wheels have graced its path over the course of the year. The solution needed to be mixed with water and then added to the cold water tank. Using the attached wand you then spray the desired area.

Vax recommends that pre-treatment is left for the full recommended 10-15 minutes before starting the full carpet cleaning process.

Getting on the job

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ uses a rotating brush action that is triggered when reclined which was easy to do with the use of a foot pedal located on the base of the appliance. The rotating brushes ensure a deep clean removing any allergens and odours (which is great if you have pets). I found it very easy to navigate around the hallway and even with the water tank filled, it still wasn’t overly heavy, (I recommend you don’t carry this up the stairs filled with water as this will make it much heavier). ‘The Rapide Ultra 2’ also comes with a hand-held brush for the hard to reach areas. Cleaning solution is dispensed via a number of trigger buttons. When using the upright cleaner this is done via the easy to reach button located on the top of the handle where you place your hand to steer the cleaner. The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ uses a float which you fit to the dirty water tank. It’s this float that alerts you by a change in engine sound, when you need to change the water.

There are a number of gadgets that together with the appliance make this a fantastic product (you can even suck up spillage’s quick and easily) which is a great feature for any mum!


All the parts were easily removed and reattached (including the water tanks). The hose wheel located at the back keeps your appliance looking tidy and compact as did a number of other clips for the various parts.

The maintenance is very low-level, with the float chamber only requiring a rinse under a running tap and the tank just needing to be cleaned with fresh water and dried before being reattached.

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ done a grand old job on my tatty carpet (tatty it is no more). It was simply to set up and the ease of use was fantastic. I did worry that the carpet wouldn’t be dry in time for the children return home from school, but I need not have worried as like it promises the carpet dried reasonable quickly. The cleaner doesn’t let off excess water making your carpets soaking like many others tend to do. This is the result of the New Dual V technology that ensures consistent, powerful suction so carpets dry really quickly.

The only disappointment for me was the fact I didn’t carpet the living room as I wanted to last year (Instead went with the option of wooden flooring, what with my children, I thought this would be the best option) I take that back now as this was easier than scrubbing the decks so to speak.

Product information

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ does display a price tag of £279.00 and yes, I am extremely lucky to review this as I currently couldn’t afford this kind of money, however saying that, if I could then I would invest it in this. The good news is, Vax are currently selling it for a  special price of £169.99 for a limited time only!

 My ‘Upright hover’ I invested in a few years back is still going strong and normally by now I would have replaced an average hover maybe 2 or more times.

If you have carpets that regularly require cleaning, especially if you have young children, then I highly recommend the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ as the perfect cleaning companion.

(Note the small hand brush means car interiors, stairs,upholstery and more can be cleaned using the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’.)

If any problems occur with any Vax appliance they are quick to help, all you need to do is call their customer service team and they will do their best to help. Plus The Rapide Ultra 2 comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Click HERE to buy or gain more information. 

Click HERE for a video demonstration & other consumer reviews.

 (Note spares for your ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ can also be brought online with ease.)

We were very lucky to be given the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ in exchange for an honest review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion in any way, all views remain my own.

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