The Government Benefit Reforms are driving people to suicide

2 Jul

Well, many stood up and stated it would happen. Changes to the benefits system have continued to be introduced and slowly the cracks have began to appear!

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Was the DWP ready for the consequences when some affected claimants didn’t know how to deal with them changes? Seemingly not!

I was sadden to read the story of how a man had set himself on fire outside a Birmingham benefits office (Job Centre Plus).The man who was reported to have mental health problems was reportedly deemed fit for work despite being seen as vulnerable, therefore sparking a change to his benefits. It’s said that he was unable to deal with such changes (which is also rumoured to have caused a late payment) therefore making him extremely upset leading to him dousing himself in flammable liquid and setting himself ablaze.

The man was taken to hospital with burns to his legs.

This shows the sheer frustration the benefits system can cause to those who have mental health problems, disabilities and medical conditions. The cuts are affecting some of britain’s most vulnerable people and although I believe there are those that claim sickness benefits such as DLA when they shouldn’t I believe the Government are going the completely wrong way about fixing the issue.

This man was just one of many claimants forced to cope with huge overhauls within the system because he suffers from an “invisible” condition therefore giving them the green light to hit him with the back to work stick. It’s quite apparent from his actions that this isn’t a person mentally able to deal with the pressures the workplace may provide. Yes… People make mistakes, but medical assessments should be the best and when someone is very unstable for whatever reason it’s hoped that such professionals are able to pick these things up! After all this is not the first incident and won’t by any means be the last! Earlier this year there was reports of an attempted suicide in a Liverpool benefits office! Yes, these changes are really hitting the wrong people and this could lead to the government actually having blood on their hands.

In the past the Government has claimed that 600 million has been overpaid through the DLA’s current system. They claim that they are not trying to reduce the benefit or the number of people claiming it, but instead trying to reduce the growth rate in the number of claimants. Though since such reports were made we continuously hear about claimants losing out, societies most vulnerable people being encouraged back into the workplace before they are ready.

I recently received Little man’s DLA form. It seems that his current claim will run out come September requiring us to reapply. The letter makes it all seem so bloody easy (you know the type, don’t worry reapply and the benefit will continue as it always has done). Except I know that the system is under pressure to make them cuts and they are looking to save money any how they can. Little man needs his DLA as as much (if not more) than he did back in 2008 when he was first awarded it. The thought of having to fill out the huge form and endure the whole sodding process again, fills me with dread.

If you have been affected or fear you will be affected by cuts to sickness benefits (especially that of DLA) I’d love to hear your thoughts?

5 Responses to “The Government Benefit Reforms are driving people to suicide”

  1. Mo Stewart July 12, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Carol Ali –

    No idea why you think that Cameron’s disabled son means that he should understand?

    His father-in-law is a multi-millionaire so although we are told that Cameron actually claimed DLA when his boy was alive, he didn’t need the money, he should be ashamed of claiming it if he did and I doubt he knows nor cares of the desperate struggle most people have who claim DLA because they need it.

    Various TV producers are growing more and more interested in this fight so, you never know, perhaps an independent TV channel may reveal what the BBC and the press resist?

  2. Mo Stewart July 11, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Congrats on this post.

    I am a disabled female veteran. a retired healthcare professional and I have spent the past two years researching these so called gvt welfare reforms. Don’t be taken in. These reforms were planned since 1994 and have agreement by all political parties as the UK move closer to the US system of welfare to be funded by private insurance. UNUM Insurance have been gvt ‘advisers’ since 1994, they have a diabolical and notorious past history in the US for FAILING TO PAY on disability insurance claims and this is where the UK are headed. Their TV mass marketing to promote their Income Protection Insurance came to a rapid end due to the ‘ongoing relentless -ve publicity’ by the disability websites following info often gained from my research reports. However bad you think it is, it’s worse.

    Our ‘welfare’ will be stripped back to those desperate few who are at the most extremes of disability and the rest of us will do what they do in the US when they have no private insurance ie live in desperation and poverty.

    These gvt welfare reforms are a cloak for the conversion to the US system and all info is in my reports on my website at:

    With the gvt controlling the national press and the media, the British public are not being told of the human suffering ongoing and believe the gvt propoganda about ‘scroungers’ that very, very few of us are.

  3. Violets Diary July 2, 2012 at 9:03 am #

    Great Post Claire Louise, well said. In terms of the number of people who are found to be fraudulantly claiming DLA the government’s own figures indicate that it is less than 0.5% of the total claims, yet, from stories reported in the media most people have the impression it is much higher. It seems so unfair to take these vital benefits away from people who really need them in order to tackle a small problem by a few people. What about the number of rich people who avoid paying tax?

    Also Carol Ali, you mention the need for a petition. There is currently an on-line petition asking for exactly these changes, It’s called Pat’s Petition and can be found here

    I’ve also got my Daughter’s DLA form to re-do and I just keep looking at it. – It fills me with dread, they are so complicated to complete and take ages, not to mention the stress that if you don’t get it right they might take the money away. She is no – less visually impaired than she was 3 years ago.

  4. Carol Ali July 2, 2012 at 5:18 am #

    I totally agree with your comments! The Government simply DON’T CARE as long as it doesn’t affect them! What REALLY bugs me is this – wasn’t David Cameron the guy who had a disabled son who died? If I’m correct, SURELY he would understand?!! Seems not. We need a petition out there and for the Government to re-think their actions before they are responsible for even more deaths!


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