Vax Air 3 U88-AM-B Review

22 Oct

As part of the Vax voice panel I get to test some of their newest products.

This time it was the newest in their range of Vax Air’s. It was time to try out the New Air³


Vax say “The Air³ is the lightest multi-cyclonic full-sized vacuum in the world. It is lighter than the competition, without compromising on performance. With the turn of a wrist, the Air³ is easily manoeuvred around furniture in one motion.”

Normally when I take a delivery of a Vax the box is huge and I need help from the delivery guy to get it in the door. This wasn’t the case this time. Even with all its packaging the the Vax Air³ is super light weight. I was shocked at how small and thin the product was, it resembled a toy cleaner and I was unsure how this could possibly be as powerful as other cleaners.


The Air³ is easy to connect. It has a quick guide attached to the handle and there is only a few pieces that need slotting into place. What’s great is how you can be using the Air³ within minutes of receiving it.


2.0 litre dust container
Slim and lightweight, but with a full size capacity dust container.

Multiple cyclones separate dirt from the air, so the suction is always as powerful as the first time you used it.

225 air watts
All the cleaning power of a conventional upright, so there’s no compromise in performance.

Reduces allergens
H12 HEPA filtration helps to remove very fine dust particles, pollen and other allergens.

Outstanding manoeuvrability
The dual-axis allows you to twist and turn around your furniture with a flick of the wrist, for easier cleaning.

Only 4.9kg in use
Weighs a third less than conventional uprights, so it’s easy to carry upstairs and from room to room.

I hate heavy vacuums and I’d go as far as to say that they actually put me off wanting to do the vacuuming. The Air³ is super light weight and is extremely easy to carry about. The handle is adjustable too so even the children have little problem vacuuming their own bedrooms.

Another great feature to this Vax is how it manoeuvres. The unit simply reclines and with the twist of the handle it can be easily manoeuvred under and around the furniture.


With most of the Vax systems I have been lucky enough to test, those with a brushbar are triggered as soon as they are turned on. With the Air³ its brushbar is not triggered unless you switch it on with the touch of an on/off button. This means its therefore an optional feature. The brushbar is actually designed for carpets so if your like me and have lots of hard floors (wooden etc) you can just opt to keep it of.


If I had to pick a fault it would be the fact the vacuums hose is simply not long enough. I found that the unit would tip when trying to use the hose on the stairs or around the sides of the room. If like me your lucky to have a connecting hose to attach therefore extending the hose to a much greater length, the problem is therefore easily fixed.

I was really surprised at how much dirt it was able to hold before I needed to empty it. For a small unit it does hold just as much as any of their bigger units.

I really do like the new Air³ from Vax. For me what makes it so great is its ease of use. It is very lightweight and the new dual-axis feature makes getting around furniture an absolute breeze.


One Response to “Vax Air 3 U88-AM-B Review”

  1. Zaggora Girl October 22, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    This looks great, and will definitely give it a shot! Does this product make a loud noise while being used? Many of the vacuum cleaners that we have used all seem to make a very loud noise, which may be quite annoying sometime. Also, what other products does Vax offer? 🙂

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