#Silent Sunday (Me & My Little Man)

24 Mar


One Response to “#Silent Sunday (Me & My Little Man)”

  1. Ham Ben March 25, 2013 at 8:43 am #

    hello i am hamada from algeria i have asperger syndrome i didn’t discover that until 2009 . i was wondering why . why i am diffrent . why i am not like all this people . why i can’t go outside have fun with others why i can’t interact with others . at the time i didn’t know what autism or asperger syndrome is . i have an illitrate mom that failled to comprehend my situation . i was a strange person . i didn’t notice the difference between having asperger syndrome & a normal being until i got cured from it . yes i am no longer an aspi you can belive me if i told you i am totally cured . i have no longer issues with talking with people . i can now go out without fearing peoples judgemants i used to avoid people . to get uncomfortible with others i wasn’t able to make eye contact with others.

    you sertainly know what i mean

    i have a secret for you .

    the secret for my recovery

    i turned to god . that’s just it

    because i found no one to help me . no one to understand me

    i am Muslim .

    in past i didn’t know nothing about islam .

    But when i crashed from depression in summer 2009 . when my closest friend left me . when everybody else except my mom thought i am a crazy person . i turned out to god .

    yes . after reading the noble Quran . i found a verse that explained to me why i ends up to this situation . why i am so blind .

    yes . i was a Blind man according to this verse it says . 46. Do they not travel Through the land, so that Their hearts (and minds) May thus learn wisdom And their ears may Thus learn to hear? Truly it is not their eyes That are blind, but their Hearts which are In their breasts.

    this has explained to me all . my problem wasn’t in my eyes . i wasn’t blind but it was in my heart . & it was because i didn’t travel through the land . it’s that simple i was blocking my self all my life inside my 400 square meter house without comminicating with the outside world . i lived indoors all my life thats the reason why my heart gone BLIND

    recent studies from heart professors indicated that there is some neurological cells that are connecting to the brain . these cells are responcible for emotions such as love & fear . they noticed that subjects who have heart transplant surgery have some changing in emotions & habits following the emotions & habitts of previus heart owner .

    As i told you . i turned out to god knowing that what i am asking for is so great that only almighty god can provide . i mean . who can cure your heart but god . so i started praying . i started to know god . i jest kept saying ‘”please god cure my heart & hel me ‘” in my prayer . i asked for a miracle & that’s what happend after just 3 month it was in march 2010 . i gone to bed at 21.00 suddenly i felt that something has passed through my left side of my chest . through my heart . it gone so deep . it started from the skin to the back passing through my heart . i paniked & run outside . i didn’t understand what happend to me until after months . i started to feel different . my mom noticed that first because i began to talk to her . to smile . to kiss her . to listen to her

    then i started to notice that i am not afraid to go out i started to go to nearby cities & shop . then after knowing what autism & asperger is . i discoverd that some of it’s symptomes are no longer attached to me . i can make eye contact with people . that’s new

    i answered the Asperger syndrome test & the score that i recived mentione that i don’t have asperger syndrome that’s it . this is my story . i don’t know what else to say i am no living in algeria . in a small town but thing . i am still alone . everyone here thinks that i am still crazy . people here don’t understand what is like to be on autism spectrum . once they know that you have gone to a psychiatrist you’re done . you are crazy . but i don’t care what they think .

    i forget to tell you that i am a graduated pharmacist since 2008 but i have no job .

    now . all what i do is to surf online

    well you can talk to me on FACEBOOK = http://www.facebook.com/mohamedhamada.benaissa

    thanks for your time

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