Taking A Blogging Break Helped Me Get Over Depression

13 Aug

Usually you’ll find me saying that writing is the only thing that keeps me going, not this time! Blogging has been a big part of my life for the last five years or so, its provided me with a way to let it all out, acting as a type of therapeutic therapy. Suddenly all that changed!

Its no secret that the last couple of months (well 5 to be Precise) have seen me riddled with depression the way to deal with this type of hurdle has always been for me to write about any issues or problems weighing on my mind. But this time the thought of even sitting at the computer made me feel Physically sick. Everything seems a huge massive effort when your depressed, even the the most simplistic things like making a phone call or talking to friends. I noticed that this episode had me withdraw completely, even from my online existence, Twitter included! “Hell yer! Not tweeting! It’s gotta be bad.”

Slowly I’ve been getting back in there. I’ve been adding posts here and there instead of just going at it like a blogoholic! This hasn’t been easy for me! I’ve discovered that blogging isn’t like riding a bike. You do forget how its done! Well, the social media side of things at least! I’d forgotten that a tweet button and facebook share button was sat on my dashboard with the aim of getting me noticed, I’ve just been writing logging off and then going about my day.

I guess I did get to the point where blogging was no longer helping me but feeding a depressive episode that I was in denial about even experiencing. The things I loved about writing and blogging in particular, were slipping away from me! Looking back I realised that I was just going with it, blogging in zombie mood, doing it because its what I felt I had to do! After all I’d been blogging almost daily for years now.

Blogging is something I love dearly, something I enjoy doing and want to keep on doing. In order to be able to do so I needed to step away from the computer and deal with the crap clouding my mind. Only then would I be excited about the prospect of blogging once more.

At first things were strange, seeing my stats come crashing down was in all honesty somewhat frightening! I’d always proclaimed that I didn’t give a monkeys hoot about states but when you see them drastically plummeting you suddenly thing… “SHIT!” As you frantically make your way back to the computer to save your online identity. I didn’t though, I couldn’t, and that’s how I knew I had come to a point where I couldn’t even if I want to… I just simply couldn’t!

That didn’t mean to say I’d forgotten those who support me! My readers and of course other bloggers who I know consider friends.

Then there are the blogs I follow, and yes I may have been sat wallowing in self pity but I still read them I just couldn’t bring myself to comment as even that was a step to far for a girl on the edge! “Communication? No way! Say they replied back?” Yes, I really wasn’t quite myself.

So with two blogs on hold I went at fighting this crap head on! I don’t want to jinx things but hay I’m feel Ok.

Oh and guess what? I actually woke up and felt excited about blogging today.

3 Responses to “Taking A Blogging Break Helped Me Get Over Depression”

  1. Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes? August 13, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Welcome back, Claire. Be assured, we missed you! Hope you count me as one of your on-line friends. Huge supporter of your blogs and tweets and I love the honesty with which you share your experiences – good and bad – and your passion for your family and making the world a more inclusive place.

    Get well soon and tweet and blog as much or as little as you like – who cares about stats? It is the people who matter! Gill xx

  2. jessica ws August 13, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    I hope everything works out well. I have been having a tough time recently too. My son is probably somewhere in the spectrum, we are seeing the doctors at the moment. Keep going I need your tips and advise. You probably have no idea the positive impact you are having on lots of different families. @jessws2011

  3. chaoskibble August 13, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Yep, been there, in fact I AM there, still trying to get over this. Such a bl**dy hard road. You’re doing great gal and I admire you for admitting where you’re up to. Sending you hugs and I totally know what you mean about the blogging thing. Writing is the love of my life, but when I’m down it’s hard to write anything without so much self doubt and worry and all that stupid crap. Genuinely, I hope things look up soon. You still have your honest, heart on sleeve, eloquent style and I love reading what you write. Take care of yourself. xx

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