Review – Jumpy at London’s West End

22 Oct

As a #ButlinsAmbassdor I was lucky to receive an invite for myself & a guest to see the theatre production of Jumpy at the Duke of York Theatre at London’s West End.

JUMPY is written by April De Angelis
Directed by Nina Raine And stars the fabulous Tamsin Greig

‘You’re having some kind of crisis.’
‘It’s called being 50. You must be having it too.’

A mother, a wife, and fifty, Hilary once protested at Greenham. Now her protests tend to focus on persuading her teenage daughter to go out fully clothed.

It’s LOL funny.

So, being the great daughter that I am, I took my mother along to see the play and here’s what we thought…

I wasn’t sure if this play was going to be my kind of thing but I was wrong… I loved it!

It’s a play that as a mother and a woman you can relate to. Ok, I’m not 50 but I am both of the above and as much as I hate to think about it… My own daughter is very close to those teenage years and I’m dreading it!

The cast are fantastic. Tamsin Greig plays the role of Hilary extremely well. Bel Powley, who plays Tily, Hilary’s daughter is also fantastic and plays the role of a teenage brat just brilliantly.

This is a great play that has received some great press from the critics.

Is it worth paying to go and see? Most defiantly! It’s the best play I’ve seen in a few years and I’d easily be able to sit through it all again.

For ticket prices and information click Here


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