An emotional but wonderful sports day

18 Jul

School sports day… We all know them well, or do we?

Little man has never really experienced the real joy of a school sports day. His never truly known how fun these can be! His perception of sports day is one that involves sitting in the sidelines or being told he needs to try harder. Well… That was up in till now.

Little man has experienced many positives since joining his new independent special school, ones I’d never thought he would encounter when things looked so gloomy. These include the joy of school trips and above all involvement!

Yesterday was sports day, an exciting day for all children attending the school. Parents were invited to bring a picnic and join the children for an event which would be a first for many! I feel the parent of your “typical” child may take such a thing as sports day for granted. I don’t mean this in a bad way, why would I? It’s just that many parents of children with SEN long for their children to experience how fun such events and activities can actually be.

Myself and two friends took our picnic and went and joined the school on what seemed to be the first sunny day in ages. God was on our side!

Admittedly I was a little late, not great when your child has Aspergers Syndrome. He was a little anxious and seemed a little upset on my arrival. I had explained to little man that I would be arriving at 11 am as opposed to 10.30 am, I had obviously not made myself as clear as maybe I should have.

Despite the bad start things settled down quickly and we laid down our picnic blanket and watched the games commence. There are only around 16 children in the whole of the school which meant all got the support needed to ensure the day went without a hitch. The staff at my sons school are amazing, each one has a complete understanding of each child’s needs and all worked hard to ensure pupils and parents enjoyed the day.

Luckily I was wearing oversized shades so I couldn’t be seen welling up when little man won the 450m race. It wasn’t the winning it was the participation and the smile on his face that did it! He could have came last and I still would have been as proud. Staff ran with children who struggled to make it to the finishing line, us parents along with staff members supplied plenty of verbal encouragement cheering each child who approached the finish line. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant.


On the morning of the sports day little man seemed to be a little anxious about the whole experience, after all it’s always been a negative experience for him when in mainstream school. The picture below shows how much little man enjoyed the day, you can only imagine how it makes me feel as his mother to see him this comfortable.


I went along convinced that this mum was not participating in any parent centred activities but once there how could I possibly refuse. Saying that I didn’t run in the egg and spoon race… I know what a chicken!

I made a beautiful picnic and it was lovely to sit in the sunshine and eat calmly beside little man (a rare event in our house). I then kicked back and watched little man enjoy the rest of his day.

Little man gets ready for a tug of war (yes his team win).

Gearing up for the long jump.

The sports day was organised to last the entire day and at the end a great awards presentation was organised. There made sure that every child received awards just for participating, making each child smile and feel truly appreciated. One little boy even received a cup for trying so hard which I must admit, really made me tearful (the smile on his face was magical).

As for my little man… Well he received 3 awards… Oh and even I got one.

Seriously.. Proud doesn’t seem to cut it!

Award presentation.

Little man and his awards.

Massive thank you to everyone at Baston House School for making sports day a magical one.

5 Responses to “An emotional but wonderful sports day”

  1. mumofthreeboys July 20, 2012 at 5:29 am #

    Way to go little man. Sounds like you both had a fabulous day c

  2. clairelouise82 July 19, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Isn’t it just wonderful when your able to see such a difference. It was a truly wonderful day.

  3. Special Needs Mum July 19, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    Yes, it’s like that at our school – boys who never had a hope of winning or of taking part at previous schools, suddenly find themselves first, or even if not, cheered every step of the way until they cross the finish line – kleenex is always recommended for first-time parents!

  4. Carol Ali July 18, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    I think I’ve got something in my eye.. *sniff* (wipes a little tear) 😀
    Wonderful story! Thanks again for sharing your experiences XX

  5. Sally July 18, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    How lovely he had such a great time and was really able to enjoy the day – and you too! My kids don’t have SEN themselves, but go to a great village school where several of the children do – Aspergers, physical difficulties, and learning difficulties amongst other things. I went to their sports day and it really made me proud to see ALL the kids getting stuck in and enjoying it, and helping each other to do so – one girl missing an arm ran the sack race with another pupil running alongside her to hold up that side of the sack, a girl with hemiplegia was cheered to the finish line by the whole school, (as was a lad with learning difficulties who received a special award for effort!) a lad with Aspergers got a helping hand when he got stuck in the obstacle race, and came out smiling… it’s a shame you had to move schools for this to happen for you, but at least it’s happening now!

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