An Overflow In Hormones

18 Nov

Sometimes in life we feel we do our best yet our best is never good enough.

Little man is having a real time of it lately. Since his been in his independent special school for children with autism and Aspergers, I have had hardly any calls or emails reporting problems. However, I wish I could say the same for last week.

Little man wasn’t able to go swimming this week so, he helped out at the poolside. I can’t blame his school. They do everything in their power to ensure no child is left behind, and believe me sometimes I’ve found myself surprised that little man hasn’t been sent home for something or another. Last week I think he just pushed them to far.

Thankfully it was taken into account the fact his sleep pattern has been simply hectic. What with us stopping the slow releasing melatonin his been a little sleepless and off the wall.

So… Just what has he been up too you may ask? Well, his been argumentative with staff and actually caused the school bus to stop in its tracks on the way to swimming. Again he was acting a bit of a class clown.

If this wasn’t enough already, little man is also being somewhat inappropriate when it comes to the subject of sex.


He started to ask questions relatively early on. Well, his last year of primary school that is. But now its kinda gone to overload and his constantly wanting to raise the subject. This is fine, completely normal I guess. He is a boy of 12 years old in his first year of secondary school. Nonetheless, little man hasn’t got the required social skills mastered as yet, so, when it comes to dealing with this subject in the most appropriate of ways he struggles. This means he tends to say things that are not really acceptable, he also thought he would announce to the class that he enjoyed watching a bit of naughty TV on his computer when we are all sleeping at night.

Now, when they say children with Asperger’s syndrome do not lie, then please remember… This is absolute pony! Yes, little man is too honest at times, he doesn’t lie very well at all and if directly asked something truth comes before lie. However, he has the natural ability to make stuff up and this was very much the case on this occasion! You may ask how I know? Simple… We have content lock so this isn’t possible. I’ve also been removing the playstation from the bedroom at bedtime. I once woke up to him playing wrestling in the small hours and have removed it ever since.

We have had a long chat about telling stories that have hold no truth. I tried to explain that this type of thing can easily land parents in trouble when children state concerning issues. We are most lucky that his school really understand both his condition and him as a child. If he started making claims like this in mainstream… This would have lead to the AWO to come knocking on our door… No question!

Little man hasn’t been in trouble for this… After all his just a young boy with a sudden overflow in hormones and an over curious mind. I’ve emailed the school about my concerns, mainly that I don’t feel confident when explaining things to him as he seems to either act quite silly or ask questions I just don’t feel I cant answer. With this the school have stated that when they return in the new year, sex education will be a new edition to the timetable.

Somehow I’m guessing (if not hoping a little) that discovering the ins and outs of sex will have him running back to his Lego and computer games in seconds with no further interest for the next 10 years or so… Lol!

Being a kid growing up in this world is scary, but for a child on the spectrum its that bit scarier. Little man is just curious to discover everything the world offers… Including sex.

As for us mothers… Well, it makes us feel older than we actually are… Much, much older. A sudden increase in worry lines are almost certain and I’ve noticed what looks like a train track running along my forehead! Lets just not mention the black eye bags… Seriously, don’t even go there!

2 Responses to “An Overflow In Hormones”

  1. lifeloveandlivingwithboys November 18, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    Oh, I am completely dreading my boys getting interested in all things sexual. Hormones aren’t always a good thing 😀
    Little Man’s school sounds brilliant though!

  2. LisaMaree Grace App November 18, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    oh lordie! We are right in the middle of that. Had a program going for the last 3 years now about how we refer to our body parts in public, where it is okay to be naked, and the as yet unreleased song I wrote for The Wiggles: “The Big Penis Belongs in the Bedroom” (whereas the same penis, when small is welcome anywhere, as long as it stays in pants)

    I always played it pretty cool when sexual content appeared in a video or DVD with a 15 rating and he did the same. I have only ever controlled access to really blue swearing as it has lead to scripting and inspired another song: “If you use bad words you lose treats” but I won’t let him watch horror. He was therefore just as happy watching Rugrats as “Love Actually” and we had no real problems.

    However, his school got taken over by the Dept of Education and they made it policy to ban all 15 and over rated videos in the TV room they go to at the end of a task. Apparently being in the same room as a child while a video of “Any Given Sunday” is on violates child protection laws.
    Of course prohibition has made these videos so much more attractive and their content more fascinating, so we enter another phase of obsession….

    Word of warning: this puberty phase can often lead to increased anxiety and aggression as they don’t know what to do with the extra feelings they have. Lots of rough and tumble play, like hill walks or something mucky is very important. Get him using soap and deodorant now and make a visual to prompt which parts must always be washed.

    We have a video to watch at home, when I am ready, which explains where and how to start finding “privacy” to make your self happy. The sooner they learn it the better.

    Good luck with this next phase. xx

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