An Olympic Giveaway

1 Aug

Olympic fever has hit London (or should I say the world)! Myself and children are getting into the Olympic spirit both on and off the net.

Along with all the other billions of households we kicked back, tortilla chips and dip to hand and watched the 2012 London Games opening ceremony.

Little man was clearly very excited. He was demanding the house sat silently as he bounced off the walls as the countdown to the official opening of the games started. Little man’s special school have done a lot to teach students all there is to know about the games and it’s history. I was most impressed with the Little mans knowledge when he stated that the Olympic rings represent the 5 major regions of the world coming together to form the Olympic movement. When I asked him what the colours of the rings represent he impressed me that bit more when cleverly stating “The 5 colours found in the 5 rings can be found in every national flag in the world, but this is actually a trick question as it’s never actually been emphasised” the clever little so & so!

Alice-Sara fell asleep mid-way through the ceremony, toddler didn’t last five minutes but Little man was gripped till the very end (if we ever host the games again, please a little earlier for the opening ceremony)!

Although little man doesn’t really sleep, what routine we did have went right out the window what with the late starting and finishing of the ceremony. He also got a bit upset as certain acts were dropped due to the overrunning of the ceremony! It wasn’t that he really wanted to see them, more the fact that to a child with Aspergers syndrome schedules are created to be followed and kept! He seemed to enjoy the countdown and the parade the most (he looked up all the different teams on his atlas which he seemed to enjoy)!

As much as the little man enjoyed watching the Live opening ceremony of the 2012 games, his black and white thinking did cause one or two misunderstandings! The main factor was the ceremonies theme and how this had no relation to sport! It took a while to explain but we got there in the end.

For me the ceremony was totally brilliant and I enjoyed it much more than I had first expected I would. The highlight had to be the contribution made by Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH). My younger sister who is now 22 spent much of her childhood in this hospital as she battled childhood cancer (Leukemia). The performance was electrifying, it really captivated one’s imagination.The whole evil verse good concept that was portrayed within characters such as the “Child Catcher” and “Mary Poplins” was brilliant and nothing less than spectacular!

Since the night of the opening ceremony I’ve watched many of the games play out and have particularly enjoyed that of the swimming (well done Rebecca Adlington on your bronze medal).

It seems the women of GB are doing well in winning us the medals, what with Rebecca Adlington above, the cyclist Lizzie Armitstead taking the silver medal and then today’s Helen Glovers and Heather Stanning bagging GB first gold in their rowing victory! Not that the guys haven’t done well in collecting the medals! Let’s not forget the fabulous Bradley Wiggins, the GB cyclist who bagged us our second gold medal today.

So, with all the excitement floating in the air I’ve decided to run a little competition of my own to celebrate Great Britain’s day of gold!

Last week I was exceptionally lucky to bag myself a prize on twitter. The RT competition was hosted by Debenhams in partnership with Pizza Express. My prize… A stunning Leggera Swimsuit to celebrate the Pizza Express new 500 calorie Leggera pizza range. The Leggera costume is absolutely stunning and extremely sexy! I ordered my prize in a medium (size 12) and wasn’t disappointed! However, despite the sheer loveliness of the Leggera swimsuit (a striped skimpy number) I’ve decided to prize it off on the blog! My reason being, I’m just not confident enough to wear it and therefore give it the showcasing it deserves… This really should be paraded on a beach some where!


That’s not all!

I’ve also got some fabulous official Team GB 2012 merchandise to giveaway with the costume! These include a couple of GB 2012 wristbands, a packet of Team GB sports bands, a London 2012 rosette badge and a fabulous heavy solid Marideville Paralympics Mascot keyring by Corgi. All these were given to myself and children during an invite only Olympic 2012 party at London’s Hamleys (London’s biggest and most loved toy store). Even the youngest toddler received a goody bag and these were the items he wouldn’t require (I can’t see me giving him a set of door keys anytime soon)!

To win this Olympic Gold prize consisting of all the above just do the following.


Compulsory action: Subscribe to the blog via feedburner (located in sidebar) then in a comment let me know the name/email of your subscription and tell me what was your best part of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

Additional entries! Important please read…. For each action please leave a separate comment with your contact details so I can contact you in the event that you win (twitter handle or email address)

1) Follow my sister blog Mummy of many talents

2) Tweet “I want to win a fab Olympic goody bag & swimsuit with clairelouise82”

3) Pin the competition on pinterest

4) Use any of the share buttons below (excludes email)

Note the Swimsuit is a UK size 12


Competition will close on the 15th August 2012 at midnight

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored competition, I have supplied the prize myself and not via sponsorship. Open to those in the UK only. Winner must claim prize within 48hrs of winning notification.

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    I’m following on google reader as Fiona Martin. Wasn’t sure what to make of the opening ceremony when it started but it definitely improved over the night – David Beckham was a highlight along with lighting of the flame.

  4. Ms Goriami (@goriami) at 12:38 pm #

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    I loved the bit where the Queen and Daniel Craig ‘parachuted’ in! FAB! I’ve subscribed via mrsgoriami (at) gmail (dot) com x

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  11. helen rhoads at 5:29 pm #

    I work for the NHS so Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) performance was close to my heart as well,loved the bouncing Punks too

  12. helen rhoads at 5:26 pm #

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  18. Lynne OConnor at 8:16 am #

    Subscribed through Google Reader as Lynne OConnor. Loved much of the opening ceremony but especially Mr Bean (or as my little man insisted – Johnny English!) for perfectly highlighting our culture, sporting history and sense of humour in one

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    1) I am following your sister blog Mummy of many talents

  25. Tracy Nixon at 7:30 am #

    I follow via Google Reader! I loved seeing David Beckham in the speed boat! It was like something from James Bond – his hair swishing in the breeze!!!!! The whole show was fantastic!

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  32. Subscribed to your blog via feedburner and via Google Reader under Christine Womack/ My best part of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was watching the scenes between Queen Elizabeth and James Bond (Daniel Craig). The performance by Sir Paul McCartney was also great.

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    Subscribed via email & google reader. I loved all of the opening ceremony, my little man was most impressed with the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron & I have to agree it was a spectacular sight.

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  45. Kirsty Fox at 9:10 pm #

    I am subscribed via Google Reader and email

    robertfox24 [at] aol [dot] com

    I just thought the whole ceremony was magical, James Bond and the Queen was brilliant and so was Mr Bean, but for me seeing David Beckham on the speedboat made my night!

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