My Daughter is on the SEN register – School never informed me

4 Jul

My last two post have been about my recent court appearances in relation to my daughters school attendance being 80%. As to gather evidence to defend my case I wrote to the school under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act, requesting access to my daughters school records.

The first folder handed to me was a yellow folder, inside was information relating to her Special Educational Needs… Excuse me… What Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

I had asked both verbally and in writing if my child had sen! When taken to court for school attendance a few years back, they asked the LEA if my daughter had SEN… The answer was NO! School reports have been given and academic review meetings have taken place… Yet, no one mentioned the word SEN, No one ticked the SEN box at the bottom of reports… NO One!

My friend accompanied me to the school to look through her file. You see while fighting for a statement of sen for little man and during a discrimination battle with the school I had requested his record and it was filled with shocking discoveries… I didn’t want to be alone.

I sat with the file shaking in my hand, tears rolling down my cheeks, I couldn’t speak, I was angry and sad! Lies… Lies… Lies!

I was never told my son was on the register, not even during the period of time he was being assessed for Aspergers Syndrome. School told CAMHS they had no concerns… They held up the diagnosis period for almost 2 whole bloody years.

My son was placed on the school’s SEN register in 2005 as soon as he started school… I discovered this in 2009!

(luckily little man now attends an independent special school)

My daughter still attends the school and despite my outrage and arguments with the school for not fulfilling their legal duty of informing me that my son was on the SEN register, they have done it again…. Why?

Alice-Sara placed on SEN register in 2009, I discover she is on the SEN register Monday 2nd July 2012, some 2 years later.

The law states

The Education Act 1996 s. 317 requires Governing bodies of schools to… Inform the child’s parent that special educational provision is being made for him there because it is considered that he has special educational needs.

I looked at the SENCO in the face when I asked her if my daughter had SEN a year ago… She lied. Every time I brought up the fact I wasn’t told about Little man being on the register, her defence was that she wasn’t the schools SENCO then so their is no point complaining to her! All the time she had placed my daughter on the register and was lying out her backside.

They didn’t tell me as they didn’t want me to use it against them in the discrimination case and when I attended court for attendance!

She is on the register as she has issues with literacy… She is said to be great a Maths.

I was left feeling guilty… Like I could have done more to help her.

I cried… I wasn’t assumed of her… I just felt sad… I don’t know why!

I have a meeting with the Head teacher tomorrow! I have questions, the same ones I asked about my son! I want to know why they continue to do this. After all I bet the LEA were aware of my daughter being placed on the register, the school get extra funding for those that are.

It’s now a new head teacher and the SENCO left a few weeks back (I wonder that if she was still there, would she of allowed me to get my hands on that yellow folder?). I guess this will result in a lot of blame pushing. However the governors have failed my children and all must be held responsible for this.

I’m tired of fighting but I won’t let this lie. I’m currently looking for a new school and writing a letter of complaint. Once was enough but twice… That just takes the piss!


6 Responses to “My Daughter is on the SEN register – School never informed me”

  1. clairelouise82 December 9, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Hun you can email me on the address in the blogs sidebar and I’d be happy to then forward you my number.x

  2. kerry storrer December 9, 2012 at 12:23 am #

    My child is on the sen register and has been for 3 years because of his behaviour in school, he has also been on a behaviour chart for most of the 3 years too, with targets to remain on task, remain seated (when being in seat is expected), and to finish school work. Now although I know he is on the register, I have just come across the same problem as u Claire, in that the school have just filled out a connors form, sent by camhs, and they have basically said they have no concerns, so I have been informed by camhs that they can’t take things any further, I am fuming and wondered what my next step should be? I have had it out with the school and requested copies of my sons file, annual reports, behaviour charts etc. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks x

  3. Trish Westrop July 5, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Nothing regarding the SEN process shocks me now. My daughter has been through hell and back with the local authority. Her son has Aspergers and other neurological problems. The school SENCO was absolutely pathetic and had him placed in a corridor on his own playing lego. He was of course, just naughty and they blamed my daughter for his behaviour. They ignored his diagnosis. When he refused to sit on a rough carpet he was sent home. When he ran from school at 5 across a busy main road with buses she only knew because he ran home! He was missing for 2 hours and nobody phoned her. After nearly a year of being at home he finally has a place in a good school with a unit. Even with a statement, firm diagnosis and numerous medical reports it has been a battle getting him a place where he is understood. Nothing surprises me anymore. I am completely un shockable.

  4. clairelouise82 July 4, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    Thanks for comments. It is disgusting and I’m truly outraged, especially given they have done it before.I won’t rest till their mess is felt with. I’m not letting this drop. How many more kids are on the register that the parents don’t know of?

  5. Deb at aspie in the family July 4, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    Claire, this school is truly shocking and I think you are right to issue a letter of complaint and to look for a new school. I think as a family it would be much better for you all to move on from this bunch of amateurs and look for professional teachers that can support you all. Deb x

  6. crystaljigsaw July 4, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    This is seriously disgusting. What the hell are that school playing at, and what do they think they’re achieving by lying to you and covering up the truth? Do they not realise you are the child’s advocate, not them? I am fuming on your behalf and would strongly advise you to get your daughter out of that school ASAP. I would also be very tempted to inform Ofsted also. This school have failed you and your daughter and the fact they have lied is simply disgraceful.

    Stay strong and don’t let them get away with this. Far too many schools make excuses for their failings, passing blame because their main priority is to get a good Ofsted report, but it is the children, OUR children, who suffer.

    Good luck.
    CJ x

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