#shopsavvykids TK Maxx Style Challenge

16 Aug

Shopping, I love it! I could quite honestly shop for hours especially in a place like TK Maxx.

So when I was contacted by Britmums and asked if I would like to participate in the #shopstyle challenge I didn’t hesitate! Only there was a catch, the challenge meant that I would have to shop with one of my children and shopping with my children has never been a great hobby of mine. However this was a mother and daughter shopping trip that had been designed to collaborate important results demonstrating how little or how much our children understand the value of money and how they shop (sensibly with a good eye for a bargain, or maybe another way altogether)!

I actually decided this was a good thing given that I’ll be able to spend some much needed time with my daughter. Things can be tough on her during the holidays, especially when her brother who is diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome is struggling with changes in routine and therefore biting everybody’s heads off (especially hers) So, What better way to spend some time together than a girlie shopping trip at our local TK Maxx.

So last week we did just that, we headed to TK, Maxx both armed each with a £30 gift card ready to show the nation what stylish great shoppers myself and daughter are.

It was important to stick to the rules by doing what was expected of us. This was for us both to chose our own outfits, stick to the budget we had been allocated and therefore demonstrate our own unique style.

Admittedly I was a little worried… Alice-Sara is 9 going on 30 and I had visions of short skirts and mini high heels all the things I wont buy her.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised at the items she was drawn to. I was right in the fact she went for dresses (short but not to short) but really liked the things she chose.


Alice-Sara likes a bargain and is pretty good at mental math so was able to calculate her own spending without my input. We spent a considerable amount of time upstairs looking for Alice-Sara, she left no section unturned. At one point she wanted to buy herself a pair of shoes but luckily she came to her senses when realising she had more than enough already.


Sadly the changing room wasn’t open so it meant Alice-Sara couldn’t try on the huge pile of clothes she had by her side.


I loved how independent she was while shopping. I think she felt really grown up using her TK Maxx gift card to pay for her purchases.

When it came to me I knew what I was looking for. I’d attend Britmums Live back in June and had met with a stylist for TK-Maxx who suggested I try on a pair of cropped peg trousers. I remember my facial expression when she handed me this pair of trousers, I remember saying “No way” but once I had them on I looked in the mirror and my initial thoughts totally changed, I loved them! So, this is what I was looking for, a lovely pair of cropped pegs. Alice-Sara does get really impatient when I’m looking, she starts lounging around and moaning a little so I gave her my iPhone to take some pictures which she did, though this mostly consisted of photos of herself pulling really silly faces.



I love how my daughter was hunting the rails and making suggestions on what I should buy. Yes, I think she fancy’s herself as a bit of a personal shopper.

My final choice was a pair of cropped grey peg trousers with tie belt with a RRP of £60 but a TK Maxx price of £19.99. I also chose a black crinkle effect top with hook & eye buttons and lace. The top had a RRP of £28 but a TK Maxx price of £7 adding to a grand total of 26.99 leaving me £2.99 to spend on another day.

The trousers are a really nice fit as they are cut really well. I’ve discovered that they can be worn dressed up or down and look great with both flats or wedges.

The best thing about the top is the crinkle effect it has (Yes, I have enough clothes to iron already). Worn together they make a great outfit plus they can be mixed together with other items, So, this was £26.99 well spent.


Alice-Sara chose a beautiful black lace tunic that looks lovely with leggings but is long enough to wear as a dress. This had a RRP of £30 and a TK Maxx price of just £13. Alice-Sara commented that she chose the tunic because it was pretty and could be dressed up for a party or given a funky daytime edge with a pair of converse. I have to say that yes, she’s right.


I was really impressed with her second outfit, a beautiful Diesel dress with a satin button up top and tutu style skirt, beautiful! The dress had a massive RRP of £100 and a TK Maxx price of a very beautiful £15, how awesome is that!

Both items totalled £28 leaving her £2 change


We had a lovely day together and went for a nice spot of lunch and a tall glass of milkshake before we headed home.

Thanks Britmums and TK Maxx.


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  1. A Modern Mother August 18, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    Good choices!

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