Bath & Storage Ideas From Hello Baby

17 Jan

The online nursery store “Hello Baby” recently asked me if id like to try out a few of their products.

I left it up to the guys at Hello Baby to decide what to send. Giving them the age of my youngest child, i was confident they would make a good choice and what a good choice they made.

I was sent two items the first being a set of innovative 6 Munchkin Six Grippy Dots. These colourful dots are actually small mats that line the base of your bath tube therefore preventing your little one from slipping in the bath and potentially injuring themselves . The munchkin dots are fun and cheerful bringing a flash of colour to the bottom of your tub.


But not only do these dots protect your child from slipping, they also alert a parent to the fact a bath may be to hot for their little ones delicate skin. This is done by one of the dots displaying the word “Hot” whenever the water is of a high temperature. I love how the dots can be easily positioned to suit, you can opt to use just a few grippy dots or use them all if you like… Its up to you. I rate these grippy dots far more than your average non slip bath mat, they are much more convenient, look great in there striking bright colours and provide us with an important safety feature and for £6.99 who can complain.


The second and final item Hello Baby sent us was a product from the Prince Lionheart range, which actually couldn’t have come at a more convenient time. The item, a Jumbo Baby Toy Hammock was the perfect addition to our existing range of toy storage (which if I’m honest is nowhere near adequate enough considering the toddler could open his very own toy shop). This giant hammock allows you to keep your child’s toys safely off the floor.


What’s more the hammock is a great size and is designed to fit neatly into a corner. It comes complete with 3 hooks and is reasonably easy to install (even for me). The hammock is made of white nylon mesh meaning this is also ideal for the bathroom, allowing wet toys to be stored over the bath keeping floors and surrounding areas clean and safe.
The jumbo toy hammock cost £9.99

We have a load of toys under the stairs and have decided this would be a great place to put it.

Overall I’m really impressed with the items we were sent. Both offer good value for money and practical solutions. I’d recommend both items to all our readers.

You can visit the Hello Baby online store by clicking Here

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