Review – Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted (VideoGame PS3)

10 Oct


Little mans been really enjoying his new playstation 3 which we got him for his birthday. He was super pleased to receive a review copy of the brand new game “Madagascar Europe’s Most Wanted” which is based on the new animated film Madagascar 3 by Dreamworks.

This bright and inviting video game allows children to put themselves in the role of their favourite characters from the film. The gang consisting of Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo and our favourite Alex the lion, travel through Europe as part of the traveling circus and in-order to make their way home to New York they must put on the show of their lives.

Players can enjoy circus challenges as well as suspiciously zany mission given by the penguins.The game even includes new characters and fellow circus performers Stefano the sea lion, Vitaly the Siberian Tiger and Gia the Jaquar.

Little man 12, enjoyed the game and had loads of fun performing the numerous circus stunts. His just mega skilled when it comes to video games and seems to pick it all up in a matter of minutes. Alice-Sara 9 also really enjoyed playing the game too and often had a sneaky game once little man was out of sight.

The game allows you to play multi-player mode and we found this much more entertaining. With each mission you will need to take control over two different characters that then have to work together to solve puzzles and perform circus stunts. Each character has certain features and abilities that when combine enables each challenge to be overcome.

It’s been ages since I went near a video game but I honestly found myself wanting to have a try and admittedly spent some time as the hippo doing very little. Once I got the hang of things I remembered why it was I stayed away from video games… I’m already addicted to, too many things (twitter and blogging to name but a few)!

This is a real family game thats full of mini missions, even the toddler had a ago and although he just kinda stood jumping, he loved it all the same.

Entertaining is a word id happily use to describe Madagascar 3 Europes most wanted. Actually at times its rather comical too! It’s my opinion that this will be a massive hit with fans of the movie.

Released this October 2012 in time for Christmas
Available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS/ DS

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