Shopping At Westfields With Kids

10 Sep

I dread shopping with kids but during the summer holidays I’ve learnt that shopping with kids doesn’t have to be as hard as we think it is.
On a recent visit to Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City with the toddler I actually experienced a stress free days shopping.
Myself and my sister Charlotte both took our little ones with us on a trip to the shops and both came out alive!
There was no tantrums, no bored faces, not even a single whine.

Westfield’s have made it there mission to make shopping with kids easier by providing ways to keep them entertained and happy. We started our shopping experience by trading our pushchairs for some funky kiddi cars. The boys were dead impressed with their stylish new wheels and we were impressed by how simple these were to Manoeuver around the shopping centre.


Then it was off for some fun. There was plenty of stuff happening inside the shopping complex to keep the kids happy. We got creative making pasta sun flowers and pretty pictures. The staff were excellent, really friendly and helpful. This event was taking place near the food court in the middle of the shopping centre so it was really easy to find. The area had been converted into a child friendly space with toad stool seats and tables, balloons and fun and exciting games to play.


Once done we checked out the shops. I love Westfields and the selection of stores on offer. What’s more given the children were aboard their kiddie cars they didn’t mind the constant popping in and out of shops. I must admit that the kiddi cars made the whole shopping experience a much more stress free process.

By lunchtime, myself, sister and our boy racers had built up something of an appetite so it was off to the ‘Greek’.
I used to work in Greece so appreciate the beautiful food they make. The Greek is located just outside the main centre so we were able to sit in the beautiful sunshine. The staff at the Greek were very accommodating they parked our kiddi cars and showed us to a table which was half inside and half outside, this was great as it allowed us to keep the boys shaded from the sun.

The lunch menu was very pleasing with lots on offer. The kids were given croyons and a colouring book to entertain them, avoiding boredom as we waited to eat. The food was absolutely amazing. The kids had beautiful chicken and I had a beautifully cooked lamb koft with rice. We tucked into flat bread and a vast selection of dips before the boys wolfed down some strawberry ice cream.


The day was finished with a last round of the shops. With the end of summer nearing 😦 there was a good selection of sale items in the various stores. We spent a good proportion of the day in the Disney store and the entertainer were the boys got spoilt with Mickey Mouse toys.

We were itching to visit the Vue cinema which is located on the top floor in Westfield’s. Yes, I fancied seeing the new Disney planes movie but as we had my sisters little boy who is just 18 months with us that day we decided to give it a miss as we didn’t think he’d be able to sit still for an entire film. We instead decided this would be left for another day another time.

After all… Our days shopping had been so stress free there was no need to ruin it now.

So there you have it! Shopping with kids doesn’t always have to be a nightmare… And believe me I never thought I’d hear this mum say that!

Westfield’s always lay on entertain during the summer holidays and school half term breaks to ensure shopping trips are fun for all! To find out what’s happening at Westfields and when, then just check out the website as well as their twitter and Facebook pages.

2 Responses to “Shopping At Westfields With Kids”

  1. Apar September 30, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    Nice to hear you had a great shopping day! 🙂 Wish the malls that seem to be the only “entertainment” spot in Chennai, India at least have benches/seating areas. The malls are huge & no place to rest at all. So forget kiddie cars! Shopping days are tiring. I for one end up knowing just what I want & head to just that store. I do ignore all the sales 😦 Long way to go here for improving the shopping experience. And yeah….if you want to watch a movie, you must have tickets booked in advance(at least a day in advance is the best case scenario)…you can never walk into to a cinema and get tickets to a movie, any movie!!
    Trying to catch up with all on my blog roll. Had taken a hiatus from commenting & sometimes even reading blogs!!

  2. blackwatertown September 11, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    That’s a glowing review of your trip to Westfields. Very impressive performance by the centre and the people you encountered. I used to nip across to it myself once in a while for a pie.

    But I had an ulterior motive for dropping by your blog. I want to ask for help with an unusual Aspergers thing.

    My friend’s young son Fynnjan has Aspergers and, long story short, has written the music and lyrics for a Christmas song called The Spirit of Christmas.

    It has been recorded as a single. We hope to get it to the top of the music charts (in the UK anyway) this Christmas. The money raised will go to the National Autistic Society with a small proportion going to support his local school’s special needs team (the people who managed to get him to come out from under the table and socialise a little bit).

    The favour I want to ask is this. Could you have a look at Fynnjan’s website between now and Christmas? And if possible help spread the word? It’s at

    We hope people will go to the website, register an interest and download copies from iTunes. You never know… It’s already a huge achievement for Fynnjan whatever happens from here on in.

    Paul / Blackwatertown

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