The Shit Rap

17 Jul


Poo, yes we all produce it, it’s something that is completely natural (even if it isn’t very pleasant to talk about). But do I want to keep hearing about poo all day, more so, do I want to hear it with a tune… Hell no!

For some unknown reason the little man has acquired a bit of a fixation with YouTube. If this isn’t bad enough, he seems to think its bloody hilarious to keep adding the word poo in the search box.

Now if I hear one more silly made up absolutely bloody rubbish song about poo, then I might just go hunt down the silly idiot who made the stupid YouTube music video and do them some serious damage.

Now although I’m not really finding the poo music videos in anyway funny, the little man certainly is! He can be heard laughing out loud whenever his watching one. Yes… It’s lovely something is giving him something to smile about but poo… Really!

Wait, it actually gets worse! Little man seems to have been inspired by this load of S*#t (and i mean that literally). Being woken up during the crazy hours (crazy hours being 4am) because your child has come up with the perfect poop song isn’t really ideal, I mean who wants to wake up to find their 11 year old child at the foot of their bed singing a poo rap… No thank you!

Admittedly his rap was creative, yet I really don’t feel the poo rap is going to catch on.

So, yesterday myself and the little man sat down for a chat… One of mums “special chats” Seriously, Little man needs a firm talking about his unhealthy poo obsession… I really don’t need this becoming a “special interest” because then I’ll really be in trouble!

Now, trying to explain the inappropriateness that is his poo rapping, to a giggling child on the autism spectrum is a hard task to meet, I mean he has little regard for who’s in his company when hitting on the subject of poo. Little man finds poo funny, but interesting to I guess… Especially considering his been asking random poo questions. It’s so much harder explaining to little man what’s socially acceptable and what isn’t. I mean just the other other day he began singing his poo rap out loud off the bus! Of course i felt my cheeks glow a shade of red. I was just longing to get of the bus and actually got of 3 stops to early. It’s simple… If the Little Man finds it funny then the rest of the world must too!

It’s now 4.30 am Little man is sleeping and me… I’ve got the poo rap going round and around in my head. I think I’m going to have to lock that Internet or someone maybe driven insane and that someone is most defiantly me!

4 Responses to “The Shit Rap”

  1. mark kent December 27, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    hello,i get your blog.i have aspergers.married.2,boys and 1,girl. you did a very very good blog on playing with shit..VERY VERY WELL DONE.if you would like too e.mail me a chat please do… i take part in a lot lot research from universities

    happy christmas mark

  2. Violets Diary July 17, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    Sorry, I’m laughing too – Its the way you tell it!! – I guess its a matter of trying to put up with it at home & focus on the ‘its not appropriate in the supermarket’ message. You could always try headphones at home. lol.

  3. Gavin Bollard July 17, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    Believe it or not, I have exactly the same problem at the moment, except double. Both my kids are into the lowest forms of humour. Sadly, they’ve discovered that talking about poo, dicks, farts and toilets always seems to get a laugh.

    It’s very hard to stop them because everyone around them is reinforcing their efforts by laughing on cue …. and sadly, at least 50% of it is really funny so it’s hard to discourage when you’re giggling yourself.

  4. Carol Ali July 17, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    Ha ha! (sorry, but I had to laugh!)
    And don’t be too sure about the shit rap becoming popular – ever watched South Park?… 😀

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