18 Sep

As you may all well know already, I’m part of the Vax voice consumer team and as a result I get to test some awesome Vax products.

It’s been awhile since I featured any Vax products on the blog… Life has just been to hectic but here’s our latest instrument.


The products: Vax Spot & Stain Cleaner


What Vax say: “The Spot & Stain Cleaner is suitable for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets. It’s best for breaking down and removing specific stains like red wine, cola, juice, oil, sauce, team and coffee and other common household spills. Just spray the solution directly onto the stain, leave for a couple of minutes, gently rub with a clean colourfast cloth, leave to dry and vacuum as normal.”

We don’t have a large amount of carpet to clean, just in the bedrooms. We also have a Vax carpet cleaner we use often so at first I wasn’t sure how much I’d need to use this. However, I discovered this was a great product for them little emergency spills or just when I couldn’t be bothered to drag the carpet cleaner from its home in the hallway cupboard. It did what it said on the tin and did it well. I don’t know if I was meant to but I did use it on other areas such as spills on the push chair and other upholstery. It may not state you can do this but I did and thankfully didn’t regret it. I was actually really pleased with just how well it removed stains from the push chair and will be buying it for this reason in particular in the future.

For just £2.99 I’d say it’s excellent value for money.

Product: Vax Carpet Shampoo


What Vax Say: “The Vax Carpet Shampoo is best for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets. It provides deep cleaning for those without a carpet washing machine. It breaks down stains and refreshes carpets and rugs, without any sticky residue. Just mix with water, use a clean cloth or sponge to apply to the carpet, leave to dry and vacuum as normal.”

Well, I do have a carpet cleaner and the thought of doing this on my hands and knees didn’t overjoy me! I asked my mum if she fancied trying out the product and being a little OCD when it comes to cleaning she was more than happy to put it to the test.

The feed back I received was that the solution goes a long way when mixed with water. It’s best used on fresh dirt as opposed to old stains but does require some good old elbow grease to get results. Mum told me that £2.99 is a reasonable price for the solution. However, she may just borrow my carpet cleaner next time. 🙂

For full details and products visit VAX online.

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