Just Mustard Please

4 Oct

I like things a little different, they suit our family just fine! That’s why this year when Mustard sent the kids a few of their products we discovered just how much we loved them.

Alice has always been sent to school with the “traditional” girly pink lunch box. Whether its covered in flowers or a picture of Barbie its always the same.

Do you know how many children have accidentally took my child’s lunch box home as a mistake or vis-visa? Well not anymore as now she’s got something no one else in her class has. She’s got this…


Yep, Marmite, you either love it or hate it and we love it. The Marmite lunch bag is a groovy black and yellow in colour and acts as a cool bag for your lunch. Alice-Sara told me that it got much attention at school, especially from the teachers.


In terms of size it isn’t overly big but is surprisingly bigger then it looks from the outside. It has a really strong zip fasten is waterproof and looks super funky and retro.

Another product we were sent is one we have recently been running a competition for… Its the 1-Up cupcake moulds.These are really brightly coloured silicone and each resembles the face of the famous mushroom from the fablous Super Mario.

What with national baking week on the way these are perfect.

I’m not much of a baker in our house but the children seem to love it. I recently had fun making cupcakes with the toddler, and my eldest ‘Little man’ aka ‘A boy with Aspergers’ seems to have acquired a certain talent when it comes to baking. He loves the brightly coloured moulds but doesn’t quite understand why they are called cupcake moulds as these are so deep that they are actually more inline with muffin moulds. My non baking self would have to very much agree.

I love how versatile the moulds are. As mentioned they are really deep which also kind of makes them perfect for jelly moulds too. I’ve made jelly in these and the kids have enjoyed eating the jelly right from the mould itself.


If your my age (no jokes please I am only 30) you may find yourself a little over excited at the sight of these Retro style moulds. Super Mario was a massive part of my childhood and the 1-Up cupcake moulds remind me so.

Grab these in time for National Baking Week


And finally the winner of our competition to win a set of 4 One-Up cupcake moulds is Claire Griffiths (congrats and please DM on twitter with your details).

Disclaimer: This is a review post! I wasn’t paid to write this but did receive samples in-order to share my honest thoughts and opinions.

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