Smurfs 2 – A Review

20 Aug

I remember the smurfs when I was younger, lets just say that these days they are far more hip than ever before.

I haven’t seen the first smurfs movie and wondered if there was any point me viewing the second but it seems that doesn’t matter.

Going to view the movie was myself, a friend, my 10 year old daughter and 3 year old son (little man opted to stay behind claiming smurfs were not cool!) We had been invited to see the movie by a PR team which meant it was an early start at the odeon in covent garden london. So… Here’s what we thought…


Story Line… Basically the smurfs are on a mission to rescue Smurfette from the evil Gargamel in Paris where he is some big time celebrity magician now. Only in order to do this they will require a little help from there humans friends. Once the smurfs have blasted themselves into our world together with their human friends the search begins in Paris. Gargamel has created two little naughties (a cross between a troll and a smurf called Vexy and Hackus) and its there job to befriend Smurfette making her feel she belongs in order to prise the secret spell receipt from her… The one that turns you blue. Gargamel doesn’t only want to turn his naughties blue but he has an evil plan to turn the world blue, create more blue naughties and take over Smurf land. With Smurfette feeling as if she doesn’t belong, after all the smurfs forgot her birthday! Will she turn naughty and give Gargamel what he wants?


We all enjoyed the film myself included. There are moments when the kids laughter could be heard and other times they were let on the edge of there seats. Of course Alice’s favourite was Smurfette and Harley love’s Puppa Smurf. Myself, I kinda loved Vanity (you’ll see why when watching the movie).


After the film the kids were able to meet some of the smurfs and play some games. They even got to try out some of the new toy range. Harley loves the little figures and the miniature smurf houses. His made me promise to buy him one of his own.

Here’s Harley checking out the toys.



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