24 Nov

Today is a special day, its a day that us as a blogging community have come together to channel our positive thoughts and send them in the direction of the lovely Kerry, AKA Multiple Mummy.

Kerry who writes the blog a Multiple mummy sadly suffered a brain aneurysm and hasn’t been able to come home to her family for sometime now.

I’ve only met Kerry twice at blogging events but have been a subscriber to her wonderful blog since it came about. I miss her upbeat post and wonderful crafts and photographs. She has this way of making you smile with her fabulous tales of motherhood.

I’ve been following her progress via her husbands updates on the blog and recently I heard that Kerry’s progress has slowed a bit.

Her husband has posted a beautiful collection of photos in the format of video slide that you can view over on her blog.

Tonight at 10pm there will be a a minute pause for the lovely Kerry which has been organised by New Mum online

You can use the hashtag #Healing4Kerry on twitter to send your best wishes or to read that of others.

I know I will stop whatever I’m doing at 10pm and send positive thoughts Kerry’s way. I will also munch a bar of Galaxy in her honour.

My thoughts will continue to be with Kerry and her family and I’m really looking forward to reading her words in the future.

A healing angel for Kerry


Get well soon Kerry xxxx

One Response to “#Healing4Kerry”

  1. mumofthreeboys November 24, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    I will be sending my positive thoughts to Kerry, I have never met her but I do follow her blog and the video is heart wrenching but beautiful at the same time. She has a beautiful smile in every photograph x

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